Saturday, July 21, 2012

CFRs Ordered!!!

As we approach the Down East Players Cup every year, the club orders Champion Fund Raiser discs in order to generate money for the tournament.

These were ordered last week and I expect them to be delivered in about two weeks.  That means they should be here before registration is open (tentatively August 8th).

CFRs will be sold for $20.

Please help support GVDG and the Down East Players Cup by purchasing a tournament stamped CFR!

Contact me if you would like to "pre-order" one.  Pre-orders will have a first-come, first-server priority for those that pre-pay.

The following molds have been ordered:  Glow Champion Boss (10), Glow Champion Firebird (10), Glow Champion Tee Bird Plus (10), Star Classic Cobra (10), Champion Vulcan (5), Glow Champion Leopard (5).

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