Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 2015 Meeting Minutes

The March 2015 club meeting was at Max's house.
Attendance: Max, Daniel, Kurt, PJ
1: Finances-After sending money to the icebowl we will have roughly $900 in the bank.
2: Workdays- We will have a workday on hole 13 on March 21 @ 10AM.
3: Monthlies-Mando madness is this coming Sunday March 15. We finalized all the mandos to be posted separately.
4: Doubles-Unofficial Monday club doubles will start March 30 with the official points series starting April 20. Unofficial Thursday club doubles will start April 16 with the official points series starting April 30. Both points series will go for 20 weeks.
5: DEPC- We had 2 themes for this years DEPC submitted, Samurai and Nautical. Everyone agreed that both are excellent. Given that the Samurai theme uses the year of the event to complete the logo and would not be possible in future years we agreed to use the Samurai theme this year. We also decided to go ahead and OK the Nautical theme for the 2016 DEPC.
6: Expiring Vouchers- 'Vouchers issued between Nov 1st and the Down East Players Cup will become void on Oct 31st, retaining no value. If a club member is collecting vouchers for a large purchase (basket, bag, etc. at least 10 vouchers in value) they must contact a club officer before the Oct 31st deadline and swap out for the next years vouchers, these vouchers will only be redeemable for the intended large purchase.' -Voted and passed by all present as well as an absentee vote for by Adam Walter.
7: End of Year Report- Max is collecting information for an end of year report that will be issued at the start of the doubles season.
8: We will meet next on Wednesday April 8 @ 7PM @ Big Bubba's Burgers near Pitt Community College.
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