Thursday, May 10, 2018

May Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2018
Meeting at Max’s House
Attendants: Max, PJ, AWAL,Jarrett, Daniel Garrett, Myers

Agenda: Finances, Myster Tour & Membership Appreciation, Doubles, DEPC, Working with Covenant, Course workdays, Sponsoring Worlds, Next month
1-Finances: $2508.42 in bank. Order placed with Innova but have not received bill yet.
2-Mystery Tour & Membership Appreciation: We will get sides and fixing from store and prepare a few items. Ordering WingsOver and Pizza day of.
3-Doubles-May 21-Sept 3 for points series, 16 weeks, worst 2 are dropped. Cash payout Pro, Merch payout Am. CTPs out every week. Change format and location every week. Will get flyer posted ASAP that includes weekly layout and location.
4-DEPC: Anyone who gets sponsorship for the DEPC will receive 15% of the sponsorship they raise to do with as they please.
5-Working with Covenant: Max will reach out to the church to attempt to get permission to do work on course and run events.
6-Course workdays: May 19th focus on clearing vines on 16 & 17. Get Alt pin in ground for 12 and 1.
7-Sponsor Worlds: $100 worlds sponsorship.

8-Next Month: O’Cools June 13 @ 7PM

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