Monday, April 21, 2014

Officer elections

GVDG Elections: Nominations for club officers started after doubles tonight and runs through the end of doubles Thursday. If you would like to nominate someone for a position (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) please contact a current club officer or attend doubles Thursday. Voting will take place from May 3-May 8. 
So far 4 people have accepted nominations for club office:
President: Daniel Coward
Vice President: Jim West
Treasurer: Kurt Hodnett
Secretary: Chris Gill
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

GVDG Events

April and May events calendar:
Monday April 21 is the official start of the GVDG Blue Lew's Doubles season. Signup by 5:45P at the shelter, Entry is $3, optional $2 acepool and $1 BagO'Bucks.  We play the White teepads on Mondays and the Blue teepads on Thursdays. Doubles runs through September.

Also Monday April 21 we will be starting nominations for club officers. Nominations will run through the end of Thursday doubles 4/24. The positions up for nominations are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Voting will start on May 3rd at the GVDG Membership monthly and continue through the end of doubles on Thursday May 8th. Voting can be done in person at the monthly, Monday doubles, and Thursday doubles. Or you can email, please include your name when voting by email as your email address may not be known. You must be a current GVDG member to vote. 

Your GVDG officers for the past year have been:
President - Max Crotts
Vice President - Allen Foster/David Guy
Treasurer - Kurt Hodnett
Secretary - Daniel Coward
The club would like to thank them for volunteering their time and energy to help promote disc golf in Greenville.

May 3rd is the GVDG Membership Monthly. This monthly is free for all to attend, however if you are able please bring a side for lunch. Lunch will be provided by the club, we are still working on the menu. The monthly is on a temp course on Robert Avery's land. If you have a metal basket please let Max know if the club can use it. Directions will be posted on the flier for the event. You can also join or renew your club membership for $15 on this day instead of the normal $20.

Other Events:
May 4: ECO Event #5 is in New Bern at the new Creek Side course. Entry is $30 for all divisions.
May 10: Womens Global Event in New Bern at Glenburnie Park.
May 24-25: Kings Cup 9 in Kinston NC. Check their website as registration should be opening soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's that time of year again to nominate the GVDG officers for 2014 - 2015. If you want to run or nominate someone to run get your nominations in at either Monday or Thursday doubles next week. Voting will take place from the membership monthly at Robert Avery's on May 3rd throught Thursday doubles the following week. You can vote in person at any of the 3 events or at anytime during the week via email sent to Emil's need to include your name as we may not recognize your email address. Remember only current club members may vote so pay your dues soon to be eligible to vote.
I know a lot of people have been looking for some new plastic in the club store lately. Unfortunately it was not prudent to order additional discs due to the large amount that was previously left in the store. All of last year we only made one disc order, and that was used primarily to replenish base line DX plastic that was low. Thankfully with the start of a new doubles season we are finally in a comfortable place to order new plastic and we are looking for as much input as possible. Please post here or contact a club officer about any plastic from Prodigy, Discraft, and Innova that you would like to see ordered. We will be looking into additional vendors after this order.

Thank you.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

April 2014 Minutes

April 2014 Club meeting @ AJ McMurphy's.

1-Finances- Account balance $676.97, no activity recently.
2-Monthlies- Membership Appreciation-Max is getting in contact with Robert Avery, may use Bob's house if fall back is needed. St. Jude-Agreed that Jersey Mike's is best lunch option, Jim designated jobs to those in attendance.
3-Sponsorship-Kings Cup $100 sponsorship, seconded and approved by all.
4-Club Elections- Will be posting information on Website and Facebook about positions and duties and time frame.
5-Work days-April 18th before St Jude to work on tourney prep, Jim West leading. April 27 at 1PM(after Baggers) working on trash pickup behind 17, Max and Jim leading.
6-DEPC-Flier coming in May, working on designs for an official permanent logo to go with annual theme logo.
7-Membership drive- Max and Jim will coordinate to get signs posted about membership benefits and details.
8-Tshirt design - Original club shirt with 10th anniversary under front logo. Seconded and voted by from all present.
9-June meeting location-Big Bubba's Burgers
10-Soccer league- GVDG was contacted by Recs and Parks about a possible summer soccer league playing on Sundays from 10A-3P. Parks has stated they will not permit league due to conflict with disc golf leagues already established.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

GVDG workday on Sunday April 27th as part of Earth Day awareness. We will be cleaning out trash from the pong behind hole 17. Please bring any long grippers/poles/nets you may have, some tools will be provided. Meet at 1PM.
Thank you.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March meeting minutes

March Club meeting - The Coffee Shack

Attendance - Max, DC, Chris Gill, Sean

Finances - The club currently has right around $500 in the bank. Max will be taking a check to Wilmington for Azalea Pro and Am sponsorship that was voted last month.

Club meeting locations - April: AJ McMurphy's, May - Possibly Stew's waiting for confirmation.

After monthlies we are going to start doing a quick club meeting review and open floor for those unable to attend the club meetings, first one will be after the St Jude monthly in April. 

Chris Gill has offered to reach out to Lowe's and see if we can get some deals on materials for upcoming course projects.

Ground Crew open-Sean has recommended we have the event in November after the DEPC to encourage work on the course throughout summer and depc prep. 

Course projects:
-Sean has identified a strong growing vine we intend to plant on the mando on hole 10 to spruce it up a bit, Max will be getting bricks from his office to make a base to ward off the mower. 
-Replacing the boards on the bridge to 9, adding additional brick to the walkway.
-Tree planting project to define the barrier between holes 12 and 13, and between 14 and 15 Blue pad.
-Permanent OB line defining holes 3-6.
-Replace damaged sign posts and benches.
If you see a project you can assist with, or have suggestions on additional projects please contact Max, DC, or Goo.

Website maintenance, please contact DC with any suggested website updates. He is planning to get the site spruced back up.

Adam Baker has published a proposed modification to the club bylaws, please review them for consideration at next months meeting.