Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Meeting

August Meeting Minutes

-               Financial: The club is still doing well all debts with Innova are settled last orders are paid leaving us a little over $500.00 in the regular club account. The DEPC account is building with new hole sponsors but we can always use more.
                   Tournaments: the next monthly has been set for September 28th a final format will be announced this week and a TD will be selected. A vote was passed unanimously to set the tournament calendar for 2014 at the November meeting so that a single flyer with the entire year’s tournaments can be made. This should help people clear their schedules to make the events and help increase turnout. If anyone is interested in claiming a TD spot for next year please plan to attend the Nov. meeting to inform us. Finally the club will be holding it’s first ever Discraft Ace Race in 2014. Daniel C will be TD for this event planning to be run in September more details to come.

                  Course Maintenance: A work day is scheduled for September 8th to replace the walk way to 9 blue with a more even brick path and level out the blue tee pad. A plan is now in place to put a permanent OB line around the woods extending from #3 to #6 Jake Starr Max and Daniel C are researching the cost of the project but to expedite the project a $150.00 budget was voted through at the meeting.

                    Covenant: As we well know Covenant Church has a disc golf course on their property that they keep improving on and they are now at the stage of adding concrete tee pads. In an effort to help them do so and to improve relations GVDG will be offering the church our help in either pouring a pad for them, building a few benches, or running a fundraising tournament on their behalf. David Guy is leading the way on this and speaking with members of the church to see if they would be interested.

              New Merchandise: The club has voted to allow new merch at the store! Allen Foster has set up accounts with Dynamic, Latitude 64, and Gateway to bring in new discs and other merchandise so if any of these companies peak your interest let us know what molds and plastics you want to see in the store we will do our best to honor your requests.

-                     New Club Structure: The idea has been talked about to change the club structure from a presidential order to a board or tribunal type of hierarchy. The only way this can go forward is for the members to come together and write a proposal as to how this could work. For those interested you should set up a time which you can meet and put together a written proposal for the new structure and rules under these guidelines:
o    three “board member tribunal” instead of president and vice president
o   Secretary and treasurer remain
Beyond that the options are open to you. Any such proposal should be ready to present at the January meeting. If the proposal is voted in at the January meeting it will be brought as a club wide vote in February to pass or reject the changes for a one year trial for the 2014 club year. Elections would then be carried out in May as usual and in January 2015 the new system will be reviewed to see how successful it was and if it is deemed acceptable it will be written into the club bylaws. For more information contact the club secretary through the club email

                    Next meeting will be at Big Bubbas Burgers in Winterville on September 11th at 7pm hope to see you there.

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