Friday, April 11, 2014

April 2014 Minutes

April 2014 Club meeting @ AJ McMurphy's.

1-Finances- Account balance $676.97, no activity recently.
2-Monthlies- Membership Appreciation-Max is getting in contact with Robert Avery, may use Bob's house if fall back is needed. St. Jude-Agreed that Jersey Mike's is best lunch option, Jim designated jobs to those in attendance.
3-Sponsorship-Kings Cup $100 sponsorship, seconded and approved by all.
4-Club Elections- Will be posting information on Website and Facebook about positions and duties and time frame.
5-Work days-April 18th before St Jude to work on tourney prep, Jim West leading. April 27 at 1PM(after Baggers) working on trash pickup behind 17, Max and Jim leading.
6-DEPC-Flier coming in May, working on designs for an official permanent logo to go with annual theme logo.
7-Membership drive- Max and Jim will coordinate to get signs posted about membership benefits and details.
8-Tshirt design - Original club shirt with 10th anniversary under front logo. Seconded and voted by from all present.
9-June meeting location-Big Bubba's Burgers
10-Soccer league- GVDG was contacted by Recs and Parks about a possible summer soccer league playing on Sundays from 10A-3P. Parks has stated they will not permit league due to conflict with disc golf leagues already established.

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