Monday, November 16, 2015

November meeting minutes

Last Wednesday we had a club meeting at Stew and Kathy​'s house. They also provided delicious home made pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. Thank you for having us over.
Attendance: Max, Adam​, Stew, Kathy, PJ​, Kurt​, and Rob​.
1-Finances: We are in an excellent financial state but it is hard to get an exact number with all the DEPC checks currently out. Will have an exact balance at December meeting.
2-Sponsorship: We voted to sponsor the ECO Tour for a second year. $100.
3-Monthly Schedule: We agreed to have all our 2016 monthlies on the second Saturday of every month, unless a larger event nearby would conflict. Will have full schedule and formats after December meeting.
4-Doubles payout: We discussed an idea to move away from a voucher payout and to a cash-value payout. Still playing for plastic but instead of competing for 1 voucher you would compete for a cash amount in the club store. After discussing different payout options and reviewing how New Bern does cash payout we decided to keep a voucher base for 2016. Mostly noted was cash value seems to limit the depth of payout and complications with calculating payout. We did vote to give both partners on the winning team an upgrade, worth 2 vouchers, if they win outright (no ties).
5-DEPC Followup: Max is looking for all feedback possible, positive and negative, to improve next years DEPC. The DEPC financial report is not complete as we are still waiting on a few invoices, will be presented at December meeting. If anyone is interested in running the 2016 DEPC we will be making presentations at the January meeting for how we would run the event. DEPC 2016 dates have already been confirmed with state coordinator Robert Leonard​ for Oct 22-23. The theme for next year is Nautical as voted on back in April.
6-Merchandise: The club store is almost out of all club shirts, and we have no other branded merch. Rob Gerard was able to join the meeting and give us a great rundown of options for the club. We will be making a large shirt order that will have the original GVDG logo on the front left chest and the GVDG Skull logo large on the back of the shirts. We will be ordering tshirts, long sleeve tshirts, and hoodies. Rob is getting us a few different options for hoodies. We'll have additional information soon. We are also ordering beanies with the club logo embroidered.
7-Next month: The next club meeting will be December 9th at Max's house.
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Monday, November 9, 2015

November club meeting

GVDG Club meeting this Wednesday 7PM @ Stew and Kathy's House. 2250 Jane Dr, Greenville, NC 27858. Talked to Stew earlier and he said to let everyone know there would be some food provided. 
Agenda: 1-Finances 2-DEPC Wrapup 3-Monthlies/Doubles 4-Workdays 5-Sponsorship 6-Next location
If you would like an item added to the agenda please post here or contact a club officer. 
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