Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July Meeting minutes

July meeting minutes:
Attendance: Max, PJ, Jon, Adam, Daniel, Jarrett, Nick, and Charles showed up at the end.
1-Finances: Adam got locked out of our account so will update when he gets access back.
2-Sponsorship: 2 teesigns (holes 4 and 8) will be replaced with new sponsors after those businesses closed down. We will use the money to update signs on every hole. We agreed to sponsors the Craven Chains Classic for $100.
3-DEPC: Entry fees-All Pro $70, All Advanced $55, All Intermediate and Rec $40. Int and Rec are trophy only. Advanced will have a payout. Players packs: personalized shirt, pint glass, custom chalk bag, custom stamp disc, possibly tourney mini. Running a Cali doubles on Friday 13th, every player is their own partner and will have 1 extra drive per hole.
4-Monthlies: August 12th Jarrett is running a Safari golf monthly, he will post layout soon. September 9 ECU/GVDG joint monthly - Tour de Greenville playing all courses in town possibly Ayden as well.
5-Workdays: Workday this Friday 9AM to rebuild the teepad frames for 8 and 9. After they are built will call concrete company to get a date to pour concrete.
6-Elections: 2017/18 Board Members-Max Crotts, PJ Evans, and Jarrett Wallace. Treasurer-Adam Walter.
7-Next month meeting will be August 9 at Max's house.
Thanks everyone that made it out tonight.
: ) :