Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Meeting Minutes

Location: Professor O'Cools
Attendance: Max, PJ, Adam, Tate, Hamby, Jarrett, Austin

1-Finances: We started the month with $1600 in the bank. Have a deposit going in for $1400. Two check going out for $397.24 (beanies) and $230 to Pitt County Social services from Ice Bow. Also need to purchase a new basket for hole B alternate $325 plus shipping.
2- Monthlies: We are going to add a June object golf monthly, Most likely June 25th but will have exact info in a future post.
3-Workdays: Not scheduling a set workday but Max will be working on moving 8 & 9 over the next 2 weeks. PJ and Hamby are looking at doing some clearing on 11 and 12. Will post on Facebook to see if anyone is available to lend a hand, let us know if you have any time free to help out.
4-Sponsorship-We have sponsored the King's Cup for this year, no other current sponsorship opportunities.
5-Elections: We had 4 people nominated and all accepted, with no additional nominations there is no need for voting this year, here are your club officers: President - Max Crotts, Vice President - PJ Evans, Treasurer - Adam Walter, Secretary - Jarrett Wallace.
6-DEPC: Will have a sponsorship letter completed within the next week. Getting pricing on players pack items including shirts, rain jackets, pint glasses, and additional items. Adam has been sending out requests for sponsorship from larger corporations.
7-NCTI: The 3rd annual North Carolina Team Invitational is May 21-22, GVDG will once again have a team playing. The team members are Jeb Bryant, Max, Jon Vee, Chase Jernigan, Scotty Faison, Kurt Hodnett, Henry Trier, Michele Green, and Adam Walter. Good luck.
8-Park's meeting: Max, Tate, and Adam were able to meet with the head of Recs and Parks the other week to discuss the possibility of adding a second public disc golf course in Greenville. The meeting went well but it will be a long process. Hoping to be able to give a presentation to the Recs and Parks board in the coming months. Will post more info as we get it.
9-June meeting: The June meeting will be at Max's house.
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