Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OFDA Ace Race--September 2nd

Check out OFDA's Ace Race on September 2nd:

Ace Race 2012
1pm at Northeast Creek Park
Mulligans will be sold for $2 each, 6 for $10, or 18 for $20
Let's end the Summer Disc Golf Season with a BANG!

Register Here by August 19th
Prepay and an additional disc will be added to your players pack!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

CFRs Ordered!!!

As we approach the Down East Players Cup every year, the club orders Champion Fund Raiser discs in order to generate money for the tournament.

These were ordered last week and I expect them to be delivered in about two weeks.  That means they should be here before registration is open (tentatively August 8th).

CFRs will be sold for $20.

Please help support GVDG and the Down East Players Cup by purchasing a tournament stamped CFR!

Contact me if you would like to "pre-order" one.  Pre-orders will have a first-come, first-server priority for those that pre-pay.

The following molds have been ordered:  Glow Champion Boss (10), Glow Champion Firebird (10), Glow Champion Tee Bird Plus (10), Star Classic Cobra (10), Champion Vulcan (5), Glow Champion Leopard (5).

Monday, July 16, 2012


Mus wants your help with the DEPC if you are available to help either of the two days email Mus and see what he needs.

July Minutes

For the July meeting we went to The Quarry downtown. In attendance were Mus, Guy, Mills, Max, Erin, Kurt and myself. Our finances are looking good as we draw down on the players cup we have about 2,600 in the bank minus a check out for the new shirts. That's right new shirts more of the tee shirt and now a long sleeve version available for sale in the club store. The big vote for this month was the switch to the voucher system. It will work like this instead of credits you will receive a voucher for 1 credit( valued @ $8) from doubles or a voucher for a dollar amount from the monthlies. You are only eligible to receive one of these if you are a club member (just like the old roll overs). These will hold no cash value they are for merch at the club store only (cant pay your DEPC entry with a stack of vouchers). These will likely debut in mid September once we tweak the design a little so they cant be faked. DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for the vouchers the club will not keep up with them if you loose them it's your fault. There was as there has been every year a vote to cap the ace pool which was quickly shot down and another vote to limit play on 8 and 10 white after the ace pool reaches over 200 that was also voted down.We picked two work days one on 8/4 at 10am and one on 8/12 at 1pm after baggers you have plenty of notice take one of these days off and come out to help. there will also be a planning and brush clearing on #17 for the new pin placement on 7/22 @ 1pm. Last on the agenda is Glow Dubs for the fall Max is going to run it starting after DEPC listen up for more details soon.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July Club Meeting This Wednesday

Our July monthly meeting will be this Wednesday July 11th at the Quarry downtown Greenville. If you want to come out and hear plans for DEPC or just get a good meal and some "duck farts" (ask Pete @ The Quarry) come join us at 7 pm.

July Monthly

Congratulations to the 30+ golfers who came out to the 2nd annual Myers Mix and Match. the Heat was brutal this year but the tournament was great a difficult layout awesome CTPs big payout for all the divisions and sweet players packs worth it to sweat your ass off. congratulations to the winners Jeb in open Pyg in advanced beating Nick M. in the throw off and Matt T. winning the throw off with John and Jawz. Get ready for next year it's going to be even bigger Myers is hoping to make it a C tier next year. GVDG would also like to thank our sponsors Sheetz, East Coast Music and Video, Play it Again Sports, Elizabeth Myers, Max Crotts, The Quarry, Wings, Tela & Jeb and anyone else who donated CTPs you made this year a huge success thanks. Oh and last but not least congratulations to the man him self Jason Myers thanks for a great tournament Myers. No pressure for next year.

(sorry Jawz)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th softball game

Don't forget 10a.m. Wednesday softball fields at the meadow bring your bats gloves and beers.

Monday, July 2, 2012


It's time for Myers' annual Mix and Match monthly. This one is going to be one of the biggest monthlies of the year with players packs and ctps on almost every hole. Make sure to reserve July 7th for this tournament. Regular sign up time at the Meadow. If you don't know what the Mix and Match is here's how it works: the TD (Myers) will pick a layout of both blue and white holes which will be played for the a.m. and p.m. rounds.