Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb '14 Meeting Minutes

Due to snow the GVDG club meeting scheduled for 2/12 was rescheduled for Monday 2/17 at Max's house. Thanks to all who showed.

Attendance: Max, Daniel Coward, Jon Upchurch, Chris Gill, Sean Gough, Kurt Hodnett, Allen Foster, PJ Evans, Ryan Cybrowski

1-Finances(Kurt): All outstanding debts paid off. Currently have $280 in the bank.
2-Sponsorship(Adam Baker, Daniel): Adam proposed we sponsor the Azalea Am and Azalea Pro tournaments by New Hanover Disc Golf Club for $50/each. We have sponsored them in years past and they have sponsored the DEPC. Motion seconded and passed.
Also it was reminded that we have agreed to sponsor the shelter for $50 at the St Jude monthly in April.
3-Monthlies: Ice Bowl results: 40lbs of food and $300 raised for the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. $280 was raised at the event Saturday and Foster donated $20 at the meeting to make it an even $300. Big thanks to all involved. Grounds Keeper Open- A free entry event for all who have performed course work over the previous year, Sean Gough is working to identify the date of the event. Looking at August/September.
March Mando Madness is March 1st. Signup end 9:45AM. Entry is $15 Pro, $10 Adv, $8 Am and Non-compete. Optional $2 ace pool. Each hole has a unique mando that must be completed before you hole out. If you have any ideas for hole mandos please contact TD Max Crotts.
4-Course maintenance: Now that it is a little warmer on weekends we hope to get back to maintaning the course and improving on pieces of it, we have not scheduled any organized work days, however if you have the ability to work on some of the issues listed below please contact a club officer. All help is greatly appreciated. Plant ivy on mando posts to color up the course, Sean is looking into appropriate plants. Hole 9: Replace boards on bridge. Holes 13 and 14 repair teesign posts. Clear vines in trees between 12 and 13. Work to update teesigns on changed holes (8, 10, 12, 14, 17). Chris Gill can help with teesign layout.
5-Club Membership: Reminder to start push for 2014/15 club membership running July through June. New members signing up in April will have carry over to next year. Lifetime memberships are available for $200, people choosing this option will receive a metal bagtag and customized higher end jacket or polo shirt(there choice).
6-Office voting (Adam): To avoid conflict of new officers having to run a large event we need to move officer voting from last week of April to start at membership appreciation monthly and end 1 week later. Motion seconded and passed.
7-Announcements: Allen Foster has accepted a job and will be moving to Raleigh ASAP. GVDG wishes him the best of luck and we hope to continue to see him on the course. Max Crotts announced that if anyone new shows interest in running as club President this May he will not run for reelection. He will have a followup post to this with his duties, responsibilities, and what is expected of the GVDG President.
8-Meeting location: Next month 3/12 at Coffee Shack by PCC. April meeting 4/9 at AJ McMurphies.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

GVDG Club meeting is going to be rescheduled to Monday 2/17 at my house @ 7PM. Directions will be posted later. Everyone please be safe in the current weather conditions. Please help spread the word to anyone that may be going to the meeting. Thank you.

My address is: 1701 Canterbury Rd. It is off Charles by the football stadium. 
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