Wednesday, April 12, 2023

April Club Meeting Minutes

 Attendance: Max, Andrew Duppstadt, Mike Fazzini, Adam Walter, Daniel Brubaker, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico

1-Finances: $16,251.94 in the bank. 2 outstanding invoices to pay. The total is split across several different funds: DEPC, GVDG Kids, and general fund. We'll work to have a full breakdown by next months meeting. 

2-Match Play: We are moving the close of registration until April 30th. 

3-Doubles: The season will be 20 weeks long. Jarrett is finalizing a flyer with the weekly locations and formats. There will be a few weeks of unique formats: alt shot, best score. A few weeks will be at Oakwood School. 

4-Mando Madness: Mike is available to cook lunch on Sunday, we'll have a hotdog lunch free for everyone playing. 

5-Scholarship: Registration is open now on for the GVDG Kids Scholarship Shootout on May 6th. The tournament will be 2 rounds at the new Oakwood school course. 

6-Beginner friendly camp: Farmville Parks and Rec is organzing a one day camp on June 3rd from 9A-Noon. Ages 7 and up. 

7-Horizons @ Oakwood: Vince has been asked to assist with an event at Oakwood potentially June 10th. More info coming soon. 

8-Course work: We have created a google doc to track course improvement projects we are working on. If you are interested in a particular project or want to suggest one send an officer a message. Link in comments. 

9-DEPC: Tiered registration will open July 1st on Ladies, 1000+ rated men, and DEPC Match Play participants will have first access. Vince is looking into what it would take to have a musical act during DEPC weekend. Jay is updating the logo for 2023.