Saturday, February 20, 2021

February Meeting

 Feb 10th @ Tapped.

Attendance: Max, Adam W, Mike K, Daniel B, Vince T

1) Finances-$4800 general fund, $710 DEPC, $977 GVDG Kids, $3041 GVDG Scholarship, $75 Monthlies. 

2) Scholarship-Vince is updating the application then we will have it posted on the website. This year we will provide 2 scholarships, $1500 and $1000. 

3) GVDG Kids- Daniel is going to organize another order of GVDG Kids polo shirts. Vince is working on organizing more clinics. 

4)Course work- The city has removed the Gold teepads for upgrades, will have to wait for flooding to go down to finish pads. Max Vince Jarrett and Daniel have marked the new Gold fairway on hole 9, needs to be cleared. Updated course maps are being worked on for Meadow and Ayden. 

5) Membership- Max proposed extending 2020/21 club membership through the end of 2021, all future memberships will be calendar year instead of current July/June. Change is so membership is less confusing. If you join after Oct 1 each year your membership rolls over to the next year. All voted to approve change. Vince is working on tiered membership options including sponsorship options for DEPC.

6) IceBowl- February 27th @ Ayden. $20 to play, money and food raised goes to Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. Players pack is a custom GVDG towel. Division winners will receive club membership or a store credit if already a member. First round is $1 mulligans with all money going to the food bank, 2nd round is seeded doubles. Register at

7) Firebowl- Event will be July 17, location and full details still being worked out. Event could potentially be at a ball golf course. 

8) Mando Madness- Event is April 10. Max is working on players pack items, potentially custom cooler or lunch box. Registration is almost full. Register at

9) DEPC Matchplay- Matchplay registration will run through end of March. Draft will be early April and play starts mid April. This year captains must be PDGA members with a rating so draft order can fairly be established. If you would like to captain a team message Max. Exact schedule and team sizes will depend on number of competitors. All competitors will receive a custom players pack and opportunity to register for DEPC on June 1 during early reg. 

10) DEPC- Tiered registration opens June 1 all ladies and 1000+ rated men can register, June 8 980+ can register. June 15 registration opens for all divisions and ratings. We are working on fundraiser items and players packs now. If you are interested in sponsoring the event or know a company that would be interested contact Vince, Max, or Adam. 

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