Monday, February 9, 2015

February Meeting Agenda

GVDG Club meeting this Wednesday Feb 11 at Professor O'Cools at 7PM.
If you have an agenda item you would like to discuss please comment below or contact DC or me.
1: Finances
2: Monthlies
3: Sponsorship - Azalea tournaments, Coastal Plains Open
4: Workdays
5: DEPC Updates
6: Vouchers - Vote to set a voucher expiration policy
7: Next meeting location
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

January 2015 GVDG Club Meeting Minutes
Attendance: MaxDanielAdamTodd, Stew Goodson, Kurt Hodnett & Kirsty. 
1-Finances) All outstanding debts paid and $1100 free and clear.
2-Monthlies) The calendar for 2015 is posted on the website and Facebook. Fliers will be made and posted. We have changed the December monthly to 12/5 to avoid a nearby PDGA event conflict.
3-Sponsorship)Nothing currently, we will have a few coming up with PDGA's from NHDGC and OFDA in March.
4-Workdays) DC will lead a workday on January 24 to remove vines on the trees between 12 and 13 and clear a leaning tree over 10 Blue's fairway.
5-DEPC Presentations)Max was the only one to present a plan to run the 2015 DEPC. All voted for. A summary of his proposal will be posted below.
6-Next meeting location) Professor O'Cools on Feb 11 @ 7PM.
7-Inventory tracking)Adam proposed we add an inventory list to our website that gets updated monthly or quarterly. Everyone present is favorable to the idea, however their are questions about the feasibility and reliability of it staying up to date. Max will make a spreadsheet and share it to the website and work with DC to post inventory.
7A-Vouchers) Discussion from Adam's proposal got the idea rolling of having an expiration for vouchers. We felt there were to few people and this was not an announced agenda item so it will be tabled until the February meeting.
8-End of Year Summary)Adam made the suggestion we publish an annual report which consolidates all our event attendance, revenue, membership, etc into one article. The secretary will lead getting this report published with the help of Officers, Board members, and those that ran events in the past year. Expect it to be published in April at the start of the next doubles season.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 GVDG Monthly Calendar

Signup is 9-9:45A for all events, First round tees at 10A. Entry: Pro-$15, Adv-$10, Am-$8, Women-$8 unless otherwise noted.

January 18 – TD: David Guy
-First round 1 putter only, Second round 150 class drivers and mids, max weight putters allowed.

February 28 – TD: Daniel Coward
-GVDG Ice Bowl fundraiser for the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. All entries $15 and 2 canned goods

March 15 – TD: Max Crotts
-March Mando Madness Monthly at the Meadow, every hole has a unique mandatory that must be completed

April 25 – TD: Jim West
-St. Jude’s fundraiser tournament

May 2 – TD: GVDG Officers
Membership appreciation monthly at a temp course in Stokes. Entry is a CTP donation. Food provided. Not a part of the points series

May 16 – TD: Daniel Coward
Safari Golf, a 13 hole par 54 course played at the Meadow.

June 27 – TD: Kurt Hodnett
One round of golf, followed by field events – Putting, distance, accuracy

July 25 – TD: Jason Myers
Myers Mix and Match, 20 hole layout combining white and blue teepads, same layout both rounds.

August 22 – TD: Nick Morreale
Two rounds of golf from the blue teepads.

September 26 – TD: Leanne Homsky
Traditional golf – One round blue pads, one round white pads.

October 24 – TD: Max Crotts
Down East Players Cup – You have to be registered for the DEPC to participate, no additional fees to be a part of the monthly required.

November 7 – TD: GoatSnatch DiscGolf
Traditional golf for now, GoatSnatch may change to a theme monthly.

December 5 – TD: Todd Markov

Backwards golf. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Down East Players Cup Schedule

Down East Players Cup Schedule and layout:
-8am: Breakfast (Provided to all players)
-8:00-9:15am: Player Check In
-9:30am: Players Meeting
-10am: Round 1
-Lunch Break (Provided to all players)
-During lunch-Basket toss
-Round 2 one hour after last card comes in
-7p-Until—Players Party at Professor O’Cools
-8am: Breakfast (Provided to all players)
-9am: Round 3
-Lunch Break (Provided to all players)
-Round 4 One hour after last card comes in
-Hanging Basket Finals
-Pumpkin Chunkin
-Round 1: White Pads, Hole 8 Purple, Alt Pins, Hole 15 Spring pin
-Round 2: Blue Pads, Hole 10 Gold,Alt Pins, Hole 15 Fall Pin
-Round 3: Blue Pads, Hole 10 Gold, Hole 15 Summer Pin
-Round 4: White pads, Hole 8 Purple, Hole 15 Winter Pin

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Here is the updated points for the GVDG Monthly series. As always please check behind me that was a lot of people to calculate points for. Only 2 monthlies left to win free entry to the DEPC. Intermediate is the most contested but you cant blink in the Adv or Pro. But I am thinking Leanne has the ladies division all wrapped up. With PDGA divisions being a little different than our monthlies I've moved a few people around to be in their normal monthly divisions, I only did this for a few that are serious contenders for the points. If you would like all of your points in one division let me know and we can get them changed. 
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DEPC Registration Opens August 1 @ 7PM

Registration will open on at 7PM August 1st. Entry fees are: All Pro $70, All Advanced and Intermediate $50, and Recreation $40. All players will receive a players pack, those who register before October 1st will receive a personalized shirt. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days at no added cost. A players party will be held Saturday night at Professor O'Cools. Recreational is a trophy only field this year. If you have any questions contact Max Crotts at or 252 3441629.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Meeting Minutes

Greenville Disc Golf Club
July Minutes
Members Present
$2955 In the account
-$1190 St. Judes Check Clearing
$1765 In the account.
$27 From Monday Night basket toss
Update on outstanding payments:
Food Bank: Cleared
St. Judes: $1190 needs to go to St. Judes. Total raised for St. Judes was: $2386
T-Shirts: Cleared
Upcoming purchases voted on by the club:
$30 Concrete for new benches.
$25 for cement glue for Hole 10 planters around the Mando.
Upcoming Monthly
July 27th (ECO Tour)
Remember our July monthly will be hosted by Jay Clark and the Eastern Carolina Open Tour (ECO). It is a PDGA Tier B event. Contact Jay Clark to enter this tournament. There will be a waiting list so sign-up NOW! Cost of the tournament is: $30 for PDGA $40 NON-PDGA members.
Max has the barrels needed to close the park.
August 23rd
Allen Foster is the Tournament Director -Max will contact Allen to confirm plans. If not Leanne will run it.
September 7th
DiscCraft Ace Race will be our monthly. Each division winner will receive a winner’s pack.
December 6th
Jim West was to run this event, however with his departure Max has stepped up to run this event.
Old Business
Course Upgrades
O.B. Lines
It was voted and passed to purchase (up to a value of $75) the wood for the O.B. line. Chris Gill will investigate the type of rope we need.
Bridge & Benches
Stew repaired the planks to hole 9 bridge, so be sure to thank Stew. He has also built 4 of the 6 benches. He will be obtaining a few more boards to finish off the last 2 benches. A workday will be held July 12 @ 9am to install these benches.
Greenville Park Day
July 12 Greenville Recs and Parks is hosting a park day. We need folks to show off Disc Golf 5:30-7:30pm at Riverpark North. It’s National Parks and Recs month. Chris Gill has prepared flyers for Meadowbrook that include a map to the park. Max checked and we have permission to sell discs at the event.
Bradford Creek
Chris & Max went out to Bradford Creek Golf Course and spoke with John the marketing management. John seemed encouraged about the possibility of putting in a disc golf course on the grounds. They set up a portable basket on hole 1 and threw from the ladies tees. Max & Chris demonstrated and John threw as well. It was a positive meeting. John invited Max to bring a team out to investigate a possible layout that he could present to his board.
Down East Players Cup Preparations (18-19 October 2014)
Facebook page has been created.
We are registered with for registration. 7pm 1 Aug registration goes live.
Max will have a flyer created & will be posted online, kiosk, additional clubs in the next few days.
Logo has been partially updated by Mus (a.k.a. Adam Baker) and will be completed in upcoming weeks.
Basket toss will continue every Monday night in July.
Goat.Snatch.Disc.Golf is donating a prize for the basket.
Max is still looking for donations for CTP’s for this event.
Jay Clark is working on trophies.
Full-Color discs for DEPC. Molds available:
Whippits ‪#‎Glow‬ NOT AVAILABLE
These will be available for cash sale ONLY. No vouchers.
Firebirds #Glow Champion 25x
Leopards #Glow Champions Confirmed 10x
Katanas: Champions Confirmed 5x
Champion Birdies 5x
Champion Glow Gators 5x
Entry Fees are set. Registration will open on 1 Aug Friday.
New Business
Sponsorship in the amount of $25 for the Midtown Chiropractic presents the Raleigh Disc Golf Championships was voted on and approved.
Motion brought forth to sponsor Deerfield Golf Course (WI) $35 sponsorship gives us an engraved brick. Tabled till next month. Leanne to find out more information.
Upcoming tournament in New Bern on September 20-21, club will sponsor $100 was voted on and approved. Max to inform them about the approval.
Upcoming Club Meetings
August 13th meeting will be at O’Cools.
September 10th location at Max’s house.