Monday, April 18, 2022

April Meeting Minutes

 April 12 @ Winterville Tiebreakers

Attendance: Max Crotts, Mike Karlovec, Jarrett Wallace, Vince Tricarico, PJ Evans, Adam Walter, Michael Blackmon

1: Finances - Club currently has $17,400 in the bank. $600 owed to food bank, a few outstanding invoices to Action Advertising. 

2: Doubles - 25 at first preseason event. Jarrett and Vince are working on possible artwork for winner disc. 

3:Match Play - Max is working with Rob @ Action Advertising to get shirts ASAP this year. 

4: Deliver the Chains - 3 PDGA C-tier tournaments May 7-8. Fundraiser for new course at Oakwood School. Registration is now live at We need 12 additional portable baskets for the tournmaent weekend. 

5: Possible new tourney - Max is looking into potential new B-tier PDGA tournament for this summer. More details to follow. 

6: Spring Fling - Blackmon and Max got OB painted Friday for the event. Blackmon made event trophies. 

7: DEPC - Still working to identify potential sponsors. With registration opening in June we need to have planned layouts and schedule before reg opens. 

8: Course work: Meadow kiosk - Whitney looking into painting and planting around kiosk. Max is working with Rob Gerard on updated course map for kiosk, will be done once Purple layout is finalized. Second meadow kiosk in ball field parking lot with course map planned. Max is building a work tracker spreadsheet to keep track of status of current and planned projects. 

9: Meadow pin position names - We had a lot of confusion with the color of the new baskets. Club officers had never intended for baskets to be referred to by a color however many people saw them as white (short) and blue (long) pins. We are getting ready to update teesigns and look to have a clearer naming scheme for the course. With that we all agreed the pins should be named Pin A, Pin B, and so on moving forward. Max will change this on Udisc now and the new signs will reflect the change. 

10: GVDG Membership tier - It was suggested we add a low cost membership option for students, college and grade school eligible. $15 Student membership options was unanimiously voted in. They receive $1 off all club events and discount at the club store. To join GVDG contact a club officer or join at any club event. 

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