Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 2015 Meeting

Sorry for the late reminder. There is a GVDG club meeting at my house tomorrow night at 7PM. Address is 1702 Sulgrave Rd. Bring your own food and drink if you like. Agenda:
7-Next month
Let me or Hamby or Adam Walter know if you would like to add anything else to the agenda.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

July Meeting Minutes

7/8/15 Professor O'Cools
Attendance: Max Crotts, Adam Baker, Adam Walter, Tate Allen, Nick Morreale and Family, PJ Evans and son, Kurt Hodnett, Chris Hamby, Todd Markov
1-Finances: Still have not had an opportunity to get by the bank and migrate accounts from DC and Kurt to Max, Walter, and Tate.
2-Sponsorship - Sponsor Craven Chains PDGA for $100 - PASSED
3-Workdays - Max is going to purchase some poison ivy killer, Todd is cutting up the branch on hole 8 that fell, Meet Aug 18 after baggers at the meadow to explore possible changes to holes 8 and 9.
4-Doubles/Monthlies - Exploring changes to the payout of doubles, moving away from vouchers to a dollar value payout and moving away from a flat payout. Max is contacting Craven Chains to see what their payout looks like. Will have a follow up at next months meeting. The Thursday before the Mix and Match monthly the PDGA singles league will play the mix & match layout.
5- DEPC -Adam is finalizing the artwork, should have some proofs posted online asap.
6- Tar River Park - There was a 3rd and final input session regarding the future of a proposed park. Max was in attendance to give the clubs stance on a proposed disc golf course. Will post a link to the video when it is made public.
7- Next Meeting - Hamby is looking into options of having our next meeting at the bowling alley. If that falls through we will meet at Max's house.
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Monday, June 8, 2015

June Meeting

GVDG club meeting this Wednesday @ 7PM. 1702 Sulgrave Rd. Bring your own food and drink. 
3-Monthlies - There is a proposal to change this months format to a type of 3 disc challenge.
5-Doubles - There is a proposal to change Thursday doubles over to a PDGA singles league.
7-Next meeting location
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 2015 GVDG meeting

May 2015 GVDG meeting minutes. Professor O'Cools. 
Attendance: MaxAdamTateKurtToddPJ
1-Finances: We currently have $2500 in the bank with no outstanding debts. 
2- Monthlies: We are currently unsure if a TD is available to organize the June all around event, may revert back to standard golf if no one is available. Contact a club officer if you are interested in running this event.Jarrett has volunteered to run the September monthly for Leanne
3- Doubles: Tate presented an idea of for changing away from Thursday Blue doubles to having a PDGA League singles every Thursday. He will finalize a proposal for the June meeting to be voted on.
4- DEPC: We have 2 custom stamps for this years DEPC, one is almost ready and is similar to past years in design but follows this years theme, the other is still being finalized by Jason T Clark. The first stamp will be a standard club stock, you can purchase with vouchers. The second stamp will be the DEPC fundraiser stamp.
5- Next month: Meeting at Max's house.
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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Reminder today is the last day to vote for new club officers. The only contested position is Treasurer between Adam Walter and Jarrett Wallace. You can vote at doubles tonight or email me at greenvillediscgolf@gmail.com, votes are needed by 7:30PM tonight.
Thank you
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Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 GVDG Elections

We have had no new nominations for officers since Monday. So Treasurer will be the only position we will need to vote on. Adam Walter and Jarrett Wallace both accepted nominations for Treasurer, voting will start at club appreciation monthly tomorrow and go through next Thursday. You can vote by secret ballot at the monthly and at both doubles events or you can email your vote to greenvillediscgolf@gmail.com, must be a current club member to vote. 
The other three positions that ran unopposed are President - Max Crotts, Vice President - Tate Allen, and Secretary - Chris Hamby. Thanks for volunteering your time and energy guys, I look forward to working with you over the next year. 
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Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Elections

GVDG Elections: All 4 officer positions are up for election, the current officers are: President-Daniel Coward, Vice President- Leanne Homsky, Treasurer-Kurt Hodnett, Secretary-Max Crotts. Nominations start tomorrow night at the end of doubles and run through Thursday night doubles. You can nominate yourself or someone else at doubles or by contacting Daniel Coward or I. Voting will start at the membership appreciation monthly and go through Thursday doubles 5/7. All current club members can vote, you can vote by secret ballot at the monthly or either doubles that week, or by emailing gvdgsecretary@gmail.com. Here is the master list of current club members.