Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bag Tag Rules

Greenville Bag Tag Rules
Top 10 tags can challenge each other and the better tag has to play with in a week.
The 11 through 20 tags can challenge any tag they want to, but only 10 spots down have to accept the challenge. ( So the 15 tag can challenge the 1 but the 1 doesn’t have to accept the challenge. But if the 15 challenges the 6 it has to accept.)
31-40 and so on and so on.
If someone calls out a tag and they set time for one match, another person can jump into that match if not just wait a week.
Call Outs
Call outs (challenges) have to be done face to face. See them on the course, ask them to play. (No PM’s)
If you have a bunch of friends in a group text and yall want to play that is ok.
If someone posts online (FaceBook) and says they are out with a particular tag and you want to meet up that's fine.
Tags will be put up on tournament rounds and will be collected at the beginning of the day, and will go for the last round of the event. (Someone in the club will have to collect and disperse tags)
So if it is a 2 day event they will be collected on the 2nd day before the first round.
If you DNF you will get the highest tag number that was collected.
Buying Tags
Tags will be $10/ $7 for current club members
Ladies will have their own tags as well as normal tags (2 for the price of one.)
If you lose your tag well buy a new one or wait for the next year of tags.
Elusive 40 Tag
The Elusive 40 tag can challenge any tag holder at any time and that tag holder has to accept
Tags are not a Ranking and other things
Bag Tags are meant to be fun. ( Don’t Cry because someone has played a bunch for their tag and doesn’t want to play again right away.
Don't sit on a tag because its a low number (don't be a dick). Bag Tags are meant to be displayed on a bag, so don’t hide them in your bag so someone doesn’t know what you have.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

June Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Max Crotts, PJ Evans, Josh Lee, Whitney Graham & her daughter, Vince Tricarico, Stewart Goodson, Jon Upchurch, Charles Thompson

1-Finances: We have selected our first GVDG Scholarship winner and will be providing $1700 for books and tuition once he confirms Fall school information, more info coming soon. Adam Walter could not make the meeting so we dont have an exact bank balance but we do not have any outstanding bills. We are getting ready to place a custom stamp order with Discraft, hats for DEPC match play, club member shirts, and DEPC fundraiser shirts.

2-Contentnea Creek Classic: Event rescheduled for July 11, registration is live at We need 1 big workday to get the course ready, will make separate post with details. Format: Pro and MA1 will play 2 rounds from the blue pads, all other divisions will play 1 round blue pads 1 round red pads.

3-Mystery Tour: Still looking for people to design a hole around Uptown Greenville and ECU's main campus. Submit holes to Max by June 14. We will not have a preround meeting, start playing when you want, your round needs to be completed by 3:30PM. At 3:30 we'll have food at Max's house with awards and prizes.

4-Bag tags: We now have 2020/21 club year bag tags, they will first be distributed at the Mystery Tour. Tags are $7 for GVDG members, $10 for non-members. PJ is posting basic rules for how challenging tags.

5-2020/21 Membership: GVDG membership runs July 2020 through June 2021. This year we are introducing additional tiers of membership for those interested.
Tier 1 - $20 - Club membership. Comes with $1 off club non sanctioned events and premium plastic from the club store, as well as a 2020/21 club teeshirt.
Tier 2 - $50 - Membership and DEPC supporter. $45 if you join at Mystery Tour, includes all of Tier 1 as well as a DEPC fundraiser shirt and premium disc.
Tier 3 - $100 - Membership and DEPC hole sponsorship. Includes Tiers 1 and 2 as well as your name or company on a hole for DEPC.
Tier 4 - $165 - Membership, DEPC, Mando Madness, and Contentnea Creek Classic hole sponsorship as well as tiers 1-3.
Lifetime membership is also available for $250 you would be a GVDG member including all benefits of Tier 1.

6-Down East Players Cup:  Registration opens June 17th, 8PM @ We will be doing a media blast on Thursday to start announcing the event. We have an agreement with a national disc golf media outlet to record all 3 rounds, we will post the full information after the contract is signed. We are working on making additions to holes 8 and 12, adding gold teepads.

7-Hernandez Family Fundraiser:  The family that helped Charles Thompson in May is in need of help in these tough times, Charles has approached GVDG for assistance in running a fundraiser tournament for them. He is finalizing a date and we will have additional information coming soon.

8-GVDG Mini tour fundraiser:  Daniel Brubaker is working on confirming dates and locations for the 2nd annual mini tour fundraiser. More info coming soon.

9-Local school outreach: Vince and Daniel are working on projects to work with local schools and introducing disc golf to the students.