Thursday, March 13, 2014

March meeting minutes

March Club meeting - The Coffee Shack

Attendance - Max, DC, Chris Gill, Sean

Finances - The club currently has right around $500 in the bank. Max will be taking a check to Wilmington for Azalea Pro and Am sponsorship that was voted last month.

Club meeting locations - April: AJ McMurphy's, May - Possibly Stew's waiting for confirmation.

After monthlies we are going to start doing a quick club meeting review and open floor for those unable to attend the club meetings, first one will be after the St Jude monthly in April. 

Chris Gill has offered to reach out to Lowe's and see if we can get some deals on materials for upcoming course projects.

Ground Crew open-Sean has recommended we have the event in November after the DEPC to encourage work on the course throughout summer and depc prep. 

Course projects:
-Sean has identified a strong growing vine we intend to plant on the mando on hole 10 to spruce it up a bit, Max will be getting bricks from his office to make a base to ward off the mower. 
-Replacing the boards on the bridge to 9, adding additional brick to the walkway.
-Tree planting project to define the barrier between holes 12 and 13, and between 14 and 15 Blue pad.
-Permanent OB line defining holes 3-6.
-Replace damaged sign posts and benches.
If you see a project you can assist with, or have suggestions on additional projects please contact Max, DC, or Goo.

Website maintenance, please contact DC with any suggested website updates. He is planning to get the site spruced back up.

Adam Baker has published a proposed modification to the club bylaws, please review them for consideration at next months meeting.

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  1. Here is the link to Adams Committee proposals.