Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GVDG Minutes, December, 2011

We had eight dedicated disc golfers attend the monthly meeting tonight at Pete's Wicked Grill on Red Banks, near Moe's and the bowling alley. Attendees were Adam, Max, Sean, Todd, myself, Erin and Kurt, and Richard, who is an old-school GVDG'r making a comeback.

Next month's meeting will be January 11 at Hooters!

In terms of finances, Todd let us know we currently have $3785 in our account, though we still have some bills to work out with Innova in regard to disc inventory. Todd is checking with Southern Bank to see if we have a minimum balance requirement for our account, and their answer will allow us to make an informed decision about what to purchase for Ice Bowl players packs.

Speaking of this year's Ice Bowl, we've set a date: Sunday, January 22, 2012. We're hoping to hold the first-ever Ice Bowl at ECU's North Rec. Complex (NRC) course to garner support for ECU's new disc golf club and competitive team, the ECU Wind Dogs. We will also be having a Chili Cook-off with cool prizes, including the coveted "Best Chili" trophy, going to the best Chili cook! Everyone is encouraged to participate. Kinston will be having their Ice Bowl on February 18, so we hope a lot of GVDG'rs can make it out there and support their event, too.

The 2012 Down East Players Cup will be part of the North Carolina Disc Golf Points Series. Cash prizes are up for grabs, so give Robert Leonard's summary a read.

Sean Gough is going to run a year-long points series for GVDG monthlies in 2012. Every other month will be a "fun" monthly (backwards golf, safari golf, mando madness, etc.), and the months in between will be straight-up disc golf, maybe with a round or two of doubles mixed in to make things interesting. Sean is developing his ideas for the series and the 2012 monthly schedule, so more to come on this in January. The Ice Bowl on January 22 will be the first event of the series.

Green Springs Park (GSP) still needs some work, but this is the year we will complete the project! The more people who come out and chip in, the sooner we'll have another 18 holes in Greenville. As always, bring gloves, machetes, saws, clippers, and other tools if you have them.

GSP Work Day: Saturday, Dec. 17 @ Noon
GSP Work Day: Sunday, Jan. 8 @ 2:00 (after Sunday Baggers)

Monday, December 12, 2011

GVDG Meeting This Wednesday, December 14th!!!

I just wanted to give some clarification on the GVDG Club Meeting location this month.

It will be at Pete's Wycked Grill on Red Banks Rd beside Moe's.

Post here if you have any questions.



Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming Tournaments!!!

CAMP DURANT CLASSIC--December 3rd & 4th; PDGA Sanctioned event.  Contact Max Crotts for more info.

ROBERT WYNNE MEMORIAL--December 4th; TNT Ranch (Farmville area). $5 entry; 1st Round Singles; 2nd Round Random Draw Doubles; Combined scores determine winners.

GVDG MONTHLY--December 31st (Sat); $10 Pros, $5 all other divisions; BACKWARDS GOLF--18 holes at The Meadow 1st Round; 18 holes at ECU 2nd Round.  Contact Pygmy for more info.

Leave comments below if you have an even coming up!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Monthly-Object Golf!!!

November's monthly will be held on Sunday the 13th, the day after the SuperClassic in Kinston.

The style of play will be object all the chastity belt, cage hitting, chain bouncing putts WILL COUNT as a completed hole as long as it's CAGE and UP!!!

18 Hole layout--A & B instead of 8 & 9.  Blue pads in the AM; White in the PM......Hole 10, Blue then White.  UPDATE!!!  The city has cleared holes 8 & 9 so we will be playing a 20 hole layout for the monthly on Sunday!!!

Registration: $5 Intermediate; $5 Advanced; $10 Pros

Ace Pool: $2 non-members; $1 GVDG members

Max is the TD for this, so yell at him if you putt well and thank him if you don't!  ;)

Thanks Max!!!

Tee Time is 10AM as usual; sign in from 9:00ish to 9:45ish.

Monday, October 17, 2011

DEPC Saturday

Spread the word to those you know are playing the DEPC this weekend.

Sign up will end at 9:00AM sharp.

If you are not signed in by 9:00AM, your spot will be given away!

Also, there is NO SMOKING allowed at ECU's course!!! 

This will result in a courtesty violation and could cost you strokes!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DEPC Courses Locations--Google Maps Links

North Recreational Complex-ECU Course (Played on Saturday)
This link shows the satellite view to show you the entrance to the parking lot; which is on the South side of the park, not the North side where Google's directions takes you.

West MeadowBrook Park (Played on Sunday)

Disc Golfers,

The above links will direct you to the two courses we're playing for this year's DEPC.

One slight problem: the ECU course directions will tell you to enter the complex via Whichard Road, but this is NOT how to enter. Please enter via 264 East towards Washington on the South side of the park. Follow the tall soccer fields lights that are visible from the highway! The disc golf course borders them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes, July, 2011

We had our monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 13 at Christy's Euro Pub. In attendance was Adam, Todd, Max, Jeb, Kurt, John Upchurch, and myself.

Financially speaking, the club has $2783 in the bank, though there is roughly $1300 worth of bills that will be paid by Todd very soon. To avoid paying outrageous fees to Bank of America for the club's bank account, Todd will be looking into getting a credit (not debit) card for the club. As long as the club makes at least one charge per month (and it can be for any amount, no matter how small), the charges will only be $30/year. Without getting the credit card, the charges are going to be at least $30/month.

Mus is going to be running the August monthly on Saturday, August 20. Details TBD.

WORK DAY SCHEDULED: Saturday, July 30, 10:00 a.m.

WORK DAY SCHEDULED: Sunday, August 14, 1:00 p.m. or after Sunday Baggers

The club's officers are meeting at Green Springs Park on Tuesday, July 19 to assess what needs to be done out there now that we have some resources to finish the project. More to come on that.

In hopes to revisit previous monetary donors of the DEPC, Max is going to generate a list of former donors. We've received our first $50 donation already from Steve Rogers!

Match-play rounds for paid entry into the DEPC can begin Saturday, July 30 and will go through the beginning of October.

Todd has been working very hard for the last two years creating a relationship with ECU and developing an 18-hole disc golf course at North Campus Crossing. This is NOT easy to do, but he persisted and completed the project at the beginning of July. The course will not open until classes begin for the fall semester (which is sometime around August 20); however, ECU is allowing the club to hold doubles at the new course on Thursday, July 28. (This has been pushed back to August due to issues with the concrete contractor) This will allow everyone to come out and see Todd's hard work and show the ECU folks that the course will be used and appreciated by our club. So come out to Thursday dubs that day even if you normally don't, and show your support.

Next club meeting will be August 10 at East Coast Wings on 10th Street.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CFRs Are Here!!!

The Champion FundRaiser Discs for the 2011 Down East Players Cup have arrived!!!

I have 10 each of the following:
  • Glow Boss
  • Glow Firebird
  • Teerex-X
  • Katana
I have 5 each of the following:
  • Glow Leopard
  • Mako
They are $20 each, plus you can enter yourself into a drawing with Innova to win prizes ranging from a DISCatcher to a Sponsor's Exemption to the USDGCs!!!

Please contact Adam "mus" Baker if you want one:

I will try to keep the inventory updated on this website, so check here if you want to know what is left.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fund Raisers for Down East Players Cup

Fellow Disc Golfers,

GVDG is doing a few things to raise money for the Down East Players Cup:
  • 50 CFR discs will be available for $20-one of a kind stamp!!!
  • 20 hole sponsorships available for $50 each; or sponsor trees for $25 each.
  • 2 Basket tosses!-1 during doubles (starting June 11th) and 1 during the DEPC.
  • Match play tournament! Winners of each division will receive free entry to the 2011 DEPC!!
  • 50/50 Raffle-$1 per ticket, winner gets 50% of all money in; 50% goes to DEPC.
Please notify Adam Baker if you are interested in any of these Fund Raisers:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes, June, 2011

We had our monthly meeting last Wednesday, June 15, at Chico's. In attendance was Adam, Max, Todd, myself, and Jeb.

Like we've done in the past, the club is going to pay the full entry for the DEPC for one member in each division. These paid slots will be determined by single-elimination match play. Mus will be getting that going soon.

Also to raise some funds for the DEPC and give away a new Innova Discatcher Sport basket, the club is going to hold a basket toss for six weeks, from 7/11 through 8/22. Throws will be $1 each, and the winner will take home the basket at the end of the six weeks.

Adam is going to order 50 CFR discs for the DEPC. The discs will have a casino-related design to commemorate the seventh-annual DEPC.

Pygmy has worked really hard getting the new practice basket/sleeve in working order--he had to have some machine work done to slim down the pipe--and we're happy to announce that the sleeve is now in the ground! (Thanks to David Guy, Jon Mills, and Richard Biggs for sticking around after Sunday Baggers last Sunday to help me and Pyg dig out and cement the hole.) Last night, Pyg was painting the basket red and adding the decals (per the city's request), so it should be out in the next few days!

WORK DAY SCHEDULED: Sunday, July 10, 1:30 p.m. (after Baggers) at The Meadow. We will be building a bench on 12 long, assessing some loose baskets, and doing general maintenance work to the course (trimming, etc.).

WORK DAY SCHEDULED: Saturday, July 30, 10:00 a.m., hopefully at GSP--we'll let you know.

JULY MONTHLY: Saturday, July 23. Jason Myers is TD, and we'll be playing a "best course" design, which is a mixture of blues and whites.

Stew is going to get a few copies of basket keys and gate keys made to give to Todd and Adam.

Max brought up the VTI team tourney that a few GVDG players compete in every year (as long as they place the year before--there's a decade-long waiting list to get into the tournament!). We discussed the club's responsibilities as far as selecting a team goes, and we generally came to the conclusion that GVDG has no direct connection to the event. Jeb has acted as captain of the VTI team in the past and will continue to do so until he passes that responsibility on to another player of his choice.

There has been some discussion of how to best eliminate issues with voting--on old and forgotten issues, mainly. Adam and I will be working to compose a law that will allow us to pass notions outside of the monthly meeting (for forgotten, time-sensitive/emergency issues), and this will take a very strong (and perhaps unanimous) vote from the four club officers and the board members. More to come on this.

GVDG will hold a membership drive July 1--July 15, and during this time, players can join or renew their memberships for only $15. Renewing members get a shirt(with the sweet new design), and new members get a shirt and DX disc of choice (or a GVDG pint glass).

We will be updating the officer responsibilities in the club by-laws to (re)appropriate the officers' responsibilities. I proposed that the VP be in charge of managing the course trash problems and being in charge of keeping the cork board updated. More to come on this.

Green Springs Park is still on our radar and list of things to finish. The much-needed wood recently was delivered to the city, so we will begin to have work days out there soon to build our steps and erosion barriers.

The new course Todd has been working hard on at ECU is nearly complete, and baskets should be in the ground in mid-July. The 18-hole course is located at North Campus Crossing and begins and ends at the fountain/pond.

Club members/officers Adam, Max, Todd, Stew, and myself proposed a new course plan to the city Parks board on June 8, and the plan was very well received. The course is to be at 0 Mumford road. A master plan will hopefully be developed by October, so lots more on this at a later date.

In relation to the new course north of the river, in an attempt to get the north-of-the-river community more involved and interested in disc golf, we're trying to put together a community disc golf clinic for sometime this summer. Todd is heading that project. More on this later.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Membership Drive!!!

Are you interested in joining Greenville Disc Golf (GVDG) as a member to help support disc golf in Greenville, NC?

GVDG is having a membership drive from July 1st through July 15th.

During this time, new or renewing membership fees are $5 off for a total of $15!!!

New members will receive a GVDG T-shirt (brand new design) AND a DX disc of choice (or a GVDG pint glass).

Renewing members will have a choice of a GVDG T-shirt OR a DX disc of choice (or pint glass).

If you are interested in joining, come to doubles on Monday or Thursday or contact any officer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Petition to the City Council of Greenville, North Carolina

May/June, 2011

Background: The city parks in Greenville have proven to be outstanding resources for families, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and health-conscious citizens to participate in social activities and enjoy Eastern North Carolina environs. The greatest parks negotiate a balance between embracing the natural biology of the land while still managing to offer a variety of safe activities for citizens to enjoy.

The members of the Greenville Disc Golf Club (GVDG), as well as all of the undersigned, would like to propose that an unused piece of FEMA flood land (parcel #16570), located at 0 Mumford Road in Greenville, be developed into a new city park. The land, formerly home to a trailer park that was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd, is relatively clear, with little underbrush and many mature hardwood trees, and would be low maintenance for the Recreation & Parks Department. To preserve as much of the nature and wildlife as possible, we propose that the park be used for environmentally conscious, minimally invasive sports and activities, such as disc golf, jogging, and biking, all of which couldmake use of the road system that already exists on the property and do not require the removal of trees.
If you would like to sign the petition, please contact any GVDG member.  If you do not know any members, contact the club President, Adam Baker at 252-717-2268 or

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disc Golfers Supporting Disc Golfers

Fellow Disc Golfers,

A former Greenville, NC resident, Michael Webster, is looking for our support to help him in his endeavors.

This is his info from one of his eBay postings:

"I am an artist currently getting an MFA in Sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I am in a studio of artists and architects going to Talca, Chile this summer for one month to assist in the rebuilding effort following the earthquake of last year.  Talca, Chile is still badly damaged, and I will be teaching woodworking classes and repairing/building wood structures.  I made this painting and prints to raise money to buy tools to be housed in a neighborhood center for residents in the area after I leave.  I am not making any profit from the paintings, prints or work I do in Chile.

Visit my studios website by searching GFRY 2011

Here are the links to two of his postings:  one is the original painting, and the other is 4 prints of the same painting. 



Friday, May 20, 2011

My Apologies......

GVDG Members,

I have to step in here and say I'm sorry for the way this has dropped off the radar.

We have a rule that states all purchases over $50 must be voted in at a club meeting AND this hole sponsorship was not brought up at the last meeting to be approved.

However, we officers can approve up to $50, and we have.  The other $50 have come out of Max and Mike Simone's pockets.

To fix this for the future, I am adding "Sponsorships" to the agenda as a recurring item. 

Please don't fault anyone for this as it is a rule that was agreed upon and voted on by EVERYONE at our last meeting in May.  (look at the minutes if you want to know who was there

If we go and bend/break this rule, then we leave the door wide open to bend/break other rules as we go along.

I don't think the rule is to blame here either, it's the fact that the sponsorship of $100 wasn't brought to the table as an agenda item at the meeting.

I'm sorry things are getting political, but we do need to maintain finances and leaving an open door to spending money can deplete a bank account very quickly.


Your President


Thursday, May 12, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes, May, 2011

Date: May 11, 2011
Venue: Armadillo Grill
Attendees: Sean, Jason, Mus, Justin, Max, Pyg, Stew, Kurt and Erin, John V, and Jeb

Max to contact Dean at Parks to negotiate moving the bench in front of Hole B (short pad) to behind the white tee pad.

All new members will receive a roll-over break on their memberships through the following year if they join during the first week of doubles or later.

The $50 officer bypass has been lowered to $15. If any purchases between $15.01 and $50 receive the go-ahead from all four officers, it does not need to be brought to a meeting. Every proposed club expenditure over $50 must be voted on at a club meeting.

We're going to attempt to make sure all members who play with dogs set good examples for other park visitors and disc golf players by keeping their dogs close by, under close supervision, and preferably leashed.

There will be a new logo-design for the new club t-shirts. The club will be ordering gray, green, and yellow shirts (30 of each), all with purple ink.

The club will purchase more GVDG pint glasses to pay out at club events, including doubles and the DEPC. Stamps will be different from last year. More to come later concerning designs.

From now on, the officer or club member in charge of events will announce that personally-owned discs are not to be sold before, during, or after GVDG club events.

The June monthly date is set for Saturday the 25th, and Goo will be coordinating.

The club will move forward in efforts to proposition for a new park and disc golf location on Greenville flood lands. More to come one this later.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Info for Monthly This Weekend

Come Join the Greenville Disc Golf Club for a PIG- PICKIN’ Cook out Party & Camping
12 HOLE Temp. Course layout
    WHO?  Todd Markov 252-341-6608, Adam Baker 252-717-2268, and Robert Avery 252-714-1401
WHAT?  Pig cookin’ party for all GVDG members and hopefully new members. All are welcome!! The club needs more members and we appreciate the members we have!!!! Pig and chicken will be provided by The GVDG !!!! Robert & Todd will provide breakfast for all campers in the morning!!
WHERE? 5172 Oakley road-- Robert Avery’s  House-- take hwy 11 and 13 north out of Greenville. 1 /10th of mile passed the 264 by-pass turn right on 903 going north go 2.5 miles turn left on Oakley road. (J.J.’s tavern will be the right.) go straight for about 5 miles Roberts house will be on the right.
WHEN?  SAT MAY 14th, 2011--- 1st Round 1PM Sign up 1:20pm tee time (indivisual  Divisions)
2nd round  4pm sign up –-4:20 tee time (No division)
3rd round sign up 8:30pm start 8:50pm (Glow doubles)
WHY? FOR FUN AND PRIZES lots of prizes over $200 worth of CTP’s -ALSO GAMES:  DDC, CORNHOLE, Ring of fire, BOOMERGANG CONTEST!!!
ENTRY FEE IS: ------FREE – We do ask that you tip the cook, bring a dish to share and a CTP prize so someone can be a winner!!!!
$2 FOR NON GVDG MEMBERS (ACE pool is at  $67 .00)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Officers

Here are the new officers for GVDG:

President: Adam Baker

Vice President: Max Crotts

Treasurer: Todd Markov

Secretary: Justin Kingery

There will be 1-3 board members appointed by the officers.  Let any of us know if you are interested in being a board member.....I have heard of two people so far that are interested.



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elections Monday!!!

Elections will be held tomorrow at Monday doubles via secret ballot.

You must be a current member to vote.

We will have a list of current members to check off.  If you are a member, and are not listed on the Members page on this website, let me know.  This is the list that I'm going by.

The candidates are:

President: Adam Baker

Vice President: Jeb Bryant and Max Crotts

Treasurer: Stew Goodson and Todd Markov

Secretary: Justin Kingery

There will be 1 to 3 Board Members appointed by the newly elected officers at the following GVDG meeting.

Please leave your comments below if you have any questions or concerns.

Monday, April 18, 2011

GVDG Election Nominations

GVDG Members,

Nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer begin today and will end this Friday.

You can nominate by leaving a comment below, emailing any current officer, or calling any current officer.

The person that you nominate will have to accept their nomination to be accepted.

Elections will be held one week from today at Monday doubles by secret ballot.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Club Elections Coming Up!!!


Club elections is coming up on April 25th at the first Monday Doubles!

You must be a current member in order to vote!  Voting will be done via secret ballot.

Nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will take place the preceding week: April 18th-25th.

I will publish a post here for nominations that week; you can leave your nominations as a "Comment" to that post, call them in to any current officer, or email them to any current officer.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IceBowl Summary

February, 2011

Greenville’s 2011 Ice Bowl took place on a cold, blustery Sunday, January 23, in Greenville, North Carolina. The weather was frigid throughout the day (16°F to 39°F), but the wind was only about 5mph, the sun was shining, and there was no snow on the ground—a great day for disc golf!

The 6th-annual Greenville Ice Bowl, which was held at West Meadowbrook Park, was a huge success. We had a field of 41 players, as well as a few people who weathered the cold simply to support the event. The first 36 players received a long-sleeved Ice Bowl t-shirt, and those last to sign up received a disc. The entry fee was $15 and $5 went to charity for a total of $205 raised. Tournament director, Todd “Pygmyman” Markov, got several local businesses to donate door prizes worth more than $250. Donating businesses were Beer Army, East Coast Music, Papa John’s Pizza, Dirty Dogs Dog Wash, Great Outdoor Provision Co., Wings Over Greenville, Professor O’Cool’s, and G-Vegas.

In the first round, players could buy extra shots for $1 if they threw a bad one or wanted to go for an ace. With this format, the Greenville Disc Golf Club (GVDG) was able to raise another $177 dollars in extra shots. The second round was played without extra shots, and the winner of each division received a limited edition Ice Bowl Full-colored Buzz disc. Overall winners were Jon Upchurch in the Open division, Mike Bonkosky in Masters, Blake Dahlem in Advanced, and Nick Morreale in Amateur. There were two aces in the second round by Chris Teague on #8 (134ft and Kevin Gaskins on #14 (237ft) and the players spilt the $62 Ace Pool.

Between rounds we had a Chili Cook-Off. Six crock-pots fed players for free, and the winner of the contest, Adam Baker, took home the Ice Bowl Chili Cook-off trophy. This is a great way to feed a lot of players. The trophy was only $8 dollars.

Canned food raised for the NC food bank totaled about 40 pounds, and in addition to the food items, the tournament raised $688.70 for the North Carolina Social Services Association and the Thelma Jones Scholarship they award each year. Joel and Christian Smith of the Kinston Disc Golf Club brought some extra Ice Bowl items, which raised another $21.70 for charity.

Another helpful hand came from new supporter, G-Vegas and Beer Army. Beer Army put on a micro beer tasting event, which members of GVDG volunteered for. In exchange, Beer Army donated $285 to our Ice Bowl charities, as well as two $40 tickets to the event. Special thanks go to GVDG members Nicole Sutton, Mike “Waffle” Wathen, Chris Teague, Paul Jacobs, and Todd “Pygmyman” Markov, who volunteered their time.

Once again, GVDG would like to thank all of the people and businesses involved who made the 2011 Ice Bowl a tremendous success for local charities.

Todd Markov
Club President

Monday, April 4, 2011

Greensprings Park Status

GVDG had a workday this past Saturday (April 2nd) at GSP.

We had a few people show to help remove the trees that the city cut down.

There are still one and a half holes left to remove trees from.

The next workday is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, April 10th following baggers.

We will need help removing the rest of the trees and leveling tee pads.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes March

Date: March 2nd, 2011
Place: Christy's Euro Pub
Attendees: Adam, Myers, Todd, Will, Stew, Justin, Jeb

Workdays: March 26th and April 10th-1:00pm at Greensprings Park (March 26th workday may change to April 2nd)

All outstanding balances/bills have been paid!

Practice basket sleeve will be installed in two places: corner of woods and by sidewalk.  This was motioned, seconded, then voted in.

Membership drive coming up; we need shirts.  Please submit your designs to me by March 31st if you have an idea.

Pipeline will be laid through the course for the hospital; will probably begin in Dec 2012.

Doubles to start April 25th.

Elections are coming up; nominations will be April 18th through April 22nd; Voting will take place at doubles on April 25th via secret ballot.  You must be a current GVDG member to vote.

Robert Avery Club Event: Near Stokes.  This will be a pot luck event.  Your entry fee will be a contribution to the food.  This will have 3 events on a temp course: 1 round of disc golf at 1:00, 1 round of doubles following, 1 round of glow golf. 
Camping is allowed and encouraged; bring your own refreshments.  More to come on this, the April date did not work out so we are looking at a May date.

An event report template will be made for recording data from tournaments.

Theme for DEPC--Casino-Lucky Number 7

Saturday, March 19, 2011

King's Cup VI

This is a very fun and well-run PDGA tournament.  I highly recommend won't be disappointed!!!

PDGA B-Tier Pro-Am Disc Golf Tournament
Saturday-Sunday, May 28-29, 2011
Barnet Park, Kinston, NC

Online registration with PayPal is open.
You can also mail your registration with a check to:

Kinston Disc Golf Association
1213 Stockton Road
Kinston, NC 28504

The list of registered players will be updated daily. Thank you for registering!
Tentative layout:
  • Open and Advanced - Three rounds from the longs and one round from the shorts on Sunday afternoon.
  • Recreational and Intermediate - Three rounds from the shorts and one round from the longs on Saturday afternoon.