Friday, June 15, 2018

Meeting Minutes June '18

June Meeting Minutes
Location: Professor O'Cools
Attendance: Max, PJ, Shane, Jarrett, Chapo, AWAL, Dave, Stew, Vince, DG
1-Finances: Club has $1500 in the bank
2-Monthlies: Jarrett is running safari monthly August 25. Possibly 1 round at Meadow, 1 round at ECU.
3-DEPC Match Play: Team match play, 4 people per team. winning team gets entry paid for DEPC. Captains are randomly selected, captains do draft of available players. 1 week period for matches to be completed, each team captain gets a chance to select course and layout being used for a week.
4-Workdays: July 1 after Sunday Baggers plan to move hole 6 teepad. Also working on moving benches to new holes and clear areas for alternate pins.
5-Next month meeting at Uptown Brewery. July 11 @ 7PM.
6-Vince is now managing PIAS and is working to add new disc golf options. Possibly using some GVDG and area logos and designs with some money going to sponsor events.