Sunday, July 8, 2012

July Monthly

Congratulations to the 30+ golfers who came out to the 2nd annual Myers Mix and Match. the Heat was brutal this year but the tournament was great a difficult layout awesome CTPs big payout for all the divisions and sweet players packs worth it to sweat your ass off. congratulations to the winners Jeb in open Pyg in advanced beating Nick M. in the throw off and Matt T. winning the throw off with John and Jawz. Get ready for next year it's going to be even bigger Myers is hoping to make it a C tier next year. GVDG would also like to thank our sponsors Sheetz, East Coast Music and Video, Play it Again Sports, Elizabeth Myers, Max Crotts, The Quarry, Wings, Tela & Jeb and anyone else who donated CTPs you made this year a huge success thanks. Oh and last but not least congratulations to the man him self Jason Myers thanks for a great tournament Myers. No pressure for next year.

(sorry Jawz)


  1. lol, guy wasn't in the throw off, it was me Joe Warren....and on another note, i feel like a ctp throw off to decide a winner of anything other than doubles is kinda lame...We really should play the entire hole or holes until someone loses...just my opinion. That being said, I had a great time yesterday..Myers did a great job.

  2. Saturday was my first time playing a monthly, and while I wish I had shot better (and practiced more from the blue tees)I had a lot of fun. As a new club member, I look forward to helping you guys advance the sport in this area and keep the courses in good shape.

  3. Was just finishing up the monthly points updates, but having a little trouble. I think I'm missing a card, one that had Eric Jackson, Pat, TJ, and Will Pittman. At least thats what I've gathered from the scorecards. Also, I didn't know how many women we had, Leanne's was the only card I had. Let me know if anyone can help. I've updated the score sheet with what I have, so if anyone sees any mistakes there, again let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Thanks for putting on such a good event Myers, I won't miss the next one.

    On a side note, JoeW is right. When playing a singles stroke play event, all relevant ties should be played off by completing holes until a change in score. Our monthlies go by PDGA rules, which call for complete play-offs. Probably just an oversight, we'll get it right next time.

    1. Ill have to check the box for the missing card and Leanne was the only woman.

  4. Thanks D. Even if the card doesn't turn up, we just need to know what they shot in the missing round so I can give points out correctly. Also, if you or anyone else can help out with any of the missing last names on the point sheet, that would be much appreciated. Just want to make sure I at least have a last initial if possible. Thanks again for keeping the site so updated, keep up the good work.

  5. hey all you guys are awesome...hope i didnt sound like a sore it's raining again today..well i'm gonna ride out and see if we can can squeeze in some dubz maybe anyways.