Officers & Procedures

Board Members
Max Crotts -
Whitney Graham
Jarrett Wallace
Mike Fazzini

Adam Walter

Officers are expected to abide by the Greenville Disc Golf Procedures signed in September 1, 2010 by the 2010-2011 Club Officers; Todd Markov (President), Jeb Bryant (Vice President), Stew Goodson (Treasurer), and Adam Baker (Secretary). 

These rules are subject to be amended by the proper means of proposing a change and having the club vote on it.

Greenville Disc Golf Procedures


  • Memberships will be renewed annually effective July 1st. (GVDG’s fiscal year)
  • Dues-
    • $15 for charter members
    • $20 for all other new and renewing members
    • Lifetime club membership is available for $225
  • New and renewing members will receive a club shirt.
  • Members will have to fill out/update an information sheet for GVDG’s records at the time of sign up/renewal.
  • Members are allowed to carry over winnings during doubles.
    • Amendment to club members carrying over winnings made on 3/11/15: 'Vouchers issued between Nov 1st and the Down East Players Cup will become void on Oct 31st, retaining no value. If a club member is collecting vouchers for a large purchase (basket, bag, etc. at least 10 vouchers in value) they must contact a club officer before the Oct 31st deadline and swap out for the next years vouchers, these vouchers will only be redeemable for the intended large purchase.


  • Elections will take place via secret ballot. Elections will take place around the week of the Membership Appreciation monthly, club officers will ensure the elections are well announced and promoted.
  • Nominations will take place on the Monday prior through the following Friday.
  • You must be a current member, listed on this website, to vote.
  • The officers include:
    • Treasurer
    • 4 Board Members
  • Votes will be taken by a secret ballot.  Members will be checked off of the membership list as they are handed a ballot for voting.

Club Meetings

  • GVDG club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at a predetermined place that will be announced via email.
  • Only items that are on the agenda will be addressed.
    • Any club member may contact the club Secretary to place an item on the agenda.
    • Only items that are deemed time-sensitive by the acting Officers present will be addressed at the current meeting.
  • Items on the agenda must receive a “2nd” from a present club member in order to move on to voting.
    • Voting on that agenda item will take place at the current or following meeting as determined by the Officers present at the meeting.
  • Items that do not receive a “2nd” will be stricken from the agenda.
  • Standing agenda items: coursework, finances, doubles/monthlies/tournaments.

Financial Approvals

  • Any motion that is carried out and approved at a club meeting which involves spending the clubs money that exceeds $50 must go through a second approval process.
  • This approval process can ONLY be approved by the Officers and Board Members.
  • The amount of the expense and the amount of the club’s money must be taken into serious consideration when approving these motions.
  • Disc ordering is excluded from this process for expediting purposes.
  • Under $50 $15-only two Officers need to agree (just call an Officer)
    • If second Officer disagrees-item will be added to agenda for the next meeting.
  • Effective 5-11-2011, the $50 officer bypass has been lowered to $15. 
    • If any purchases between $15.01 and $50 receive the go-ahead from all four officers, it does not need to be brought to a meeting. 
    • If an officer disagrees, item will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.
    • Every proposed club expenditure over $50 must be voted on at a club meeting.
    • Members in attendance that voted on the change: Sean Gough, Jason Myers, Adam Baker, Justin Kingery, Max Crotts, Todd Markov, Stew Goodson, Kurt Hodnett, Erin Hodnett, John Upchurch, and JEB Bryant.


  • The club will hold a monthly tournament on a Saturday or Sunday that will be determined at club meetings.
  • The Officers and Board Members will all be responsible for running monthlies.
    • Count and assignments will begin after the Board Members are appointed.
  • If anyone cannot run their assigned monthly, they are responsible for getting someone to cover for them.
  • If any officer or alternate disregards their monthly duties by not holding a tournament or failing to get coverage for them, then they will be disallowed to run for office the following year.
    • If the same officer disregards their duty a second time, they will immediately step-down from their position and their spot will be filled by the appropriate person as described in the Officer Duties section.  

Note: PDGAs, doubles, monthlies, and other GVDG events do not HAVE to be run by an Officer/Alternate, but the person has to be a club member and agreed on by the officers (majority).

Transfer of Duties

  • When a new Officer/Board Member is elected/appointed, there will be a two week period where the current officer will show/teach the new officer their duties pertaining to the club.
  • If the current Officer/Board Member does not show/teach the new Officer their duties, they will not be allowed to run for a position during the following elections.
    • This does not apply if the new Officer has held that position before AND explicitly requests the current Officer not show/teach their duties.

Termination of Duties

  • An officer will be terminated from their position and not be allowed to run for office the following election in the event that person makes the club look bad in the eyes of the public.
    • Some examples include: receiving a ticket for drinking or illegal drugs while on Greenville Rec & Parks property, stealing money from the club, etc.
    • This decision will be voted on by the other officers/alternates.
  • Refer to the Duties of Officers section to see who takes what place.


  • It is the responsibility of the acting President to carry on the continuation of Blue Lew’s Doubles.
    • The President does not have to run them, but must make sure they are done weekly.
  • Monday doubles are from the white pads.
  • Thursday doubles are from the blue pads.
Ordering Merchandise

  • The Club has an account with the East Coast Innova Disc golf, not the West Coast Office
  • Bills are emailed to, must be forwarded to Club Treasurer for payment
    • No banking info on file, account must be paid by club check
  • Order must be faxed to Innova, order forms found on Monthly email from Innova
  • Must have Name and Address on GVDG account with Innova to place/receive orders