Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes, June, 2011

We had our monthly meeting last Wednesday, June 15, at Chico's. In attendance was Adam, Max, Todd, myself, and Jeb.

Like we've done in the past, the club is going to pay the full entry for the DEPC for one member in each division. These paid slots will be determined by single-elimination match play. Mus will be getting that going soon.

Also to raise some funds for the DEPC and give away a new Innova Discatcher Sport basket, the club is going to hold a basket toss for six weeks, from 7/11 through 8/22. Throws will be $1 each, and the winner will take home the basket at the end of the six weeks.

Adam is going to order 50 CFR discs for the DEPC. The discs will have a casino-related design to commemorate the seventh-annual DEPC.

Pygmy has worked really hard getting the new practice basket/sleeve in working order--he had to have some machine work done to slim down the pipe--and we're happy to announce that the sleeve is now in the ground! (Thanks to David Guy, Jon Mills, and Richard Biggs for sticking around after Sunday Baggers last Sunday to help me and Pyg dig out and cement the hole.) Last night, Pyg was painting the basket red and adding the decals (per the city's request), so it should be out in the next few days!

WORK DAY SCHEDULED: Sunday, July 10, 1:30 p.m. (after Baggers) at The Meadow. We will be building a bench on 12 long, assessing some loose baskets, and doing general maintenance work to the course (trimming, etc.).

WORK DAY SCHEDULED: Saturday, July 30, 10:00 a.m., hopefully at GSP--we'll let you know.

JULY MONTHLY: Saturday, July 23. Jason Myers is TD, and we'll be playing a "best course" design, which is a mixture of blues and whites.

Stew is going to get a few copies of basket keys and gate keys made to give to Todd and Adam.

Max brought up the VTI team tourney that a few GVDG players compete in every year (as long as they place the year before--there's a decade-long waiting list to get into the tournament!). We discussed the club's responsibilities as far as selecting a team goes, and we generally came to the conclusion that GVDG has no direct connection to the event. Jeb has acted as captain of the VTI team in the past and will continue to do so until he passes that responsibility on to another player of his choice.

There has been some discussion of how to best eliminate issues with voting--on old and forgotten issues, mainly. Adam and I will be working to compose a law that will allow us to pass notions outside of the monthly meeting (for forgotten, time-sensitive/emergency issues), and this will take a very strong (and perhaps unanimous) vote from the four club officers and the board members. More to come on this.

GVDG will hold a membership drive July 1--July 15, and during this time, players can join or renew their memberships for only $15. Renewing members get a shirt(with the sweet new design), and new members get a shirt and DX disc of choice (or a GVDG pint glass).

We will be updating the officer responsibilities in the club by-laws to (re)appropriate the officers' responsibilities. I proposed that the VP be in charge of managing the course trash problems and being in charge of keeping the cork board updated. More to come on this.

Green Springs Park is still on our radar and list of things to finish. The much-needed wood recently was delivered to the city, so we will begin to have work days out there soon to build our steps and erosion barriers.

The new course Todd has been working hard on at ECU is nearly complete, and baskets should be in the ground in mid-July. The 18-hole course is located at North Campus Crossing and begins and ends at the fountain/pond.

Club members/officers Adam, Max, Todd, Stew, and myself proposed a new course plan to the city Parks board on June 8, and the plan was very well received. The course is to be at 0 Mumford road. A master plan will hopefully be developed by October, so lots more on this at a later date.

In relation to the new course north of the river, in an attempt to get the north-of-the-river community more involved and interested in disc golf, we're trying to put together a community disc golf clinic for sometime this summer. Todd is heading that project. More on this later.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Membership Drive!!!

Are you interested in joining Greenville Disc Golf (GVDG) as a member to help support disc golf in Greenville, NC?

GVDG is having a membership drive from July 1st through July 15th.

During this time, new or renewing membership fees are $5 off for a total of $15!!!

New members will receive a GVDG T-shirt (brand new design) AND a DX disc of choice (or a GVDG pint glass).

Renewing members will have a choice of a GVDG T-shirt OR a DX disc of choice (or pint glass).

If you are interested in joining, come to doubles on Monday or Thursday or contact any officer.