Wednesday, December 13, 2023

December Meeting Minutes

 Meeting Minutes, 12/13/23. Michaelangelos Pizza

Attendance: Max, Mike Fazzini, Adam Walter, Daniel Brubaker, Mike Karlovec, Jarrett Wallace, Whitney Graham, Buddy, Vince Tricarico

1-Finances: $14k in bank, $5k for GVDG Kids, ~$1k for DEPC, $8k general fund. Club champion patches and green jacket for Bentley are only outstanding bills. 

2-Elections: Max proposed expanding officers from 4 to 5 for 2024. Motion seconded. All present vote for it. 

2024 GVDG Officers: Whitney Graham, Mike Karlovec, Mike Fazzini, Jarrett Wallace, & Max Crotts. Treasurer: Adam Walter. 

3-Ayden: February 3rd will be a combined Founders Day and Down East Highschool Invitation at Ayden Park. PDGA C-tier. 

4-New Years tournament. TD: Jarrett Wallace. 2 rounds, exact format not yet decided. 

5-Other upcoming events: ECU Ultimate Fundraiser, Mando Madness, Ace Race style tournament on the Meadow new red pads. 

6-DEPC: planned format: All pros, MA1 & FA1 3 day 3 rounds. All other ams 2 day 3 rounds with tee times Sunday. The 3 day group would play meadow twice, ecu once. All others would play Meadow, ECU, and Farmville one time each. Format not yet locked in. Vince and Max are working on sponsorship packages. 

7-GVDG Kids: Scholarship tournament will take place in the spring. Scholarship will be sent out to pitt county guidance councilors in 2024. 

8-Putting league: We are contacting multiple locations to find a location that can host. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

July Meeting Minutes

 July 2023 Meeting Minutes. Locations: Max’s House

1-Finances: In the bank: $25,300. In PayPal: $18.109.
GVDG Kids-
DEPC- $12k sponsorship, $16,065 registration
Adam Walter will provide an updated breakdown of each account.
2-DEPC Match Play: Shirts and trophies are on order.
New Format idea for 2024: Still a team-based series with draft. Instead of weekly events, 3-4 events scheduled with just 1 event a month. 1 month can be stroke play (possibly PDGA C-tier), 1 month match play, 1 month doubles.
3-DEPC: Mike K is finalizing the player cards and working with a local printer. He will post proofs on FB of each card soon. Each set contains 16 cards plus 1 of 4 autographed cards that will be randomly included in each set. The cost is $20 and they are available when registering for DEPC.
Player pack items: We are set on a jersey shirt as part of the player packs. Also looking at options like course signs, full beach towel, golf towel, challenge coin, minis.
Max is adding an option to purchase previous years items that are still available in the store: DEPC umbrellas and the Ridge Roller fridge/sling bag.
We discussed potential ECU Purple layout ideas and maintenance that needs to be performed at the Meadow, Farmville, and Ayden. Workdays will be announced soon.
4-Course work: Mike Fazzini is going to work on finishing the base for Meadow hole 3. Max is putting out the remaining new tee signs for the Meadow. Once the softball little league world series is done in Greenville, we will contact Parks for assistance with finishing tee pads. Farmville parks has the funds to upgrade several pads, we need a group willing to help with the install then we can schedule workdays out there. Vince has contacted Ayden Parks about removing the downed tree out there.
5-Other events:
Contentnea Creek Classic, originally scheduled for July 30th, is being rescheduled to later in the year.
On Sept 9th there will be a fundraiser event to benefit the Pitt County Schools lunch program.
DEPC Warm Up C-tiers by Basket Bashers: September 16, September 17, October 8th. Basket Bashers DEPC Flex Starts October 16-18. Full course details coming soon.
Basket Bashers Amateur Tour Finale October 7th Logan Staton
6-GVDG Kids: We had 6 kids apply for the GVDG Kids Scholarship, the top 2 have been selected and Vince is in the process of contacting them.
: ) :

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

April Club Meeting Minutes

 Attendance: Max, Andrew Duppstadt, Mike Fazzini, Adam Walter, Daniel Brubaker, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico

1-Finances: $16,251.94 in the bank. 2 outstanding invoices to pay. The total is split across several different funds: DEPC, GVDG Kids, and general fund. We'll work to have a full breakdown by next months meeting. 

2-Match Play: We are moving the close of registration until April 30th. 

3-Doubles: The season will be 20 weeks long. Jarrett is finalizing a flyer with the weekly locations and formats. There will be a few weeks of unique formats: alt shot, best score. A few weeks will be at Oakwood School. 

4-Mando Madness: Mike is available to cook lunch on Sunday, we'll have a hotdog lunch free for everyone playing. 

5-Scholarship: Registration is open now on for the GVDG Kids Scholarship Shootout on May 6th. The tournament will be 2 rounds at the new Oakwood school course. 

6-Beginner friendly camp: Farmville Parks and Rec is organzing a one day camp on June 3rd from 9A-Noon. Ages 7 and up. 

7-Horizons @ Oakwood: Vince has been asked to assist with an event at Oakwood potentially June 10th. More info coming soon. 

8-Course work: We have created a google doc to track course improvement projects we are working on. If you are interested in a particular project or want to suggest one send an officer a message. Link in comments. 

9-DEPC: Tiered registration will open July 1st on Ladies, 1000+ rated men, and DEPC Match Play participants will have first access. Vince is looking into what it would take to have a musical act during DEPC weekend. Jay is updating the logo for 2023. 

Thursday, January 12, 2023

January Club Meeting Minutes

 January 11th @ Michaelangelos Pizza

Attendance: Max, Whitney, Daniel B, Mike K, Mike F, Jarrett W, Vince T

1-Finances: $16.4K in bank and PayPal. Outstanding -2 invoices for Action Advertising and Veterance for Vets tournament. 

2-Upcoming Events:

    -Veterans for Vets - January 21st @ Farmville - Registration is currently full. Mike Karlovec is selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a basket and other prices, $5 for 1 ticket, $20 for 6. You do not have to be present to win, contact Mike to purchase tickets. 

    -Ayden Founders Day Classic - February 4th @ Ayden Park - 2 round PDGA B-tier tournament. Spots still available. 

    -Mando Madness @ the Meadow - April 16th. - 2 round PDGA C-tier tournament. Every hole has a unique mandatory that must be completed to finish the hole. 

    -GVDG Kids Scholarship Shootout - May 6th - 2 round PDGA C-tier tournament. First event at the new Oakwood School course. Registration opens March 15th. 

    -Other upcoming events: Spring Fling (Michael Blackmon), Speed Golf (Max Crotts and Whitney Graham), Mixed Doubles (Whitney Graham)

3-Course Work: 

    -Ayden: Waiting for new locks so we can move all baskets to correct positions and holes. Need to move teepad for hole 9. 

    -Meadow: Finish hole 3 basket raise, Hole 10 green improvements, order tee signs for red pads and get the reds playable. 

    -Farmville: Still need to organize workdays for improving tee pads. 

4-DEPC: We have agreed on title sponsorhsip for the 2023 DEPC with Basket Bashers. The new year hangover tournaments raised $330 for DEPC. Looking for ideas for this years players packs, ideas discussed at meeting include: shirts, challenge coins, signs. This years event will have 4 courses in play with a maximum field size of 480. Max, Adam Walter, Whitney Graham, and Andrew Duppstadt are course TDs this year. 

    -DEPC Match Play: Registration will open in March, Live draft in mid April, plan to start playing May 1. Team sizes and # of teams will be decided by how many register. 

5-Social Media: Whitney is revamping the club social media accounts and looking at possibly doing a monthly recap podcast or video. 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

GVDG November Meeting Minutes

 November 9th club meeting @ Michaelangelos Pizza on Memorial. 

Attendance: Max Crotts, Whitney Graham, Daniel Brubaker, Mike Fazzini, Mike Karlovec, Adam Walter, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico

1-Finances: $16.915 in the bank. Owe $6939 to Action Advertising. $3k in general fund, $5k in scholarship, $2k in GVDG Kids. 

2-Course Work: 

Ayden-need to schedule work day to move 2 tee pads and 1 pin for new permanent layout. Michael Blackmon almost done designing new tee signs. Fundraiser in works for new tee signs, see meadow teesign below for details. 

Farmville: If we can get a group together for a workday on tee pads Parks will order wood for them. 

Meadow: Permanent riser on hole 3, green improvements on hole 10 B pin, replace the Purple tees with 12x6 pads to match Gold. We are ordering ground whiskers to mark 10M circle. Max is contacting parks for assistance with teepads and other improvements. Need to find a solution to parking during tournaments. Need to install the new Red course. 

3-GVDG Club Championship: Saturday December 10th. Registration is open now @

4-Officer Elections: All officer positions up for nomination starting now. 1 treasurer position and 4 officers. Voting will take place Dec 1st through Club Championship Dec 10th. All current club members are eligible to vote. 

5-2023 Membership: We will order 2023 GVDG member patches. Membership dues will be $15, $10 with valid Student ID. All memberships just $10 through January 1st Hangover Classic PDGA tournaments. 

6-DEPC: We have been approved as an A-tier event again. October 20-22. The Professional side will definitely be a 3 day event, looking for feedback on 2 or 3 days for amateur side. Potential to expand to 4 courses. We are working now on sponsorship package with plans to start sponsorship search earlier, if you know any businesses that would be interested in being a tournament partner please reach out to Max or Vince. 

7-Meadow Tee Signs: The tee signs at the Meadow have been updated with the current layouts including the soon to be built Red course. The old tee signs will be posted for sell. The money from the sell of these signs will be used to replace the signs at Ayden. Each sign is $20, we will reach out to hole sponsors first then they will be first come first serve when posted online. 

8-3rd Annual Hangover Classic: Jarrett Wallace is running his annual new years event. This year there will be 2 1-round PDGA C-tier tournaments. Gold pads tee at 9AM. White pads to Alt baskets will tee at 1:30PM. Registration will be on 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

June Meeting Minutes

 June 8 @ Seared Chophouse. 

Attendance: Max Crotts, Michael Blackmon, PJ Evans, Mike Karlovec, Jarrett Wallace, Mike Fazzini

1-Finances: $18,130 in the bank with a few oustanding bills. 

2-Doubles: The first session ends June 20, there will be a 2 week break then back for a 2nd 8 week session. Michael Blackmon suggested offering a season pass at a discounted rate. We will try offering a $70 season pass ($10 saved), must purchase at or before the first week, July 11. No refunds if you miss a week. 

3-Club matchplay: Mike Fazzini told us his experience with Florida club match play. He and Blackmon our going to work on a proposal for next meeting. 

4-Friday Flex: Max is bringing the Friday Flex back starting June 17. PDGA 6-week league. 3 weeks Meadow, 2 weeks Covey, 1 week Farmville. After the 6 weeks we'll take a 1 week break for Blackmon's event then come back with another session. 

5-Ayden Grifton High School DGC Fundraiser: Michael Blackmon is going to run a flex start 1-round C-tier on Friday July 29 at Ayden. This is a fundraiser event for baskets for the school and their new disc golf club. 

6-PDGA World's viewing party. Blackmon suggested the club hosting a final round viewing party for this years world championships. We need to identify a location. 

7-Contentnea Creek Classic: July 31 @ Farmville. 1 day 2 round C-tier. Fly Guy is setup to do Am payout. Entry fees; Pro-$50. Am $20, no player pack $5 to fees and $15 to payout. Players will have optional joice of selecting a players pack during registration for an additional $15. 

8-Storage unit: Checking on pricing for a very small storage unit for club tools and equipment as the club continues to grow. Preferably a location near Meadow or easily accesible. 

Next club meeting is Wednesday July 13 7PM, location TBA. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

GVDG May Meeting Minutes

 GVDG Club Meeting 5/11/22

Jarvis Street Bottle Shop
Attendees: Vince Tricarico, Jarrett WallaceAdam WalterDaniel BrubakerMike Karlovec
  1. Finances - $18,260ish total. Outstanding Invoices - Discmania, Action Advertising, Innova. Selling leftover beginner sets from Oakwood event to PIAS.
  2. Doubles - Going well. New CTP sponsor Seared Chophouse, waiting on Innova inventory and 2022 GVDG Club shirts, need minis. Talks about spring and fall glow season - like a pre and post season to normal doubles.
  3. Upcoming Tournaments - ECO 5/21-22 - Purple Layout both days. We intend to have our tee signs w/par and distance on correct pads. Correct layout is on UDISC, Vince will contact J about elevators and layout. Volunteers needed to paint and flag the meadow on Friday 5/20. Shelter has been reserved for the weekend. - Mystery Tour 5/28 - look for event page this week on FB. - Max's proposed B Tier with cheap entry. Still looking at dates and format. Suggested name "Cheap & Easy Open." Once Ayden is updated, host C tier - Micheal Blackmon wants to TD (maybe a flex, maybe reg C tier, maybe start inaugural event?)
  4. Oakwood Tournament - 32 played, 34 paid. Very positive feedback on layout. Pushing public donations to finish course, hoping for tee pads, signs and infoboard as well. Club voted, all in favor of sponsoring a hole. $500 = lifetime sponsorship all in attendance were in favor. Still compiling total numbers from the weekend.
  5. GVDG Kids - Summer Camp in Farmville. Sign ups now open on FP&R website. Need volunteers for instructors. Get in touch with Vince.
  6. Ayden Disc Golf Course - work may begin tomorrow (weather) to change 3 holes to finalize layout. We may organize an official work day to complete it all in one day. Two basket position changes. Micheal Blackmon will finalize tee signs, we will figure out signs, installation and info board in the future.
  7. Meadow work - looking for volunteers for hole 3 permanent elevator. Need a design for hole 10s green change, discussed red pads being put in at meadow to create a very beginner friendly layout - more discussion needed.
  8. DEPC - J is finalizing logo to include Gatekeeper Media logo, we need to get volunteers for the event, All player pack ideas needed next meeting in June, Vince is going to contact RecTeq and go in person to Camping World for sponsorship. Vince will also talk to ECU about course changes and progress.
If you have any questions, want to volunteer or have suggestions please comment below or contact an officer. Next meeting will be June 8th at 7pm, Seared Chophouse, please bring your appetite and lets have a good showing!