Thursday, June 13, 2019

June Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2019 @ Tapped650
Attendance: Max, PJ, Shane, Duncan, Adam, Brubaker, Vince, McMillan, Jarrett

1: Finances- We have $4603.86 in the bank with $2234 of that for the DEPC. Only thing outstanding is a custom disc order from Innova (total unknown). We will make a small stock order from Innova, about 50 discs, to get us through a few weeks. Will order from Discraft when new disc is released.
2: Farmville- Max was contacted by the Town of Farmville 2 weeks ago about assistance with design of a new course. Max brought in the GVDG officers and we are currently establishing a Memorandum of Understanding between GVDG and Farmville on exact responsibilities. This is an excellent opportunity for us to show the benefits of additional courses in the area to grow the sport and assist our neighbors. Additional opportunities for GVDG to run doubles, monthlies, and PDGA events.
3: DEPC- Sponsorship, Vince has been working hard identifying additional potential sponsors to contact. Ryan Saunders has confirmed Piggly Wiggly will be a sponsor. We are still on track for our goal of $5000 added cash for the tournament. Still working to confirm a title sponsor for this years DEPC. Adam is leading the prize committee to identify our players pack items and trophies for this year. Jarrett is leading course committee including spraying weed killer on some of the new fairways. A workday is scheduled for June 23 after Sunday Baggers to move 3 teepads to the new layout.
4: Monthlies- Safari Golf monthly is June 22 at the Meadow. Entry is $20 pro and $15 Adv and Am. This includes $3 going towards cash CTPs.
August 3rd is Mystery Tour and membership appreciation. No cost to play. First 18 people to sign up have the opportunity to design a hole somewhere in the ECU Main campus and Uptown Greenville area. Please have your hole design to Max by July 15 so he can make a layout and map for all the holes. Membership appreciation will follow mystery tour and include free food for all. It will also start off the elections for GVDG officers. We will have club shirts at this monthly for everyone who has joined or renewed their GVDG membership ($20).
5: Workdays -June 23 after Sunday Baggers we are moving teepads to 7 and 10 all star, 13 white, and 15 blue. Shane will have a truck for pulling the pads, Vince has a jack for lifting the pads. All help is appreciated. We are purchasing new railroad ties to build the retaining wall of 11 Alt basket. Max is checking with Kinston Disc Golf if the rubber pad between 6 & 7 would be available to purchase or borrow for use on hole 4 all star pad.
6: Next month -Trollingwood Taproom, Brubaker is checking on if they have any events for July 10. If they have something going on we will go to O'Cools instead.