Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bag Tag Rules

Greenville Bag Tag Rules
Top 10 tags can challenge each other and the better tag has to play with in a week.
The 11 through 20 tags can challenge any tag they want to, but only 10 spots down have to accept the challenge. ( So the 15 tag can challenge the 1 but the 1 doesn’t have to accept the challenge. But if the 15 challenges the 6 it has to accept.)
31-40 and so on and so on.
If someone calls out a tag and they set time for one match, another person can jump into that match if not just wait a week.
Call Outs
Call outs (challenges) have to be done face to face. See them on the course, ask them to play. (No PM’s)
If you have a bunch of friends in a group text and yall want to play that is ok.
If someone posts online (FaceBook) and says they are out with a particular tag and you want to meet up that's fine.
Tags will be put up on tournament rounds and will be collected at the beginning of the day, and will go for the last round of the event. (Someone in the club will have to collect and disperse tags)
So if it is a 2 day event they will be collected on the 2nd day before the first round.
If you DNF you will get the highest tag number that was collected.
Buying Tags
Tags will be $10/ $7 for current club members
Ladies will have their own tags as well as normal tags (2 for the price of one.)
If you lose your tag well buy a new one or wait for the next year of tags.
Elusive 40 Tag
The Elusive 40 tag can challenge any tag holder at any time and that tag holder has to accept
Tags are not a Ranking and other things
Bag Tags are meant to be fun. ( Don’t Cry because someone has played a bunch for their tag and doesn’t want to play again right away.
Don't sit on a tag because its a low number (don't be a dick). Bag Tags are meant to be displayed on a bag, so don’t hide them in your bag so someone doesn’t know what you have.

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