Sunday, February 28, 2021

GVDG IceBowl

Saturday February 27 was the 17th annual GVDG IceBowl. This year was played at Ayden District Park. 40 disc golfers, 34 competing in the tournament, came together to raise $1450 for the Pitt County Social Service Food Bank! A huge thank you to everyone that came out or donated. No chili cookoff this year, join us next year as we again battle for the greatest chili trophy of all time. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

February Meeting

 Feb 10th @ Tapped.

Attendance: Max, Adam W, Mike K, Daniel B, Vince T

1) Finances-$4800 general fund, $710 DEPC, $977 GVDG Kids, $3041 GVDG Scholarship, $75 Monthlies. 

2) Scholarship-Vince is updating the application then we will have it posted on the website. This year we will provide 2 scholarships, $1500 and $1000. 

3) GVDG Kids- Daniel is going to organize another order of GVDG Kids polo shirts. Vince is working on organizing more clinics. 

4)Course work- The city has removed the Gold teepads for upgrades, will have to wait for flooding to go down to finish pads. Max Vince Jarrett and Daniel have marked the new Gold fairway on hole 9, needs to be cleared. Updated course maps are being worked on for Meadow and Ayden. 

5) Membership- Max proposed extending 2020/21 club membership through the end of 2021, all future memberships will be calendar year instead of current July/June. Change is so membership is less confusing. If you join after Oct 1 each year your membership rolls over to the next year. All voted to approve change. Vince is working on tiered membership options including sponsorship options for DEPC.

6) IceBowl- February 27th @ Ayden. $20 to play, money and food raised goes to Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. Players pack is a custom GVDG towel. Division winners will receive club membership or a store credit if already a member. First round is $1 mulligans with all money going to the food bank, 2nd round is seeded doubles. Register at

7) Firebowl- Event will be July 17, location and full details still being worked out. Event could potentially be at a ball golf course. 

8) Mando Madness- Event is April 10. Max is working on players pack items, potentially custom cooler or lunch box. Registration is almost full. Register at

9) DEPC Matchplay- Matchplay registration will run through end of March. Draft will be early April and play starts mid April. This year captains must be PDGA members with a rating so draft order can fairly be established. If you would like to captain a team message Max. Exact schedule and team sizes will depend on number of competitors. All competitors will receive a custom players pack and opportunity to register for DEPC on June 1 during early reg. 

10) DEPC- Tiered registration opens June 1 all ladies and 1000+ rated men can register, June 8 980+ can register. June 15 registration opens for all divisions and ratings. We are working on fundraiser items and players packs now. If you are interested in sponsoring the event or know a company that would be interested contact Vince, Max, or Adam. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

December Meeting Minutes

December 9 @ Jarvis Street Bottle Shop
Attendance: Max, Mike K, Brubaker, Adam W, Vee, Adam D, Jarrett, Whitney, Vince and Tate, Pat, Sloan listened remotely. 

1-Finances: $5862.75 in bank with nothing outstanding. 

2-2021 Calendar: 
January 1 - Jarrett is working on setting up a New Years PDGA flex start C tier. 
January 15 - GVDG Kids clinic at the Oakwood School. 
January 16 - GVDG Scholarship PDGA C tier @ Ayden.
February 27 - GVDG IceBowl. Still working on location. 
April 10 - Mando Madness presented by Basket Bashers @ the Meadow. 
May-July - Working on date for Mystery Tour and membership appreciation. 
July 17 - FireBowl summer charity event. Brubaker is contacting Ronald McDonald House as possible charity. 
August 1 - Contentnea Creek Classic at Farmville. 
October 22-24 Down East Players Cup
December - Club Championship still need a date. 

3-Down East Players Cup: 
Sponsorship - Vince has created a sponsorship letter for this years DEPC. If you would like to be a sponsor or have a lead on a sponsor please contact Vince, Max or Adam. Max is contacting last years title sponsor to give them first option at being the 2021 title sponsor. 2020 we raised $14k, we have set a goal of $20k for this years event. 

4-Course Changes: We are looking at making some changes to the course in the winter and spring of 2021. There is a thread of GVDG FB account for sharing of ideas, if you have an idea you would like to see considered for the course please post there or contact a club officer. We will have a course walkthrough January 10th after Sunday Taggers (rain or shine) and vote on final changes at January club meeting. We have already decided to upgrade the All Star teepads to 12x6 concrete. Rob Gerard is working on a course map for Meadow and Ayden, course maps would be near hole 1 at both courses as well as a 2nd course map on hole 7 at Meadow. 

5-Online Meeting: We used FB Messenger to do a live broadcast of the club meeting for members that wanted to remotely attend. Tate is researching better options for future meetings. 

6-Basket Auction: We want to update the course baskets at the Meadow, to do so we will auction off all the current course baskets. The basket auctions will start in January, starting bid will be $150. Baskets will not be immediately available to the winner but after all auctions are completed we will make the change. Baskets will be auctioned in order of hole number. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

November Meeting Minutes

 November 11 @ Angus Grill

Attendance: Max, PJ, Mike K, Whitney, Vince, Adam W, Ryland, Jarrett, Daniel B

1-Finances: Club has $3851 in bank with no outstanding debts. Of that $475 is for GVDGKids, $475 for Scholarship Fund, $130 for Monthlies, rest is general maintenance/misc. 

2-Club Election: 36 people voted. New board is: Max Crotts, Vince Tricarico, Jarrett Wallace, and Daniel Brubaker. Treasurer: Adam Walter. 

3-2021 Sponsorship: We voted and approved sponsorship of the 2021 ECO tour. Max and Vince will contact local clubs about mutual sponsorship and provide a full list at December meeting for approval. 

4-2021 Calendar: We have 4 PDGA events scheduled for next year and dates have been sent to state coordinator for final approval. Tentative dates are: Jan 16 GVDG Scholarship Shootout in Ayden, April 10 Mando Madness @ The Meadow, August 1 Contentnea Creek Classic @ Farmville. Down East Players Cup is confirmed a PDGA A tier for October 22-24. We will also schedule some non PDGA events, no exact dates are set yet. IceBowl will be in February, FireBowl fundraiser will be in the summer. Club Championship will be at the end of the year. Membership appreciation will around May or June. 

5-GVDG Kids: First order of discs for clinics should be delivered this week. Daniel is still working on format and contacting groups for clinics. 

6-Course walkthrough: We plan to do a walkthrough at the Meadow to discuss potential upgrades on Nov 29 either before or after Sunday Taggers. If you have ideas for potential changes please share them with us. 

7-Course work: Officers are still working on getting pricing of replacing All Star teepads with 12x6 concrete pads. Ryland plans to talk with Farmville P&R to see what assistance can be offered to get teepads upgraded sooner. 

8-Club championship: The inaugural club championship will be December 20. Playing the Meadow All Star layout, 1 round. Vince is working on handicap ratings for all players. All players will receive a custom patch, winner will receive the green jacket. 

9-Sunday Taggers: The first event was last week. If you have any suggestions for changes you'd like to see please let us know. 

10-Initial format plans are 240 total players. 3 rounds over 3 days with teetimes each day for all competitors. Still need to finalize exact courses being used, entry fees, player pack items, and sponsorship .

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Officer Elections

 GVDG Officer elections, nominations start now and run through October 31st. Voting will be November 5th through the 11th.

There are 5 officer positions: 4 board members and 1 treasurer.
Current board members are
Vince Tricarico
PJ Evans
Jarrett Wallace
, and Max Crotts. Current treasurer is
Adam Walter
To nominate a person for a position post in this thread, message a current officer, or email

Thursday, October 15, 2020

October Meeting Minutes

 October 14 @ Local Oak Brewery

Attendance: Max, PJ, Mike K, Whitney, Daniel B, Jarrett, Kory H, Vince, Daniel G, Ryland, Nate Evans

1-Finances: Club has $3906 in bank after all bills are paid. Adam is working on new accounting software for the club. 

2-Fuse Church: Kory Hussey works for a church at ECU and is planning to run a fundraiser disc golf event. He asked for permission to use club account to order plastic for the event. All approved. 

3-2021 Event Calendar: Club plan is to move away from "monthly" events and focus on core popular tournaments, PDGAs, and Fundraisers. Daniel Garrett is running Halloween Glow doubles that will be a club event, Vince is working on a Members Only Championship possibly for December with a green jacket for the winner. 2021 calendar will focus on IceBowl, Mando Madness, Membership Appreciation, CCC, SuRE event, women's only PDGA with Brown Girl Disc Golf, FireBowl - a summer fundraiser from Daniel. 

4-GVDG Kids: Custom discs have been ordered for clinics, not yet shipped. Daniel is working on getting clinics on 2021 calendar for Greenville Parks, Farmville Parks, and Oakwood School. 

5-Remote Broadcast Meetings & Members Only Page: We discussed pros and cons of having meetings broadcast and decided if anyone with the ability wants to attend and broadcast the meetings there is no issue from the club. We are starting a Members Only FB page with set rules on a 1 year test, group admins will be the club officers. 

6-Club elections: Club has 5 officers - 1 treasurer and 4 board members. Current officers are PJ Evans, Vince Tricarico, Jarrett Wallace, Max Crotts, and Adam Walter (treasurer). We are accepting nominations for officer positions now through October 31 either by posting on FB page or contacting a current officer. Voting will start Nov 5 at Glow doubles and conclude at the November 11 club meeting. After nominations are finalized we will have a designated person collect votes by secret ballot. You must be a current club member to vote. 

7-2020 DEPC Recap: We discussed feedback received from players and how to use it for next years event. Common complaints were the teepads, course assignments, some areas on debris on the course. 

8-2021 DEPC Plans: We have applied to be an A tier again for 2021. Requests dates being October 22-24, September 17-19, and August 20-22. We are looking at a variety of formats including everyone play 3 rounds, 1 round a day. Pros play 3 days 3 rounds, Ams play 2 days 3 rounds. 

9-Course work: We will have dates soon to meet at the Meadow, Farmville, and Ayden to walk through and discuss changes at each course. If you have an idea you'd like to see keep an eye out for those posts or share ideas in the comments. We are committed to upgrade the All Star teepads at Meadow to 12x6 concrete pads before next years DEPC. We are getting pricing now. 

10-Monthly Putting: Vince is working on getting permission to do a monthly putting league outside at Local Oak Brewery, more to come soon.

11-GVDG Baggers: With Sunday Baggers not being restarted we discussed doing a variety of Baggers using the club bag tags and some basic rules so anyone that attends can organize that weeks event. 

12-Social Media: Nate Evans is going to take over the club social media accounts to help us get more consistent content out. Thanks Nate. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

July Meeting Minutes

July club meeting @ Local Oak Brewery
Attendance: Max Crotts, Jarrett Wallace, PJ Evans, Whitney Graham, Adam Walter, Stew Goodson, Vince Tricarico

1-Money: In bank $26,438. $1750 waiting on GVDG scholarship recipient to get us school information. $2740 for Contentnea Creek Classic. $16,500+ is for DEPC. Adam is looking into financial tracking software solutions to help with record keeping.
2-Contentnea Creek Classic - Tournament is this Saturday, we have a full field of 72 with a waitlist. Vince is contacting snow cone places to try and get one onsite for Saturday. Max and Vince marked OB earlier today. Max is emailing participants Thursday with final tournament information.
3-GVDG Kids - Daniel Brubaker is working on ordering fundraiser shirts. Next we'll be looking into custom stamped discs for use in clinics and fundraising.
4-Monthlies: August 16th we will run a fundraiser event at the Meadow for a local family in need, it will be a 1 round flex start event with $20 entry fee. Daniel Garrett is planning to run glow zombie golf around Halloween again this year. In December we will run backwards golf monthly. After DEPC we will work on plan for monthlies and/or charity events calendar for 2021.
5-Women's League: Whitney plans to start an ENC focused womens only FB group and monthly womans only event. She would like members of GVDG to assist is sharing her group to other ENC clubs and disc golfers.
6-DEPC: TD's are collecting last bit of artwork for players pack items and getting quotes for items. Schedule and course layouts will be finalized in the next few weeks. We will be scheduling workdays soon for cleaning up courses and a few changes at the Meadow.
7-DEPC 2021: Yes it's already time to start planning next years events. Thoughts for next year, A tier again. 3 day event. Get sponsorship letter and artwork early.
8-USDGC Doubles qualifier: Event is July 19, Am teams must be registered by July 12. After July 12 we will open up to Pro teams competing for day of payout only, they cannot qualify for USDGC Doubles invite. Entry is $40 for all teams.