Thursday, March 24, 2011

GVDG Meeting Minutes March

Date: March 2nd, 2011
Place: Christy's Euro Pub
Attendees: Adam, Myers, Todd, Will, Stew, Justin, Jeb

Workdays: March 26th and April 10th-1:00pm at Greensprings Park (March 26th workday may change to April 2nd)

All outstanding balances/bills have been paid!

Practice basket sleeve will be installed in two places: corner of woods and by sidewalk.  This was motioned, seconded, then voted in.

Membership drive coming up; we need shirts.  Please submit your designs to me by March 31st if you have an idea.

Pipeline will be laid through the course for the hospital; will probably begin in Dec 2012.

Doubles to start April 25th.

Elections are coming up; nominations will be April 18th through April 22nd; Voting will take place at doubles on April 25th via secret ballot.  You must be a current GVDG member to vote.

Robert Avery Club Event: Near Stokes.  This will be a pot luck event.  Your entry fee will be a contribution to the food.  This will have 3 events on a temp course: 1 round of disc golf at 1:00, 1 round of doubles following, 1 round of glow golf. 
Camping is allowed and encouraged; bring your own refreshments.  More to come on this, the April date did not work out so we are looking at a May date.

An event report template will be made for recording data from tournaments.

Theme for DEPC--Casino-Lucky Number 7

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