Friday, May 20, 2011

My Apologies......

GVDG Members,

I have to step in here and say I'm sorry for the way this has dropped off the radar.

We have a rule that states all purchases over $50 must be voted in at a club meeting AND this hole sponsorship was not brought up at the last meeting to be approved.

However, we officers can approve up to $50, and we have.  The other $50 have come out of Max and Mike Simone's pockets.

To fix this for the future, I am adding "Sponsorships" to the agenda as a recurring item. 

Please don't fault anyone for this as it is a rule that was agreed upon and voted on by EVERYONE at our last meeting in May.  (look at the minutes if you want to know who was there

If we go and bend/break this rule, then we leave the door wide open to bend/break other rules as we go along.

I don't think the rule is to blame here either, it's the fact that the sponsorship of $100 wasn't brought to the table as an agenda item at the meeting.

I'm sorry things are getting political, but we do need to maintain finances and leaving an open door to spending money can deplete a bank account very quickly.


Your President



  1. "Well said Mus,,,YOU are on top of it and keep up the good work!!! And kudos to the additional $50 raised for KDG!!!"--GVDG Member

  2. "All very prudent. I wouldn't think it should be done any other way. A good set of bylaws can be amended when necessary, but keeping to the rules of order gives every decision a basis for clear evaluation and supports a history of action. Keep up the good work."--GVDG Member