Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Discraft Order

We are placing an order with Discraft in the coming weeks and we want to know what the players want tell us what mold and what weight you want here. We will do the best we can to honor all requests made.

June Cross Town Monthly

Date: 6-23-12
Location: NRC and Meadowbrook park
Sign Up: 9-9:45am @ NRC shelter
Players Meeting: 9:45am - 10:05am Round to start shortly after
Lunch: Lunch is one hour after the last card comes in players will provide their own lunch.
Round Two: Meadowbrook Park 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Meeting

For June we me at Professor O'cool's, in attendance were Daniel, David, Candice, Jim, Erin, Kurt, Stew, Kathy, Jenny, Mus, and Max.Getting to business our finances are good after paying for the new disc order we have $1332.12 in the bank. We have a tentative format for the June monthly it's going to be a cross town tournament round 1 at ECU's NRC and round 2 will be from the shorts at Meadowbrook playing all 20 holes. July will be the second annual Meyers' Mix and Match on the 7th. Next work day will be 6/30 at 10am doing trash pick up so bring gloves and trash bags. Meadowbrook will be getting a lost disc recovery box soon courtesy of Jim West look for more details here in a few weeks. David is working with Pyg and GPRD to get a new purple pad for hole 10 and Stew is going to build the bench when the pad is set. Finally a vote decided the theme for this years Down East Players Cup...........Medieval Times Mus is starting on the logo look for it soon. Next meeting is 7/11/12.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Mills and Guy are running the June monthly on 6/23/12 mark your calendars now more details soon.

ECU Dubs starting soon @ NRC

Starting on Wednesday Pyg is running a weekly dubs event at ECU's North Recreation Complex. I may not have this exactly but I believe sign up starts around 5pm and ends at 6 play by 6:15. Cost to play is $4.00 plus a buck for the ace pool. Pyg said he may have to wait a week if his disc shipment doesn't arrive from Innova, if that happens I'll post more info here. 

6/10 workday after baggers

Bring gloves machetes axes whatever you have we want to clear some brush and downed limbs around the course.