Monday, July 15, 2013

July Meeting Minutes

We met at The Coffee Shack in Winterville with a good turnout of 9 members. Our finances are solid with no outstanding debts, we want to improve on this with a new campaign to get sponsors for the alternate pins where the sponsor would have their name on the band of the basket for $200. A new membership option will become available starting next year; we will be offering lifetime memberships with special perks one of which will be a personalized bag tag with your name and the year you joined for life engraved on it. The club will be putting in a new disc order very soon so send us your requests and we will see what we can do. In addition to the regular order we are placing our CFR order for the DEPC. Yes it is drawing close to that time of year for the players cup we have our first hole sponsor now we want 19 more so If you or anyone you know want to sponsor a hole or just donate contact an officer. In addition to money any discs you would like to  donate as CTP prizes can be dropped off at any GVDG event or contact Max. Remember to be ready on August 1st to register for DEPC with only 80 Spots Available its going to fill fast. The club needs you input on exploring new options in discs Allen is checking into getting a deal with MVP Disc Sports let us know what you think. A workday is on the books for July 28th both before and after Baggers so come out and pitch in. Don't forget that Myers' Mix N' Match is on July 27th it going to be even better this year than last. Also check out New Bern doing the Craven Chains Classic in September. Our next meeting will be at University Chop House on August 14th.

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  1. 1 correction the alternate pins sponsorship is for $300 not $200.

    Thanks Daniel.