Annual Monthly Points Series

2013 Monthly Points Series

  • 3 Points for Playing
  • 1 Point for every person you beat in your division
  • Divisions:
    • Pro-$15
    • Advanced-$10
    • Intermediate-$6
    • Women's Divisions Offered
  • Cannot transfer points between divisions
  • $2 from Pro, $2 from Advanced, and $1 from Intermediate will be taken out from each entry to go towards trophies and payout at the end of the year.
  • Double points during the Ice Bowl (Feb 2nd) and the October monthly (Sunday's two rounds at the DEPC).
  • Lowest two tournaments will be dropped.

There may be something that I am leaving out, so I reserve the right to add.  What is written so far is confirmed.  

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  1. We are also going to be awarding perfect attendance (or best attendance) this year with a bonus.