Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disc Golfers Supporting Disc Golfers

Fellow Disc Golfers,

A former Greenville, NC resident, Michael Webster, is looking for our support to help him in his endeavors.

This is his info from one of his eBay postings:

"I am an artist currently getting an MFA in Sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I am in a studio of artists and architects going to Talca, Chile this summer for one month to assist in the rebuilding effort following the earthquake of last year.  Talca, Chile is still badly damaged, and I will be teaching woodworking classes and repairing/building wood structures.  I made this painting and prints to raise money to buy tools to be housed in a neighborhood center for residents in the area after I leave.  I am not making any profit from the paintings, prints or work I do in Chile.

Visit my studios website by searching GFRY 2011

Here are the links to two of his postings:  one is the original painting, and the other is 4 prints of the same painting. 



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