Sunday, March 15, 2020

March Meeting Minutes

March 11 @ Michaelangelo's Pizza
Attendance: Max, PJ, Jarrett, Vince, Ryan and Rachel Saunders

1-Finances: $4200 in bank, including $1750 for scholarship. We'll be placing a disc order in the next week or so. 
2-DEPC: Reaching out to food trucks to have a truck at each park for lunch. Ryan is checking on a large tent. Vince is working on venue for putting tourney/players party and players meeting. Biggest priority currently is getting additional sponsorship, if you know a company that would be interested please contact Vince or Max. 
3-Farmville PDGA: Contentnea Creek Classic is May 9th. Registration is live on Working on players pack options. 
4-3rd Annual SuRE Disc Golf fundraiser - May 2nd at the Ayden course. GVDG is assisting with organizing and running the disc golf portion of the fundraiser and hosting 3 clinics throughout the day. 
5-Unforeseen Eighteen - Saunders will have full information on this unique event posted Monday March 16. 
6-Match Play - Entry is $40 this year and everyone will receive either a tshirt or hat. Signup is now live on FaceBook, contact Max if you would like to play. 
7-Next meeting,  April 8 7PM, will be at Angus Grill uptown. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

2020 ECU/GVDG IceBowl

Saturday February 8th was freezing as the sun came up and only got to mid 40s as the day went on. A perfect day for fundraiser disc golf and chili cook off. GVDG's 15th fundraiser for the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank brought 30 disc golfers and 11 chilis to ECU's North Campus for the days activities. The 30 disc golfers played 2 rounds of 18 holes while competing across 4 divisions, Open Professional, Advanced Mens, Amateur Mens, and Ladies. Local Pro Scott Conway won the Open division, Juan Martinez took home Adavned Mens, Amateur Mens title went to Joshua Lee, and Whitney Graham got her first win. Most importantly through entry fees, purchased mulligans in the first round, and other donations we raised $1025 for the food bank!
We are very happy to partner with Piggly Wiggly this year to maximize the donations we bring to the food bank. Make sure you are stickin' with the Pig.
This year marked our 10th annual chili cook off and we are very happy to have professional judges and a new division this year. A huge thank you to Lucas Owens - Executive chef and partner of Native – Fine Diner, Scully - Owner of the Scullery, and Alex Wasilineko - Meteorologist at WNCT 9 First Alert Weather.
The chili cook off has become a highly contested event among GVDG regulars with the winner getting to keep the world famous golden crock pot for the year. This year saw a first time winner of the golden crock pot in Vince Tricarico with his pork based Livin' la Chili Loco.
In our new division for people not competing in the disc golf portion of the days event Michelle Yelverton won with a sweet venison chili.
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Chip checking out the hardware

The judges sampling the winning chili, Livin' la Chili Loco

World famous golden crock pot with our awesome judges

After the judging was done everyone was ready for a delicious lunch

Thursday, January 9, 2020

January Club Meeting

Jan 8, Angus Grill
Attendance: Max, PJ, Dave N, Daniel, Vee, Vince, Jarrett, Taylor, Myers

1: Finances-$2855 in bank, $951 in PayPal. -$920 Scholarship tournament entry fees, -$166 owed to Innova. We've also ordered a new club banner, players pack items for Scholarship tournament, and DG pins for the IceBowl.

2: Monthlies-
Danny is running the Double Disc and Demo monthly this Saturday.
ECU/GVDG IceBowl is February 8 @ ECU course. Entry is $20 for all divisions. We are working with Piggly Wiggly to get additional food for the food bank. Chili contest during lunch, Vince is talking with a local chef to be the judge for this years cookoff.
March Mando Madness - Will be a PDGA C tier, the date will be locked down in  the next few weeks.
April Monthly - Sunday Baggers monthly will be April 19.

3: Workdays- We have a few big projects we want to complete before the Greenville ECO in February and get the Farmville course ready before the Scholarship tournament. We will post a full list of projects and planned work times on the clubs FB page. Plans are to add a par 4 gold pad on hole 8, a new par 5 gold pad on 12, and redo the teepad on hole 13.

4:Umbrella Market- Brubaker is checking on getting us a space in  the Umbrella market for 2020. They start accepting applications in March.

5: Scholarship Tournament- Registration is open and filling. Players packs have been ordered. Vince is looking for some assistance with the trophies, contact him if you are interested in helping out.

6: DEPC Matchplay- We will start signup for matchplay at the beginning of April, start play the first week of May. Entry fee isn't set yet but will include a shirt for all participants.

7:DEPC- Registration will open in June. Vince has completed the sponsorship letter and we are starting to contact businesses. If you know a business or person that would be interested in sponsoring please contact Vince or Max.

: ) :

Thursday, December 19, 2019

December Meeting Minutes

December 11 @ Pitt Street Brewing
Attendance: Max, PJ, Saunders, Adam, Vince, Brubaker

1-Finances: $2668 in the bank, $365 of that is for the GVDG Scholarship, $1000 earmarked for course improvements.
2-Monthlies: Jan 4 Danny's 2 Disc Demo Monthly. $30 entry and you get any 2 discs from the club store. Must use only those 2 discs playing the monthly. After the monthly Danny will have a wide variety of discs for you to try out in the field.
GVDG/ECU IceBowl will be Feb 8 at the ECU course. Entry is $15 and 2 canned good for all divisions, this is a fundraiser for the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. All divisions will receive a players pack for competing. Bring your best chili for the chili cook off during lunch.
Max is working on a flyer for the 2020 monthly schedule to get in the kiosk.
3-GVDG Scholarship tournament- Registration is now live on Feb 15 at the new Farmville disc golf course. $40 entry all divisions. This is a PDGA Endowment program event.
4-Farmville Course- Workdays are continuing on a regular schedule to get the course completed. Working with the town to get additional trees and plants on the course. Daniel suggested we ask the town about using discarded material on the property to raise money for improvements or offer memorial markers on benches.
5-2020 Sponsorship - Voted unanimous to continue our 2019 sponsorship levels for Kinston, New Bern, OFDA, and New Hanover clubs. As well as the ECO tour, Lancer and Durant tournaments. Vince is also reaching out to a few other clubs to see if anyone else would like to work together on sponsorship.
6-Course work-Jarrett leading the work to get 2nd practice basket at the Meadow. Work on master list of projects to be completed in 2020. Dec 22 Meadow walk through after Baggers, share a few ideas we have for changes on 4, 8, 12, and 18.
7-DEPC - Saunders is mocking up a trophy idea that he should have at January meeting. Max is setting up DiscGolfScene signup page with information. Adam is working on ideas for the players packs.
DEPC format: A Pool - All Pro fields, B Pool All Advanced fields, C Pool All Intermediate and Rec.
A Pool playing, Meadow All Star, Farmville, Meadow All Star
B Pool playing: Farmville, ECU, Meadow All Star
C Pool playing: ECU, Meadow All Star, Farmville.
A&B pools doing teetimes at Meadow on Sunday, C Pool teetimes at Farmville Sunday.
8-ECU Tourney-Danny, Vince, Max, and Sandy contacting ECU about a tourney idea. More to come.
9-Vince and Danny are working on getting a booth at the 2020 umbrella market for GVDG.

Monday, November 18, 2019

November Meeting Minutes

Location: Max's House
Attendance: Max, Jarrett, PJ, Taylor, Sandy, Vince, Brubaker, Myers

1: Finances - $2893.24 in the bank, we owe $486 to the PDGA for the DEPC. $365 is for the GVDG Scholarship.

2: December Monthly - Backwards golf will be December 7th. Sign up and first round at Meadow. 2nd round at ECU. Entry: Pro - $15, Adv - $10, Am - $8. Acepool $5.

3: 2020 Monthly Calendar -
January 4th - Danny Double Disc - $30 entry. Get any 2 discs from club store but you have to play the tourney with only those discs.
February 1st - GVDG/ECU IceBowl @ NRC. Entry is $15 and 2 canned goods. All money and food raised goes to the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank.
March - Mando Madness - PDGA C-tier. Date not set yet.
April - Bagger Open - 2 rounds at Meadow in a Sunday Baggers format (no OB, no Mandos). Date not set.
May 30th - GVDG Membership Appreciation and Mystery Tour - Your chance to create a unique hole around Greenville.
June 20th - Safari Golf.
August - DEPC Warm Up. Date not set.
October - Pitt County Crusher. Date not set.
December - Backwards Golf. Date not set.

4: 2020 DEPC - We are creating 3 groups to focus on different aspects of the tournament, Fundraising, Prizes, and Course Work. If you would like to be a member of any of these groups please message Max or Vince. Vince is contacting the people that make caddy books for Azalea to make sure we have a high quality caddy book for the tournament. DEPC will be a 216 person 3 pool event using Meadow All Stars, Farmville, and ECU NRC. 3 rounds with 54 holes. We are setting a minimum goal to raise $7500 in added cash.

5: Farmville - Currently doing work days with the town to get teepads installed. Teesigns should be arriving soon. Course is not opened until town gives OK. GVDG will be organizing a grand opening event, date not set. Planning to run a PDGA event in February as a fundraiser for the GVDG Scholarship fund.

6: Meadow - Max is going to talk with Rob about what is needed to get a full course map to put in the kiosk and work with parks to add a 2nd kiosk at the baseball parking lot.

7: GVDG name: It has been pointed out that the club is doing much more work outside of Greenville and our focus continues to include surrounding communities in Pitt County. Vince asked for people to consider alternative naming options for the club. Greater Greenville Disc Golf was suggested to keep the base GVDG name with minimal chase. Another idea presented was keeping GVDG but adding a tag line that reflects our involvement in the county. If you have any suggestions please submit them for the December meeting.

8: December Meeting - Will be at Pitt Street Brewing if they dont have a conflicting event.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Meadow All Star Layout

Meadow All Star layout for the 2019 Down East Players Cup.
Hole 1 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 307ft
Hole 2 - White pad to Reg basket - 351ft
Hole 3 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 263ft
Hole 4 - All Star pad (behind white pad) to Reg basket - 349ft
Hole 5 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 390ft
Hole 6 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 370ft
Hole 7 - All Star pad (next to bathrooms) to Reg basket - 635ft
Hole 8 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 318ft
Hole 9 - White pad to Reg basket (triple mando in play) - 150ft
Hole 10 - All Star pad (behind blue pad) to Alt basket - 514ft
Hole 11 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 558ft
Hole 12 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 613ft
Hole 13 - All Star pad (behind white pad) to Reg basket - 479ft
Hole 14 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 325ft
Hole 15 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 522ft
Hole 16 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 274ft
Hole 17 - Blue pad to Alt basket - 304ft
Hole 18 - Blue pad to Reg basket - 281ft
Par 60 - 7003ft
: ) :

Friday, August 16, 2019

August Meeting Minutes

August 14 @ Tapped650
Attn: Max, PJ, Ryan, Jarrett, Jacob, Vince, Adam, Brubaker
1: Finances- Club has $13009.35 in the bank however most of that is entry fees for the DEPC and sponsorship.
2: Monthlies- Sept 14 Jacob Whitton is organizing a Discraft AceRace. Entry is $30 and you must register by August 31 on Vince Tricarico is organizing the Tour de Pitt on Sept 28 playing every course in Pitt County, flyer and additional information will be shared soon.
3: New Courses- Oakwood School has reached out to Vince to assist in the design of an 18 hole course, the course will be fully designed however it will be installed in phases over the next few years. The school will allow people to play the course after hours and on weekends once completed. Farmville disc golf course had it's first round of clearing completed, there is some additional clearing to be done before pads and pins will be installed. Vince has attempted to contact Ayden to see if GVDG could assist in improvements to their course however he has not received a response yet.
4: Grow the Sport- Vince has proposed GVDG setup a college scholarship program for a local graduating high school senior that plays disc golf. We are exploring the additional needs from the club, taxes, paperwork, and fundraising. Everyone at meeting approved of the idea and we will have additional information at the September meeting.
5: Old tee signs: So far 5 signs have been auctions off raising $540 for course improvements, there are an additional 5 signs to be auctioned off. We need to build 3-4 benches, replace all the tee sign posts, and improve 11 Alt and 13 All Star pad with the money raised. Picture below shows current status of the signs.
6: New signs- Rob Gerard has completed the design of all the new signs. Max is getting him the artwork for the hole sponsors then we will be ready for signs to go to printer.
7: Change to custom discs- Max proposed changing the club store to remove stock stamped discs and only carry GVDG stamped discs to help spread the club brand. We will be able to get custom discs from Innova, Discraft, Discmania, and Dynamic. We will be able to offer more companies however fewer disc molds due to order quantities per mold. Everyone agreed and we will implement this moving forward. We will continue to order limited edition and first run discs just not stock stamps.
8: DEPC next year- We will be applying to be an A tier for the 2020 DEPC.
9: DEPC-
Fundraising: If you know anyone or any companies that would be interested in sponsoring the DEPC please get in touch with Vince or Max. Currently $3832 in sponsorship in hand with an additional $850 to be collected.
Coursework: Vince is organizing a workday on a Friday he is off work to build tiered system on 11 Alt pin. Date TBA. Sept 15 after Sunday Baggers will be a workday to do additional trimming and clearing around the course, holes 11,12,13,15 will be primary focus. Jarrett has a backpack sprayer and weed killer to clear a few areas on the course.
Tournament: Schedule has been posted online, Vince is confirming availability of food trucks on Saturday of DEPC. All players will receive a beer token(provided they are over 21) for Uptown Brewery, early registration will be at Uptown Brewery Friday night from 6-8PM. We will have 2 water and snack 'Pig Pens by Piggly Wiggly' at both courses on Saturday and at Meadow Sunday. Max will email the tournament registrants about shirt sizes as the question was not asked during registration.
10: Next month- Meeting at Professor O'Cools Wednesday September 11 @ 7PM.