Friday, October 12, 2018

October Meeting Minutes

GVDG club meeting, October 10 @ Max's house.
Attendance: Max, PJ, Vince, Jarrett, AWAL, Guy, Chad, Stew, Vee, Myers, Daniel G

1)Finances- Club currently has $7413 in the bank, mostly made up of DEPC entries and added cash. Will have a better breakdown at November meeting.
2)ECU Disc Golf-Chad gave us an update on the state of their club and plans for 2 events this year. We voted to sponsor ECU DG for 2018/19 season @ $250. ECUDG sponsored a hole at DEPC for $100.
3)Signs-The course will have temporary signs for the DEPC. Getting quotes from 2 companies for replacing all signs at the Meadow. Options for 18 and 36 signs. Should have quotes to make a decision at November meeting.
4)Monthlies-Next monthly will be backwards golf in December. Will get an exact date at November monthly.
5)DEPC-Main work left is to level teepads with dirt dropped off by the city, mark OB, pickup trash, and clear minor debris from TS Michael. Chad is going to check with ECU guys about a workday to pickup trash, Max will have trash bags at Sunday Baggers to see if anyone can help. Max will have OB marked with spraypaint this weekend, final flagging and string OB will be put out after mowing next week.
6)Putting league-Adam gave an update on putting league. Starts Oct 29. There will be 2 different series, one till end of 2018, the other starts Jan 2019 through March. Also offering mulligans at putting league for anyone that helps with prep work for DEPC.
7)Covenant-Vince has opened a good line of communication with the church and we'll start workdays at the church after the DEPC.
8)Next month we will meet at Professor O'Cools. Wednesday Nov 14 @ 7PM.
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Friday, June 15, 2018

Meeting Minutes June '18

June Meeting Minutes
Location: Professor O'Cools
Attendance: Max, PJ, Shane, Jarrett, Chapo, AWAL, Dave, Stew, Vince, DG
1-Finances: Club has $1500 in the bank
2-Monthlies: Jarrett is running safari monthly August 25. Possibly 1 round at Meadow, 1 round at ECU.
3-DEPC Match Play: Team match play, 4 people per team. winning team gets entry paid for DEPC. Captains are randomly selected, captains do draft of available players. 1 week period for matches to be completed, each team captain gets a chance to select course and layout being used for a week.
4-Workdays: July 1 after Sunday Baggers plan to move hole 6 teepad. Also working on moving benches to new holes and clear areas for alternate pins.
5-Next month meeting at Uptown Brewery. July 11 @ 7PM.
6-Vince is now managing PIAS and is working to add new disc golf options. Possibly using some GVDG and area logos and designs with some money going to sponsor events.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

May Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2018
Meeting at Max’s House
Attendants: Max, PJ, AWAL,Jarrett, Daniel Garrett, Myers

Agenda: Finances, Myster Tour & Membership Appreciation, Doubles, DEPC, Working with Covenant, Course workdays, Sponsoring Worlds, Next month
1-Finances: $2508.42 in bank. Order placed with Innova but have not received bill yet.
2-Mystery Tour & Membership Appreciation: We will get sides and fixing from store and prepare a few items. Ordering WingsOver and Pizza day of.
3-Doubles-May 21-Sept 3 for points series, 16 weeks, worst 2 are dropped. Cash payout Pro, Merch payout Am. CTPs out every week. Change format and location every week. Will get flyer posted ASAP that includes weekly layout and location.
4-DEPC: Anyone who gets sponsorship for the DEPC will receive 15% of the sponsorship they raise to do with as they please.
5-Working with Covenant: Max will reach out to the church to attempt to get permission to do work on course and run events.
6-Course workdays: May 19th focus on clearing vines on 16 & 17. Get Alt pin in ground for 12 and 1.
7-Sponsor Worlds: $100 worlds sponsorship.

8-Next Month: O’Cools June 13 @ 7PM