Thursday, April 15, 2021

April Meeting Minutes

 Meetings Minutes:

Location: Pitt Street Brewing Company
Attendance: Max C, Jarrett W, Danny B, Vince T, Adam W, Mike K, Charles T, Whitney G, Adam D, Josh L, Mitchell F
Finances - $15892. 89 total
- Scholarship: $3,000
- GVDG Kids: $1,000
- DEPC: $900 (not including Matchplay)
- Club: $9,182.22
- Operating Balance: roughly $3,000
Discord: Josh L. Proposal
- Will work as a more organized space for club activity which involves chat and topics there within. Could eventually be used for meeting purposes but not yet as of this time.
- Josh has already set up a server for the club and said he would volunteer to be systems admin if we so choose.
- 3 month trial period set to see if we, as club members, prefer it to standard FB chat. Josh will post a "how-to" get started for all members so that we can begin using it to its greatest advantages for us.
-Resolution passed 13-0 to begin working with Discord with Josh as systems Admin for a trial period of 3 months.
Farmville Work & Play Day:
-Vince has been communicating with Farmville P&R about upcoming work day. They will provide decking wood, hopefully pre cut, to redo 4-6 pads. The hope is to continue this on a semi regular basis so that the entirety of the course will be redone in such a fashion by DEPC (10/21-23)or even CCC (8/1)
-Multiple groups needed to work on pads and briars/vines on corners of 4 and 14.
-Doubles round to follow a brief lunch break. $10 to play, random draw, $2 of each entry fee going to Farmville P&R to help fund next round of tee pad improvements.
-Eventually tee pads on 13 will be moved to a drier location to allow for more optimal play in wetter conditions
-Farmville is entertaining the idea of trenching the back area 11-13 to lead to the creek for better drainage. This is a much more long term plan, but talks have begun.
ECO 5/2 at Meadow:
-105 players, 21 holes. Vince has communicated with Jason Clarke the intended layout and needs from him to complete the layout. Eastern Disc Golf has agreed to the $2/player fee for tournaments being held in Pitt County. This fee will go to reserving the park, buying supplies to flag/paint course and general maintenance for upcoming tournaments and course improvements.
-4/30 will be course readiness day with paint and flags. Exact timing to follow, if you are able please come out to help.
-5/1 will be a course work day to help prepare the course through green beautification and any other spot cleaning needed for the event
Tee Pads at Meadow:
-Vince will begin paver pad changes to 13 All Star on Friday. Frame and reset pads, roughly 9:30am (all hands are welcome). If it all goes well and we are happy with the finished product, this process will then be repeated on 12 All Star and 4 All Star as these would be significantly more difficult than the rest to get a concrete truck to their location.
- Parks has a machine that will cut precisely into the ground the required depth for new (15 total) 6'x12'x3.5" pads. They are hoping to begin cutting near the end of April as they finish up another project.
- Mitchell has volunteered to contact local concrete companies to begin working on finding the best deal possible with ideas of offering them sponsorship in different capacities to help reduce cost.
Proposed Putting League/Event: Charles T.
-Backwoods Tavern would like to host an event through Charles. Considering it is the off season for putting league, we are looking at a monthly even to start, on Tuesdays in the evening to test interest and this location possibly being used in the future for the putting league as The Buc has new owners and our connections aren't as strong there any longer.
-Charles will be putting more information out in the future as he locks in a date and cost.
CCC 8/1: GVDG Event
-No new information, will be begin looking at players packs and items of that nature shortly.
Benches at Meadow: Danny B
-Reached out to one local boy scout troop, waiting for feedback from them to see if they would like to take on the project.
Meadow - 10s Alt Green: GVDG Officers
-New design discussed with members for feedback. Will require dirt and mulch along with lumber. Will submit design idea to Greenville R&P for approval and see what they can help with. We are hoping posts, dirt and mulch at the very least. Very rough picture in comments.
Farmville Disc Golf Summer Camp: Vince
-June 21-24th. GVDG Kids will be running/hosting. Will need instructors. More details to follow.
GVDG Store:
-Proposed to move the majority of merchandise payout, at this time, to a Play It Again Sports option. Players would have the option to move their merchandise credit to a PIAS gift card. They can move all or some, but once moved it cannot come back to GVDG. PIAS will kick back 10% of total merchandise dollars. Players will have the ability to pick up their gift cards as early as the Wednesday following doubles at 5pm.
-The club plans to over order tournament player packs to stock the store. The club will also look to purchase specialty items to stock the store ie: Water bottles, hats, towels, chalk type bags, etc.
-The club will also be doing what we deemed "precision ordering" from disc manufacturers as the manufacturing side of things is chaotic right now. The club needs to make sure it is ordering things that will sell, which is difficult to do.
-The club will be speaking with Discraft to be on their 25 discs subscription to help increase store stock.
-The club will look for custom stamp disc possibilities to put the club logo on discs as they become available.
-THIS IS FLUID! This is not the end of a GVDG Store as we have known it to be, but we have to be able to pivot if we'd like to keep our events alive and thriving!
Tournament Fees:
-As a club we are working up a document to explain our tournament fees to anyone wanting to host a tournament in Pitt County/Courses we maintain.
-This fee will be in the ballpark of $1/player per round. This is essentially how we have always run doubles and monthlies. We will now be looking to institute it to outside groups as well. This will cover the cost of course reservation for events as well.
-Once we have a document put together explaining costs and benefits it will be put on the table for more discussion (feel free to discuss now) and be voted on to put into play.
-This is essentially what we've always done, but now we are streamlining the process for outside groups and it will also ensure we have simple funds for beautification and maintenance.
DEPC Sponsorship: Adam
-Disc Dot is sponsoring a hole and we will be providing a disc dot player pack item to all AMs at the DEPC.
-This should go nicely as we are working with Discmania currently so that all AMs could also be getting a basket in their players pack as well. This basket is not finalized but we are working towards it as it immediately puts players pack value in the $175+ range.
-Still very open to players packs ideas as we move forward.
-Multiple ongoing discussions for title sponsor. Will hopefully have that locked in shortly. This would include things like Skins match, Putting Competition and potentially 3 C-Tiers the week of DEPC along with title sponsorship of DEPC.
More PDGA Events: Michael Blackmon via Vince
-Michael would like to see more PDGA events locally as more and more events fill faster and faster. He as volunteered to TD events with help in the beginning to ensure he runs them smoothly.
-He has looked at the NCPDGA calendar and proposed 6/26 at Farmville, 7/25 at Ayden, 8/21 at Meadow. Everyone seemed liked they liked the concept.
-Hopefully will meet with Michael to solidify ideas and dates!
Membership Appreciation: Max
-7/25 - more info to follow
-2022 Membership tiers will be available as new calendar year for membership is 1/1-12/31. Debuting membership tiers now as they coincide with sponsorship of DEPC and future events.
National Disc Golf Day 8/7: Vince
-Proposed Flex Start C Tier on 8/7 to be sponsored by PIAS and payout run through PIAS as the store truly embraces the day.
-This could coincide with the Fire Bowl to work as a fundraiser. The Fire Bowl was a concept put out by Danny B to be a companion event for Ice Bowl. More details to follow on this pairing.
Thanks for reading. Please post comments below. I hope I didn't miss anything! We had a truly productive meeting and we had twice the normal attendance!

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