Wednesday, June 8, 2022

June Meeting Minutes

 June 8 @ Seared Chophouse. 

Attendance: Max Crotts, Michael Blackmon, PJ Evans, Mike Karlovec, Jarrett Wallace, Mike Fazzini

1-Finances: $18,130 in the bank with a few oustanding bills. 

2-Doubles: The first session ends June 20, there will be a 2 week break then back for a 2nd 8 week session. Michael Blackmon suggested offering a season pass at a discounted rate. We will try offering a $70 season pass ($10 saved), must purchase at or before the first week, July 11. No refunds if you miss a week. 

3-Club matchplay: Mike Fazzini told us his experience with Florida club match play. He and Blackmon our going to work on a proposal for next meeting. 

4-Friday Flex: Max is bringing the Friday Flex back starting June 17. PDGA 6-week league. 3 weeks Meadow, 2 weeks Covey, 1 week Farmville. After the 6 weeks we'll take a 1 week break for Blackmon's event then come back with another session. 

5-Ayden Grifton High School DGC Fundraiser: Michael Blackmon is going to run a flex start 1-round C-tier on Friday July 29 at Ayden. This is a fundraiser event for baskets for the school and their new disc golf club. 

6-PDGA World's viewing party. Blackmon suggested the club hosting a final round viewing party for this years world championships. We need to identify a location. 

7-Contentnea Creek Classic: July 31 @ Farmville. 1 day 2 round C-tier. Fly Guy is setup to do Am payout. Entry fees; Pro-$50. Am $20, no player pack $5 to fees and $15 to payout. Players will have optional joice of selecting a players pack during registration for an additional $15. 

8-Storage unit: Checking on pricing for a very small storage unit for club tools and equipment as the club continues to grow. Preferably a location near Meadow or easily accesible. 

Next club meeting is Wednesday July 13 7PM, location TBA. 

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