Monday, January 23, 2012

Greenville Ice Bowl--Preliminary Results

We had 52 paid entries to this years Ice Bowl!!!

We raised approximately $680 for our charity......$280 over our goal!

We are still waiting on the food to get weighed, but I know we are well over our 40 pound goal.

There will be a full report posted here once it is completed!

Thank you everyone for your time, effort, and donations!

p.s. If you would like to volunteer for the Jolly Skull Beer Fest, let me can post comments here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

GVDG Minutes, January, 2012

We had seven dedicated GVDG'rs at our meeting this month at Hooter's. In attendance were the following members: Todd Markov, Adam Baker, Kurt and Erin Hodnett, Max Crotts, David Guy, and myself, Justin Kingery. Hooter's has been a great supporter of disc golf and community events over the years, and we're going to be visiting them for club meetings a lot more often in 2012 . . . for the wings, of course.

The 2012 Ice Bowl is coming up on Sunday, January 22, and this year the event will be a collaboration between GVDG and ECU's new disc golf club, ECUDG. The bowl will be held at ECU's new course at NRC--a.k.a. "The House that Pyg Built"--and will feature a number of post-DEPC course revisions, such as new basket placements on #13 and #14. Cost is $15 and two canned food items. All proceeds will go to the Pitt County DSS Food Bank, which will help feed the hungry right here in Pitt county. The first 50 players to sign up will receive a player's pack. No whimps, no whiners!

We are doing the monthly points series in 2012, beginning with the Ice Bowl. Every other month will be a traditional singles monthly, while the other monthlies (which are also alternating) will be "special" monthlies, such as single-disc, mando-madness (March), 150-class, etc. If you have any ideas for special monthlies, please email them to Adam Baker at, and he's going to go ahead and make the monthly schedule for the next 12 to 18 months. Sean Gough is going to head the points series.

February Monthly (traditional singles, two rounds)
Sunday, February 19, led by Sean Gough

March Monthly (March Mando Madness, two rounds)
Saturday, March 3, led by Max Crotts

We're still looking for volunteers for the 2nd-annual Jolly Skull Beer Fest, which is at the end of January and really helps GVDG give back to the Greenville community. If you're interested in helping out and having fun doing it, talk to Pyg (he participated last year), and let Adam know by email or at the Ice Bowl.

Green Springs Park (GSP) is still coming along. Please come out to the workdays to help us finish up this project and get this awesome technical course ready to play.

GSP Work Day: Sunday, January 21 after Sunday Baggers
GSP Work Day: Sunday, February 5, after Sunday Baggers

Financially speaking, GVDG's relationship with Bank of America is completely severed, thankfully. Todd was able to negotiate with them and get back the illogical charges that have still been accruing, so we're good to go with our new local branch. The club just paid a $2700+ bill to Innova and completely restocked our disc/equipment supply, which leaves us with a balance of just under $1100 post DEPC.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 8, at East Coast Wings on 10th Street. See you there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Greenville Ice Bowl--Sunday, January 22nd


The 2012 Greenville Ice Bowl will be held at ECU's course @ NRC on Sunday, January 22nd.

This will be the first monthly, of 12, that will be a part of GVDG's Monthly Points be sure to come out and start winning points!

There will be a chili cooking contest (please try to arrive early if you are entering the contest) & you can buy mulligans during round 1 for $1 (max 5 per hole).

Registration Fee: 2 cans of food & $15--includes players pack!
Registration: 9:00-9:45
Format: Round 1-Singles with Mulligans for $1; Round 2-Singles
Tee Time: 10:00
1 Hour for lunch--chili provided free; fast food nearby
Awards follow directly after 2nd round

We have two PAIRS of General Admission tickets to the 2nd Annual Jolly Skull Beer Fest in Greenville on January 28th!!!  They will be raffled off in two separate raffles.  1. Traditional raffle: $2 per ticket; $5 for 3 tickets.  -OR- 2. Mulligan raffle: mulligans bought during round 1 will convert directly to raffle tickets based on the price in the traditional raffle (Ex: $40 in mulligans will equal 24 raffle tickets).