Thursday, February 3, 2022

Feb '22 meeting minutes

 February meeting minutes. Location: Jarvis Street Bottle Shop.

Attendance: Max Crotts, Daniel Brubaker, Mike Karlovec, Whitney Graham, Vince Tricarico, Jarrett Wallace, PJ Evans

1) Finances - $22,825 in the bank. $8557 in basket fund, $4681 in general fund, $5347 in scholarship, $2165 in GVDG Kids, $1833 in DEPC. 

2) New Meadow Baskets. We had a unanimous vote to go with DD Veteran baskets. The regular pins will be blue, alt pins will be white, practice baskets will be mixed colors. 

3) Event Calendar: Jarrett is finalizing the doubles calendar, official doubles will start first week of May and run for 2 8-week sessions with a 2 week break around 4th of July. DEPC Match Play registration will start in March, the live draft and start of play will be early April. Mando Madness is March 19, registration will open mid February. 

4) DEPC - Vince and Max are working on sponsorship letters. If you know any potential sponsors please contact one of them. We are talking with Gatekeeper Media again for coverage. Registration should open in June again this year, we will do tiered registration again with ladies divisions opening up first, then 1000 rated pros, 975 rated pros, then general registration. Each reg tier will be a week. We have not set courses and layouts yet, the courses and schedule will be heavily dependent on sponsorship. 

5) 2022 GVDG membership - Max is going to see if we can use DGS as an option for club membership signup. 

2022 GVDG Membership Tiers 

Basic Membership - $25 - $1 off all GVDG non sanctioned events (putting league, doubles, etc - does not include club championship). Each member receives a $10 GVDG club store credit that can be combined to be used later on. We will have special 2022 GVDG shirts available in early 2022. 

Bronze Membership - $60 ($55 for new members) - Basic Membership PLUS 2021 Discmania 60” DEPC umbrella plus $15 GVDG Store Credit

Silver Membership - $100 ($90 for returning members) - Basic membership PLUS umbrella PLUS 2 2022 DEPC Fundraiser items (value $50-$60)

Gold Membership - $265 - Basic Membership PLUS umbrella PLUS 1 hole sponsorship at the 2022 Down East Players Cup.

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