Friday, March 11, 2022

March Meeting Minutes

 March Meeting Minutes. Angus Grill West

Attendance: Max, Daniel Brubaker, Adam Walter, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico, Kory Hussey, Michael Blackmon

1-Finances: $14k in bank. $600 owed to Food Bank. A few outstanding invoices to Action Advertising. 

2-Meadow Baskets: New DD Veterans have arrived, scheduled install after Sunday Taggers, 3/13. Max is posting call for help. 

3-DEPC Match Play: Reg opens this week and runs through end of March. $50 entry. Size and number of teams will depend on number of players to sign up. Regular season will be longer than last year. Working with Vince and Action Advertising to have team shirts ASAP this year. 

4-DEPC: We are working with Gville sports commission and other groups on sponsorship options. Vince is working with ECU on possible updates to NRC course. Tiered registration will open in June.

5-Scholarship: Still working with golf course on a reschedule date. 

6-GVDG Kids: Farmville Summer Camp June 27-30. 

7-Doubles: Jarrett is finalizing a flier. Pre season in April 1. There will be 2 8-week series with overall winners of each. Looking into pricing on possible trophy discs.

8-Feedback: Daniel had the feedback from his end of year survey. 29 people responded, I'll try to get the results in the comments. 

9-Mando Madness: Players packs have been ordered, Max will post the layout this week. 

10-Spring Fling: Registration open now at One round new Purple layout and one round Gold. Still finalizing Am players packs. 

11-GVDG is looking for help with social media, if you know anyone interested please contact a club officer. 

12-Sponsorship: $100 for Kinston Open - all approved. $50 for Lancer - all approved.