Thursday, May 12, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes, May, 2011

Date: May 11, 2011
Venue: Armadillo Grill
Attendees: Sean, Jason, Mus, Justin, Max, Pyg, Stew, Kurt and Erin, John V, and Jeb

Max to contact Dean at Parks to negotiate moving the bench in front of Hole B (short pad) to behind the white tee pad.

All new members will receive a roll-over break on their memberships through the following year if they join during the first week of doubles or later.

The $50 officer bypass has been lowered to $15. If any purchases between $15.01 and $50 receive the go-ahead from all four officers, it does not need to be brought to a meeting. Every proposed club expenditure over $50 must be voted on at a club meeting.

We're going to attempt to make sure all members who play with dogs set good examples for other park visitors and disc golf players by keeping their dogs close by, under close supervision, and preferably leashed.

There will be a new logo-design for the new club t-shirts. The club will be ordering gray, green, and yellow shirts (30 of each), all with purple ink.

The club will purchase more GVDG pint glasses to pay out at club events, including doubles and the DEPC. Stamps will be different from last year. More to come later concerning designs.

From now on, the officer or club member in charge of events will announce that personally-owned discs are not to be sold before, during, or after GVDG club events.

The June monthly date is set for Saturday the 25th, and Goo will be coordinating.

The club will move forward in efforts to proposition for a new park and disc golf location on Greenville flood lands. More to come one this later.

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  1. Clarification: 48 more pint glasses with the DEPC Bones logo will be ordered for those that missed out, or need to complete a collection.

    Then, we will order a batch with the club logo.