Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Daniel Coward, Allen Foster, David Guy, Kurt Hodnett, Max Crotts, Stew Goodson, Kathy Goodson, Adam Baker, Jenny Baker, and Keagen Baker

1-Financial report- Kurt Hodnett- Current bank balance $1390, only outstanding bills are the DEPC boat to Innova.
2-2014 Ice Bowl merch- We will be ordering 10 long sleeve shirts, 5 Large, 5 XL(let Max know if you would like a different size), and 30 DX Roc3's. The first 40 IceBowl participants will get a shirt or disc anyone after that will get a $10 store credit.
3-Hole 10 Sign- Todd Markov - Tabled till January as Todd was not present.
4-Monthlies - Daniel Coward - Final review of 2014 calendar, will be posted ASAP in area businesses and courses. David Guy - Provided additional info on his January monthly, second round will be a random draw for the disc you will be playing with. Lunch will be available on site and those who purchase lunch will get their disc earlier to practice with it before second round.
5-GVDG Doubles Ace Pool - Max Crotts - Proposed a change for the Blue Lew Doubles ace pool starting in 2014. To speed up awards ceremony and to provide a little carry over to the following doubles acepool the monies collected from that days ace pool will be held over to the next event and only previous collected ace pool monies will be paid out. Motion seconded, Vote: 6 for, 0 against.
6-Hoodies and club shirts- David Guy - Guy is collecting orders for GVDG bones logo hoodies, to meet a minimum order GVDG will also order 20 black long sleeve shirts that will be available for new/renewing club members or for purchase at $18. Motion seconded, Vote: 6 for, 0 against.
7-Grass cutting fund-Leanne- Leanne was unable to attend so the motion is tabled until January. In that time Max will contact Recs and Parks to see if there have been any changes in the mowing plans for 2014.
8-DEPC Presentations- Max Crotts (w/Adam Baker and Scotty Faison) had the only presentation. Max's plan was seconded to be the direction for the 2014 DEPC. Vote: 6 for, 0 against. Description of presentation to follow separately.
9-Meeting venue- Adam Baker - Adam proposed a change in club meeting venues to only locations conducive to conversation and providing minimal interruptions. (No more main floors of restaurants, only closed halls, houses, or meeting rooms) Motion seconded. Vote: 7 for, 0 against.
10-January meeting location - Daniel Coward- The conference space at Adam Bakers office was offered for a meeting venue, all agreed. Address coming later.
11-Officer duties and sub committees-Adam Baker- To hopefully promote more club members to participate in club matters Adam inquired if we would like to look into modifying our club bylaws to explicitly state officer duties and establish sub committees to address issues. Everyone present was very receptive to the ideas and Adam will prepare a presentation for a future club meeting.
Meeting adjourned.

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