Sunday, March 15, 2020

March Meeting Minutes

March 11 @ Michaelangelo's Pizza
Attendance: Max, PJ, Jarrett, Vince, Ryan and Rachel Saunders

1-Finances: $4200 in bank, including $1750 for scholarship. We'll be placing a disc order in the next week or so. 
2-DEPC: Reaching out to food trucks to have a truck at each park for lunch. Ryan is checking on a large tent. Vince is working on venue for putting tourney/players party and players meeting. Biggest priority currently is getting additional sponsorship, if you know a company that would be interested please contact Vince or Max. 
3-Farmville PDGA: Contentnea Creek Classic is May 9th. Registration is live on Working on players pack options. 
4-3rd Annual SuRE Disc Golf fundraiser - May 2nd at the Ayden course. GVDG is assisting with organizing and running the disc golf portion of the fundraiser and hosting 3 clinics throughout the day. 
5-Unforeseen Eighteen - Saunders will have full information on this unique event posted Monday March 16. 
6-Match Play - Entry is $40 this year and everyone will receive either a tshirt or hat. Signup is now live on FaceBook, contact Max if you would like to play. 
7-Next meeting,  April 8 7PM, will be at Angus Grill uptown. 

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