Thursday, December 19, 2019

December Meeting Minutes

December 11 @ Pitt Street Brewing
Attendance: Max, PJ, Saunders, Adam, Vince, Brubaker

1-Finances: $2668 in the bank, $365 of that is for the GVDG Scholarship, $1000 earmarked for course improvements.
2-Monthlies: Jan 4 Danny's 2 Disc Demo Monthly. $30 entry and you get any 2 discs from the club store. Must use only those 2 discs playing the monthly. After the monthly Danny will have a wide variety of discs for you to try out in the field.
GVDG/ECU IceBowl will be Feb 8 at the ECU course. Entry is $15 and 2 canned good for all divisions, this is a fundraiser for the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. All divisions will receive a players pack for competing. Bring your best chili for the chili cook off during lunch.
Max is working on a flyer for the 2020 monthly schedule to get in the kiosk.
3-GVDG Scholarship tournament- Registration is now live on Feb 15 at the new Farmville disc golf course. $40 entry all divisions. This is a PDGA Endowment program event.
4-Farmville Course- Workdays are continuing on a regular schedule to get the course completed. Working with the town to get additional trees and plants on the course. Daniel suggested we ask the town about using discarded material on the property to raise money for improvements or offer memorial markers on benches.
5-2020 Sponsorship - Voted unanimous to continue our 2019 sponsorship levels for Kinston, New Bern, OFDA, and New Hanover clubs. As well as the ECO tour, Lancer and Durant tournaments. Vince is also reaching out to a few other clubs to see if anyone else would like to work together on sponsorship.
6-Course work-Jarrett leading the work to get 2nd practice basket at the Meadow. Work on master list of projects to be completed in 2020. Dec 22 Meadow walk through after Baggers, share a few ideas we have for changes on 4, 8, 12, and 18.
7-DEPC - Saunders is mocking up a trophy idea that he should have at January meeting. Max is setting up DiscGolfScene signup page with information. Adam is working on ideas for the players packs.
DEPC format: A Pool - All Pro fields, B Pool All Advanced fields, C Pool All Intermediate and Rec.
A Pool playing, Meadow All Star, Farmville, Meadow All Star
B Pool playing: Farmville, ECU, Meadow All Star
C Pool playing: ECU, Meadow All Star, Farmville.
A&B pools doing teetimes at Meadow on Sunday, C Pool teetimes at Farmville Sunday.
8-ECU Tourney-Danny, Vince, Max, and Sandy contacting ECU about a tourney idea. More to come.
9-Vince and Danny are working on getting a booth at the 2020 umbrella market for GVDG.