Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Petition to the City Council of Greenville, North Carolina

May/June, 2011

Background: The city parks in Greenville have proven to be outstanding resources for families, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and health-conscious citizens to participate in social activities and enjoy Eastern North Carolina environs. The greatest parks negotiate a balance between embracing the natural biology of the land while still managing to offer a variety of safe activities for citizens to enjoy.

The members of the Greenville Disc Golf Club (GVDG), as well as all of the undersigned, would like to propose that an unused piece of FEMA flood land (parcel #16570), located at 0 Mumford Road in Greenville, be developed into a new city park. The land, formerly home to a trailer park that was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd, is relatively clear, with little underbrush and many mature hardwood trees, and would be low maintenance for the Recreation & Parks Department. To preserve as much of the nature and wildlife as possible, we propose that the park be used for environmentally conscious, minimally invasive sports and activities, such as disc golf, jogging, and biking, all of which couldmake use of the road system that already exists on the property and do not require the removal of trees.
If you would like to sign the petition, please contact any GVDG member.  If you do not know any members, contact the club President, Adam Baker at 252-717-2268 or

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