Thursday, November 15, 2018

November Meeting Minutes

November 14 @ Professor O'Cools
Attendance: Max Crotts, Adam Walter, Jarrett Wallace, Chad Haggerty, Vince Tricarico, Embee Tricarico, Daniel Garrett, Jon Upchurch, Daniel Brubaker, Zack Poczantek, Todd Markov

1-Finances: $2305 in the bank with all debts paid.
2-Sponsorship: Sponsor the King's Cup PDGA for $100.
3-2018 DEPC Wrapup: Max will post the final event spreadsheet soon.
4-2019 PDGAs: Vince and Max gave presentations for plans for 2019 events. The plans will be posted online with a final vote at December meeting.
5-Monthlies: Backwards Golf Dec 8 and PIAS demo day, Feb 2 GVDG/ECU IceBowl and Chili cookout. Jarrett is working on full monthly calendar for 2019.
6-Covenant workdays: Vince is leading a walk through of Covenant on 12/16 at 3PM. We will identify areas we would like to see improved then take our list to the church for final approval.
7-Meadow workdays: Max is leading a walk through of Meadow on 12/9 after Baggers to go over additional proposed changes. Final vote on changes at Dec meeting. Proposed changes: Getting rid of A&B, move 15 blue to take advantage of better placement, elevate 15's pin, mark the all star layout for future tournament use including adding a few specific pads for tournament use.
8-Teesigns: Rob Gerard has gotten us a quote for replacement teesigns. $20/per sign. We are updating the artwork on the signs and plan to add an additional sign at each of the blue teepads.
9-Next meeting Dec 12, 7PM at Uptown Brewery.
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