Monday, October 7, 2019

Meadow All Star Layout

Meadow All Star layout for the 2019 Down East Players Cup.
Hole 1 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 307ft
Hole 2 - White pad to Reg basket - 351ft
Hole 3 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 263ft
Hole 4 - All Star pad (behind white pad) to Reg basket - 349ft
Hole 5 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 390ft
Hole 6 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 370ft
Hole 7 - All Star pad (next to bathrooms) to Reg basket - 635ft
Hole 8 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 318ft
Hole 9 - White pad to Reg basket (triple mando in play) - 150ft
Hole 10 - All Star pad (behind blue pad) to Alt basket - 514ft
Hole 11 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 558ft
Hole 12 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 613ft
Hole 13 - All Star pad (behind white pad) to Reg basket - 479ft
Hole 14 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 325ft
Hole 15 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 522ft
Hole 16 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 274ft
Hole 17 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 304ft
Hole 18 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 281ft
Par 60 - 7003ft
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Friday, August 16, 2019

August Meeting Minutes

August 14 @ Tapped650
Attn: Max, PJ, Ryan, Jarrett, Jacob, Vince, Adam, Brubaker
1: Finances- Club has $13009.35 in the bank however most of that is entry fees for the DEPC and sponsorship.
2: Monthlies- Sept 14 Jacob Whitton is organizing a Discraft AceRace. Entry is $30 and you must register by August 31 on Vince Tricarico is organizing the Tour de Pitt on Sept 28 playing every course in Pitt County, flyer and additional information will be shared soon.
3: New Courses- Oakwood School has reached out to Vince to assist in the design of an 18 hole course, the course will be fully designed however it will be installed in phases over the next few years. The school will allow people to play the course after hours and on weekends once completed. Farmville disc golf course had it's first round of clearing completed, there is some additional clearing to be done before pads and pins will be installed. Vince has attempted to contact Ayden to see if GVDG could assist in improvements to their course however he has not received a response yet.
4: Grow the Sport- Vince has proposed GVDG setup a college scholarship program for a local graduating high school senior that plays disc golf. We are exploring the additional needs from the club, taxes, paperwork, and fundraising. Everyone at meeting approved of the idea and we will have additional information at the September meeting.
5: Old tee signs: So far 5 signs have been auctions off raising $540 for course improvements, there are an additional 5 signs to be auctioned off. We need to build 3-4 benches, replace all the tee sign posts, and improve 11 Alt and 13 All Star pad with the money raised. Picture below shows current status of the signs.
6: New signs- Rob Gerard has completed the design of all the new signs. Max is getting him the artwork for the hole sponsors then we will be ready for signs to go to printer.
7: Change to custom discs- Max proposed changing the club store to remove stock stamped discs and only carry GVDG stamped discs to help spread the club brand. We will be able to get custom discs from Innova, Discraft, Discmania, and Dynamic. We will be able to offer more companies however fewer disc molds due to order quantities per mold. Everyone agreed and we will implement this moving forward. We will continue to order limited edition and first run discs just not stock stamps.
8: DEPC next year- We will be applying to be an A tier for the 2020 DEPC.
9: DEPC-
Fundraising: If you know anyone or any companies that would be interested in sponsoring the DEPC please get in touch with Vince or Max. Currently $3832 in sponsorship in hand with an additional $850 to be collected.
Coursework: Vince is organizing a workday on a Friday he is off work to build tiered system on 11 Alt pin. Date TBA. Sept 15 after Sunday Baggers will be a workday to do additional trimming and clearing around the course, holes 11,12,13,15 will be primary focus. Jarrett has a backpack sprayer and weed killer to clear a few areas on the course.
Tournament: Schedule has been posted online, Vince is confirming availability of food trucks on Saturday of DEPC. All players will receive a beer token(provided they are over 21) for Uptown Brewery, early registration will be at Uptown Brewery Friday night from 6-8PM. We will have 2 water and snack 'Pig Pens by Piggly Wiggly' at both courses on Saturday and at Meadow Sunday. Max will email the tournament registrants about shirt sizes as the question was not asked during registration.
10: Next month- Meeting at Professor O'Cools Wednesday September 11 @ 7PM.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Registration is now open for the 2019 GVDG AceRace at the Meadow September 14. Register at

Thursday, June 13, 2019

June Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2019 @ Tapped650
Attendance: Max, PJ, Shane, Duncan, Adam, Brubaker, Vince, McMillan, Jarrett

1: Finances- We have $4603.86 in the bank with $2234 of that for the DEPC. Only thing outstanding is a custom disc order from Innova (total unknown). We will make a small stock order from Innova, about 50 discs, to get us through a few weeks. Will order from Discraft when new disc is released.
2: Farmville- Max was contacted by the Town of Farmville 2 weeks ago about assistance with design of a new course. Max brought in the GVDG officers and we are currently establishing a Memorandum of Understanding between GVDG and Farmville on exact responsibilities. This is an excellent opportunity for us to show the benefits of additional courses in the area to grow the sport and assist our neighbors. Additional opportunities for GVDG to run doubles, monthlies, and PDGA events.
3: DEPC- Sponsorship, Vince has been working hard identifying additional potential sponsors to contact. Ryan Saunders has confirmed Piggly Wiggly will be a sponsor. We are still on track for our goal of $5000 added cash for the tournament. Still working to confirm a title sponsor for this years DEPC. Adam is leading the prize committee to identify our players pack items and trophies for this year. Jarrett is leading course committee including spraying weed killer on some of the new fairways. A workday is scheduled for June 23 after Sunday Baggers to move 3 teepads to the new layout.
4: Monthlies- Safari Golf monthly is June 22 at the Meadow. Entry is $20 pro and $15 Adv and Am. This includes $3 going towards cash CTPs.
August 3rd is Mystery Tour and membership appreciation. No cost to play. First 18 people to sign up have the opportunity to design a hole somewhere in the ECU Main campus and Uptown Greenville area. Please have your hole design to Max by July 15 so he can make a layout and map for all the holes. Membership appreciation will follow mystery tour and include free food for all. It will also start off the elections for GVDG officers. We will have club shirts at this monthly for everyone who has joined or renewed their GVDG membership ($20).
5: Workdays -June 23 after Sunday Baggers we are moving teepads to 7 and 10 all star, 13 white, and 15 blue. Shane will have a truck for pulling the pads, Vince has a jack for lifting the pads. All help is appreciated. We are purchasing new railroad ties to build the retaining wall of 11 Alt basket. Max is checking with Kinston Disc Golf if the rubber pad between 6 & 7 would be available to purchase or borrow for use on hole 4 all star pad.
6: Next month -Trollingwood Taproom, Brubaker is checking on if they have any events for July 10. If they have something going on we will go to O'Cools instead.

Monday, May 13, 2019

May Meeting Minutes

May club meeting at Professor O'Cools.
Attendance: Max Crotts, Stew Goodson, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico, Daniel Brubaker

1-Finances: $3833.86 in the bank. $2034 of that is earmarked for DEPC from money already raised for payout. We owe $120 to PDGA for Mando Madness. Max will start auction of old teesigns in a week, auction on FB GVDG page starting @ $35.
2-Workdays: Workday scheduled 5/12 after Sunday Baggers. Moving pipe to elevate 15's pin. Continued clearing of 11 and 13 on the allstar layout.
3-Monthlies: USDGC Doubes June 8 and Jarrett's Safari Golf June 22. Need to get fliers for both posted.
4-DEPC: Jarrett raised $100 from pre-season doubles. Max is going to contact J about trophies. Registration opens August 1st. Need to confirm reservation of ECU course.
5-Next Month: Going to Tapped on June 12 @ 7PM.

Monday, April 15, 2019

April Meeting Minutes

Location: Plaza Azteca
Attendance: Max Crotts, Adam Walter, Taylor Rafeleowski, Daniel Garrett, Jarrett Wallace, Ryans Saunders & Rachel, Vince Tricarico, Daniel Brubaker, Beth Payne, Shane Norris

1-Finances: $2100 in bank, need to deposit putting league cash(estimated $500 to be deposit). $1032 of this is money raised for DEPC. Max will contact Rob about getting a club banner for display at events. Get a price quote for a 2nd course map and sign post at parking lot by baseball fields.
2-Monthlies: Jarrett is working on flier for Safari golf June 22. Max is setting up registration for USDGC Doubles on
3-Doubles: Max is printing and posting fliers this week.
4-Workdays: April 20th 10AM-Until, April 21st after Sunday Baggers. Working on holes 11 and 13.
5-DEPC Matchplay: Adam will be an auto captain for winning last year. All other captains have to volunteer to be a captain at signup. Captains will be randomly draw at the first doubles of the season with the draft later that week.
6- DEPC: Finances: $1032 already raised for the DEPC, we have a handshake agreement for title sponsorship that isn't included in that amount. Working to finalize title sponsor this month. Entry fees for DEPC are set: Pro-$80, Adv-$60, Intermediate and lower-$50. Vince has set the goal of getting $1000 added cash each month leading up to registration in August.
7- Kids Disc Golf Lessons: Beth gave us a copy of the form she uses for summer swim classes and suggestions on how to run disc golf lessons for this summer. Vince is contacting Recs&Parks to see if they have any recommendations or guidelines.
8-Next month location: Professor O'Cools.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March Meeting Minutes

March 13 club meeting @ Uptown Brewery.
Attendance: Max Crotts, PJ Evans, Jon Upchurch, Adam Walter, Jarrett Wallace, Daniel Garrett, Vince Tricarico, Daniel Brubaker, Beth Payne

1-Finances: $1772.58 in the bank, no outstanding debts. Vince proposed new club shirts for membership drive this spring, with preorder for sizing breakdown. Possibility to consign additional shirts to PIAS. Start membership drive at start of doubles season.
Proposal to add $1 non member fee to doubles and $2 to monthly entry fees. Vote - All For.
2-Putting League/Doubles: April 1 start Monday night doubles. Points series will start April 29 through September 16. 21 weeks with best 16 going towards your points. $0.50 from entry fee goes to season long payout.
3-Monthlies: SURE is running a fundraiser at Covenant on April 6, Vince, Adam, and a few others will be on site to assist with organizing the disc golf event.
April 7 - Bagger Open - Jason Myers is organizing the April monthly. Playing 2 rounds of Sunday Baggers format (no OB no Mandos). Entry is $15 Open, $10 Adv, $8 Am.
Max is going to contact Innova about running a USDGC Doubles event on June 15.
4-Ayden: Ayden Grifton High School has started a disc golf club. Vince has been talking with a few of the organizers over there and has reached out to town of Ayden about the potential for GVDG to help maintain and improve the course in Ayden, he has not had a response yet.
5-Sponsorship: $100 for Lancer Chain Chaser - Vote - All For.
6-Workdays: Hole 15 basket design had 4 ideas submitted. We will try to move a piece of concrete pipe from behind hole 9. If we cannot DG had a design to use reclaimed tires from the woods behind the course.
Work has continued steadily on the new alts for 11 and 13. If you would like to get involved ask Jarrett to add you to the DEPC Course Prep group.
7-DEPC: Adam is starting a players amenities committee, if you would like to join please message Adam. Vince has a current sponsorship letter if you know a person or company that may be interested in sponsoring please contact Vince or Max. Max is making a spreadsheet to track money for the DEPC. Max is reaching out to ECU Club DG about reserving ECU course for Oct 19-20.
8-Next month meeting will be at Professor O'Cools on April 10 @ 7PM.