Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GVDG Minutes, April, 2012

Attending the April 11 club meeting at Professor O'Cool's was Todd Markov, Kurt and Erin Hodnett, Max Crotts, Justin Kingery, David Guy, and Candace Morphies.

At the time of the meeting, GVDG had $1617.57 in the bank.

The club voted to purchase a hole sponsorship (hole #17) for the King's Cup VII at Kinston, which is coming up in May. Registration is now open for the tournament, and there's some great news coming up about a new course in Kinston, too!

We're going to be doing some redistribution of tee pads in the near future at the Meadow. Since Hurricane Irene ruined our purple pad placement on hole 10, we're going to take the old purple ECU tee pad and use it for the new placement on hole 8. We're also going to pour two new tee pads--one to the right of old purple on 10 and one ultra long on hole 8.

A lot of the benches and a few of the tee signs need some TLC, so Pyg is replacing the sign on #14 (with the original 4"x4" from hole 14 at old ECU), and Kurt is going to get the sign on 10 back out. Jim West has volunteered to replace the bench on hole 10 (white), and David Guy is going to replace the top of the bench on 15 (blue). We'll try to do more of these updates this year, but these will be the first renos.

WORKDAY: Saturday, April 28, 10:00 a.m.

Please come out and help us make some of these changes! We're also hoping to invest in some more alternate sleeves for pin positions to get more out of our land at the Meadow. Eventually, we'd like to have baskets to fill all the pins (and not just one per hole). This means you should come out to all the doubles and participate in all the basket fund initiatives Mills is heading.

To better get a handle on the trash problem we have at the Meadow, Max is going to talk to city officials to see if we can get some more trash cans at the Meadow. He's also going to be bringing some trash bags out to doubles so groups can all participate in the pick-ups.

Next club meeting: Wednesday, May 9 at TBA.

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