Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Minutes

For the August meeting we went to The Quarry, attending this month were Mills, Max, Vee, Mus, Jenny, Kurt, Erin and Daniel. After stuffing our faces like we had not seen food before we got to business. Financially we are doing OK we have $900 in the general fund $280 of which is allocated to the new basket for #13 which should be ordered with in the next two weeks. We have an additional $900 or so as added cash for DEPC 8 with more coming in so we have a little walkin' around money. There are only 2 work days on the calendar at the moment one for this weekend on 8/12 with two goals in mind #1 being purple pad on hole 10 and the other goal is general trash pick up, it seems like the city is dropping the ball on that because of their budget cuts so we have to step it up on our end if we want to keep the park looking nice. The next workday will be 8/25 in the afternoon to try and tame the massive growth on 8 & 9 thanks to all the rain those two holes are looking a lot smaller these days so it's time to take care of them. As a side note Mills and Guy are starting a mini clean up program, every Sunday for 30 minutes before baggers they will be doing clean up around the park so if you can show up a little early and give fifteen or twenty minutes it would be greatly appreciated. The vouchers are finalized. Starting Monday August 13th all payouts will be in voucher form no more roll overs you will be responsible for keeping up with them. We are working as fast as we can to convert all the credits that everyone currently has into vouchers to be passed out ASAP. If you have documented credits you will receive an equivalent amount of vouchers with in the next few weeks. Max and I are starting a glow doubles league this fall rules will be written and posted soon. We are tentatively looking at doing it on Wednesdays starting after Thanksgiving If you have any preference for a day besides Wednesday please let us know and don't gripe about it later. we are not doing Monday Because everyone will be watching football. Don't forget our monthly on 8/19 and don't forget that registration is now open for DEPC and Craven Chains Classic. Also Check out OFDA for their Ace Race as well as Rocky Mount Disc Golf for their Ace Race.


  1. Is the use of weed-eaters allowed at Meadowbrook?

  2. Absolutely! Just be careful!

  3. Cool! Just wanted to make sure, I know some parks don't allow them. Can't make it out Sunday, but me and a couple of friends are gonna get an early round in Saturday. We'll see how much of a dent we can make on 8 & 9.