Friday, May 13, 2022

GVDG May Meeting Minutes

 GVDG Club Meeting 5/11/22

Jarvis Street Bottle Shop
Attendees: Vince Tricarico, Jarrett WallaceAdam WalterDaniel BrubakerMike Karlovec
  1. Finances - $18,260ish total. Outstanding Invoices - Discmania, Action Advertising, Innova. Selling leftover beginner sets from Oakwood event to PIAS.
  2. Doubles - Going well. New CTP sponsor Seared Chophouse, waiting on Innova inventory and 2022 GVDG Club shirts, need minis. Talks about spring and fall glow season - like a pre and post season to normal doubles.
  3. Upcoming Tournaments - ECO 5/21-22 - Purple Layout both days. We intend to have our tee signs w/par and distance on correct pads. Correct layout is on UDISC, Vince will contact J about elevators and layout. Volunteers needed to paint and flag the meadow on Friday 5/20. Shelter has been reserved for the weekend. - Mystery Tour 5/28 - look for event page this week on FB. - Max's proposed B Tier with cheap entry. Still looking at dates and format. Suggested name "Cheap & Easy Open." Once Ayden is updated, host C tier - Micheal Blackmon wants to TD (maybe a flex, maybe reg C tier, maybe start inaugural event?)
  4. Oakwood Tournament - 32 played, 34 paid. Very positive feedback on layout. Pushing public donations to finish course, hoping for tee pads, signs and infoboard as well. Club voted, all in favor of sponsoring a hole. $500 = lifetime sponsorship all in attendance were in favor. Still compiling total numbers from the weekend.
  5. GVDG Kids - Summer Camp in Farmville. Sign ups now open on FP&R website. Need volunteers for instructors. Get in touch with Vince.
  6. Ayden Disc Golf Course - work may begin tomorrow (weather) to change 3 holes to finalize layout. We may organize an official work day to complete it all in one day. Two basket position changes. Micheal Blackmon will finalize tee signs, we will figure out signs, installation and info board in the future.
  7. Meadow work - looking for volunteers for hole 3 permanent elevator. Need a design for hole 10s green change, discussed red pads being put in at meadow to create a very beginner friendly layout - more discussion needed.
  8. DEPC - J is finalizing logo to include Gatekeeper Media logo, we need to get volunteers for the event, All player pack ideas needed next meeting in June, Vince is going to contact RecTeq and go in person to Camping World for sponsorship. Vince will also talk to ECU about course changes and progress.
If you have any questions, want to volunteer or have suggestions please comment below or contact an officer. Next meeting will be June 8th at 7pm, Seared Chophouse, please bring your appetite and lets have a good showing!

Monday, April 18, 2022

April Meeting Minutes

 April 12 @ Winterville Tiebreakers

Attendance: Max Crotts, Mike Karlovec, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico, PJ Evans, Adam Walter, Michael Blackmon

1: Finances - Club currently has $17,400 in the bank. $600 owed to food bank, a few outstanding invoices to Action Advertising. 

2: Doubles - 25 at first preseason event. Jarrett and Vince are working on possible artwork for winner disc. 

3:Match Play - Max is working with Rob @ Action Advertising to get shirts ASAP this year. 

4: Deliver the Chains - 3 PDGA C-tier tournaments May 7-8. Fundraiser for new course at Oakwood School. Registration is now live at We need 12 additional portable baskets for the tournmaent weekend. 

5: Possible new tourney - Max is looking into potential new B-tier PDGA tournament for this summer. More details to follow. 

6: Spring Fling - Blackmon and Max got OB painted Friday for the event. Blackmon made event trophies. 

7: DEPC - Still working to identify potential sponsors. With registration opening in June we need to have planned layouts and schedule before reg opens. 

8: Course work: Meadow kiosk - Whitney looking into painting and planting around kiosk. Max is working with Rob Gerard on updated course map for kiosk, will be done once Purple layout is finalized. Second meadow kiosk in ball field parking lot with course map planned. Max is building a work tracker spreadsheet to keep track of status of current and planned projects. 

9: Meadow pin position names - We had a lot of confusion with the color of the new baskets. Club officers had never intended for baskets to be referred to by a color however many people saw them as white (short) and blue (long) pins. We are getting ready to update teesigns and look to have a clearer naming scheme for the course. With that we all agreed the pins should be named Pin A, Pin B, and so on moving forward. Max will change this on Udisc now and the new signs will reflect the change. 

10: GVDG Membership tier - It was suggested we add a low cost membership option for students, college and grade school eligible. $15 Student membership options was unanimiously voted in. They receive $1 off all club events and discount at the club store. To join GVDG contact a club officer or join at any club event. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

March Meeting Minutes

 March Meeting Minutes. Angus Grill West

Attendance: Max, Daniel Brubaker, Adam Walter, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico, Kory Hussey, Michael Blackmon

1-Finances: $14k in bank. $600 owed to Food Bank. A few outstanding invoices to Action Advertising. 

2-Meadow Baskets: New DD Veterans have arrived, scheduled install after Sunday Taggers, 3/13. Max is posting call for help. 

3-DEPC Match Play: Reg opens this week and runs through end of March. $50 entry. Size and number of teams will depend on number of players to sign up. Regular season will be longer than last year. Working with Vince and Action Advertising to have team shirts ASAP this year. 

4-DEPC: We are working with Gville sports commission and other groups on sponsorship options. Vince is working with ECU on possible updates to NRC course. Tiered registration will open in June.

5-Scholarship: Still working with golf course on a reschedule date. 

6-GVDG Kids: Farmville Summer Camp June 27-30. 

7-Doubles: Jarrett is finalizing a flier. Pre season in April 1. There will be 2 8-week series with overall winners of each. Looking into pricing on possible trophy discs.

8-Feedback: Daniel had the feedback from his end of year survey. 29 people responded, I'll try to get the results in the comments. 

9-Mando Madness: Players packs have been ordered, Max will post the layout this week. 

10-Spring Fling: Registration open now at One round new Purple layout and one round Gold. Still finalizing Am players packs. 

11-GVDG is looking for help with social media, if you know anyone interested please contact a club officer. 

12-Sponsorship: $100 for Kinston Open - all approved. $50 for Lancer - all approved. 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Feb '22 meeting minutes

 February meeting minutes. Location: Jarvis Street Bottle Shop.

Attendance: Max Crotts, Daniel Brubaker, Mike Karlovec, Whitney Graham, Vince Tricarico, Jarrett Wallace, PJ Evans

1) Finances - $22,825 in the bank. $8557 in basket fund, $4681 in general fund, $5347 in scholarship, $2165 in GVDG Kids, $1833 in DEPC. 

2) New Meadow Baskets. We had a unanimous vote to go with DD Veteran baskets. The regular pins will be blue, alt pins will be white, practice baskets will be mixed colors. 

3) Event Calendar: Jarrett is finalizing the doubles calendar, official doubles will start first week of May and run for 2 8-week sessions with a 2 week break around 4th of July. DEPC Match Play registration will start in March, the live draft and start of play will be early April. Mando Madness is March 19, registration will open mid February. 

4) DEPC - Vince and Max are working on sponsorship letters. If you know any potential sponsors please contact one of them. We are talking with Gatekeeper Media again for coverage. Registration should open in June again this year, we will do tiered registration again with ladies divisions opening up first, then 1000 rated pros, 975 rated pros, then general registration. Each reg tier will be a week. We have not set courses and layouts yet, the courses and schedule will be heavily dependent on sponsorship. 

5) 2022 GVDG membership - Max is going to see if we can use DGS as an option for club membership signup. 

2022 GVDG Membership Tiers 

Basic Membership - $25 - $1 off all GVDG non sanctioned events (putting league, doubles, etc - does not include club championship). Each member receives a $10 GVDG club store credit that can be combined to be used later on. We will have special 2022 GVDG shirts available in early 2022. 

Bronze Membership - $60 ($55 for new members) - Basic Membership PLUS 2021 Discmania 60” DEPC umbrella plus $15 GVDG Store Credit

Silver Membership - $100 ($90 for returning members) - Basic membership PLUS umbrella PLUS 2 2022 DEPC Fundraiser items (value $50-$60)

Gold Membership - $265 - Basic Membership PLUS umbrella PLUS 1 hole sponsorship at the 2022 Down East Players Cup.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November Club Meeting Minutes

 Location: Jarvis Street Bottle Shop

Attendance: Max Crotts, Daniel Brubaker, Charles Thompson, Mike Karlovec, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico

Finances: Total in Bank=$10,997. All DEPC related bills have been paid. Only outstanding bills are new club shirts. Full Breakdown - General Fund $3982; GVDG Scholarship $3000; GVDG Kids $2165; Basket Fund $1770; 2022 DEPC -$100 (sanctioning fee)

Baskets: We got quotes from Innova, DD, DiscGolfPark, Prodigy, and DGA. Discraft could not provide a quote as they will not have basket until an unknown time next year. At the meeting we decided to focus on Innova, DGP, and DGA quotes and make a final decision at the December meeting once we have a better picture of funds from the basket auction.

Basket Auction: We all agreed to ask people from reframing from emotional pleas in future basket auctions. Bids only. 

DEPC 2021 Wrap up: All bill are paid. Play Greenville calculated the economic impact of this years DEPC to be $584,000 for Pitt County. 

2022 Schedule:

Jan 1 - New Year Flex Start C-Tier - Jarrett Wallace

Jan 2 - GVDG Championship - Vince Tricarico

Jan 22/23 - GVDG Scholarship C-Tier - Vince & Daniel Brubaker

Late February - GVDG IceBowl - Max Crotts

March-May - Mystery Tour and Membership Appreciation - Max Crotts

March-May - Mando Madness @ the Meadow C-tier - Max Crotts

June-July - Contentnea Creek Classic C-tier - Max Crotts

Oct 21-23 - Down East Players Cup 

Other 2022 Events - Sunday Baggers, Summer Doubles, Putting League, Friday Flex

Putting League: Nov15-Jan 3. Primary location is a warehouse on Dickenson Ave near Uptown. On Dec 6 and Jan 3 putting league will be at Backwoods Tavern. Flier with full details coming soon. 

Club Elections: Officer elections will be held from Jan 2 through the club meeting January 12. 4 board member spots and 1 treasurer position are open. Nominations for officers starts now and runs through January 1. Current board members: Max Crotts, Vince Tricarico, Daniel Brubaker, Jarrett Wallace. Current Treasurer: Adam Walter. 

Workday Coordinator: It was suggested that we add a position of workday coordinator to be the lead for course work projects. General consensus at the meeting was an official title isn't necessary, we know who the skilled club members are and we should encourage contacting them for guidance and support when planning and scheduling workdays.

GVDG Kids: Oakwood is planning another clinic and looking at running a fundraiser event to raise money for additional baskets for their campus course. Thank you Pat Mallette for donating your DEPC winnings to get new discs for GVDG Kids. Eastern Elementary recently got some disc golf equipment and GVDG Kids may be able to assist them with teaching a class. Beth Payne has an idea of combining a kids class/clinic with the Friday Flex or similar event next summer. 

: ) :

Thursday, July 15, 2021

July Meeting Minutes

 July 14 @ Pitt Street Brewing

Attendance: Max, Daniel B, Vince, Jarrett, Adam Walter, Charles T, Mike K, Whitney

1-Finances: $56,300 currently in the bank, $46k of this is  entry and sponsorship from the DEPC and Contentnea Creek Classic. 

2-Workdays: Max is meeting with Parks this week to work on details of finishing all star teepads. July 31 9AM Jarrett is leading a workday at the Meadow hole 9. Daniel Brubaker will organize a series of Saturday weekly workdays followed by doubles, each event will have a set area and goal to accomplish. $5 cash doubles, $7 if you didn't participate in the workday. 

3-DEPC Sponsorship: We are finalizing title sponsorship and should have it announced in the next week. We are still looking for a title sponsor for the video coverage, if you know a company that would be interested please let Max or Vince know. We also have several hole sponsorship opportunities available. 

4-DEPC Players Packs: We are working on some updates for the players packs and should have an announcement soon. 

5-DEPC Video Coverage: We are working with Gatekeeper Media again. Working to secure funding to have both MPO and FPO coverage. 

6-DEPC Skins and Putting Tourney: Vince is working with Play Greenville to secure a location for putting tournament. Skins match will most likely be alt shot doubles, checking to see if disc manufacturers would be interested in a manufacturers skins battle. 

7-Contentnea Creek Classic: Players packs have been ordered. With recent changes OB will be determined closer to the tournament. 

8-Mystery Tour & Backwoods Putting: Mystery Tour will be rescheduled to a later date, date not yet set. Backwoods Putting tournament is July 25, there will be a band playing, food available for purchase, and a 50/50 raffle. 

9-National Disc Golf Day: PIAS has a full day of events and sales planned. 3 1-round flex start PDGA C-tiers will take place throughout the day: 8-11 @ Farmville, 11-2 @ ECU, 2-5 @ Meadow. 

10-GVDG Kids: Farmville disc camp is rescheduled for August 9-11. 

11-GVDG Store: We will place an order for additional discs soon. Daniel is working on additional shirt designs. We just received an order of GVDG DiscGolfPins now available. 

12-Farmville: Town of Farmville is celebrating 150 years next year and would like to include a disc golf tournament as part of the celebrations, no details yet. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

May Meeting Minutes

 May GVDG club meeting. Location was Max's house. 

Attendance: Max, Daniel B, Joshua Lee, Mike, Vince, Jarrett

1-Finances: Adam could not attend so we do not have an exact figure in the bank. We donated $1500 from the GVDG IceBowl to the Pitt County Social Services Food Bank. We also paid Innova $961.25 for our most recent order. 

2-Club inventory: We are ordering 50 additional 2020/21 membership shirts to cover those that have not yet received their shirts. We are ordering 75 pins from DiscGolfPins. Jarrett is talking with Mitchell Frederickson about getting additional items for the club store. We can place another order with Innova at the end of May. We do not qualify currently to order from Discraft as we did not have an account previously, uncertain when they will open up for new accounts. 

3-Match Play - Max is ordering shirts for match play from Rob Gerard. Also ordering trophies. 

4-Summer events: We are looking into options for running either PDGA C-tiers or PDGA league on Friday nights through summer. Max is contacting Michael Blackmon to see if he still plans to organize some 1 day PDGA events this summer. UPDATE: Michael is planning on a 1 round flex start July 25th at Farmville and 2 round event at Meadow August 21, both events would be C-tiers. GVDG Mystery Tour and Membership Appreciation will be July 24. We are planning to run 2-3 flex start C-tiers on August 7th as part of National Disc Golf Day. 

5-Discord: Josh provided an update on the Discord server he's been maintaining for the club for the past month, currently we have 34 active members. We will continue to advertise the discord service. If we get a larger audience Josh explained some of the additional services that could be deployed to make the service more useful. These services have a monthly cost associated. 

6-Member outings: Brubaker is planning to start regular, possibly quarterly, outings of a non disc golf nature. Bowling, Wood Ducks baseball games, mini golf, and pub crawl are a few ideas with all disc golfers invited. 

7-DEPC: Brubaker is stepping up as a 3rd course TD so we are expanding the 2021 DEPC. It will now be a 360 person field. 3 pools of 120 golfers. 120 professionals, 120 Advanced, & 120 Intermediate/Recreational/Junior golfers. We are still on target to raise $10k added cash and will soon start advertising the fact. Waiting on final quotes but current plan for Am players packs is a Discmania Active basket, DiscDots, and another item. Prices are set at $150 for all professional divisions and $115 for all amateur divisions.