Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Feb 2019 Meeting Minutes

13 February 2019 meeting at Professor O'Cools. 
Attendance: Max, Jarrett, Vince, Adam, Mike Smith, Ryan Saunders, Frankie, Jeff Gough, Jamie Rice, PJ, Nick M, Jon Vee, Brubaker, Ryan McMillan, Shane Norris

1)Finances - $1579.37 in bank with no outstanding debts. 
2)Workday - Meadow - This Sunday (2/17) after Sunday Baggers working on moving baskets, removing old signs, benches, and clearing a few more all star holes. March 10 move and plant trees at Meadow. Officers are working on final list of work items to get completed by the ECO tournament in August, goal is to have the All Star layout in place by then. Covenant - We will work to get the final 2 teepads poured at the course as time permits with getting the Meadow ready. Vince heard back from the pastor and they would prefer we do not assist in the maintenance of the covenant course. Ayden - Vince is going to reach out to town of Ayden to see if GVDG can help improve the course.
3)All Star Layout - Max is going to post an initial proposal of the layout to GVDG FB group for further discussion. 
4)Monthlies - Mando Madness registration is currently active at Entry is $25 for all divisions with a max field of 72. SURE is hosting an event at Covenant on April 6 and has asked for some assistance with the event. Bagger Open is April 7 at the Meadow, playing 2 rounds following the Sunday Baggers rules. 
5)Singles League - Adam is organizing a singles league to start after daylight change. Weekly flex event, must have at least 3 people to play a round between Wed and Saturday. Different course each week. 12 week league, $5/week or prepay for $50. More info coming soon. 
6)USDGC Doubles - The club is going to look into hosting an event after several people expressed interest at the meeting. 
7)DEPC Match Play - This years event will start earlier, most likely in May. Total number of teams will depend on number of participants. Changes from last year: There will be a playoff and each match up will have it's own home and away series with the home captain picking the course and layout. If you have an idea for how best to choose team captains please share your idea with the club, at the meeting we discussed using random draw again or potentially last years winning team are the captains. 
8)DEPC - The three committees to organize the tournament have heads now: Finance/Fundraising - Vince Tricarico, Grounds Crew/Course Prep - Jarrett Wallace, & Merch/Prizes - Adam Walter. Vince has a final draft on this years sponsorship letter that will soon be ready to get to potential sponsors. If you know of a person or company that pay be interested in sponsoring please contact Vince or Max. Max reserved West Meadowbrook with Recs and Park for Oct 19-20. 
9)Next month we will meet at Uptown Brewery @ 7PM on Wednesday March 13. 

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