Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GVDG Minutes, February, 2012

Nine club members met at East Coast Wings on 10th Street last Wednesday to discuss club bidness. Attendees were myself, Adam and Jenny Baker, Todd Markov, Max Crotts, Sean Goo, Jason Myers, and Kurt and Erin Hodnett.

In regard to club finances, we currently have approximately $1285 in the bank. As you've hopefully noted, we've decided to start a "Club Store" here on the blog, a store that included discs AND other Innova products (baskets of all kinds, towels, etc.), so if you need something, talk to Adam Baker or one of the other officers.

Prices on discs:
  • DX-$8
  • Pro-$12
  • Champion-$16
  • Star-$17
By buying from the club, not only will you have a better selection than you'd find in the store in regard to molds, colors, and weights, but you'll also be supporting GVDG by purchasing through us. Want something specific like a white Star Leopard, 171-173g? Want three black microfiber towels? Let us know and we'll do our best to hook you up!

The Ice Bowl was a success, and next year one of the changes will be to have nice trophies for each division's winner. Some like the idea of trophies, some like the idea of bag tags as trophies. Please respond to this post and let us know which you prefer.

GVDG has decided to continue to fund a yearly scholarship for the Pitt County Social Security Scholarship Fund. At times in the past, we've raised money for this at the Ice Bowl, but we're going to adhere strictly to the Ice Bowl rules from here on out and donate all proceeds to local food banks to fight hunger. That was the mission of the first Ice Bowl more than twenty years ago, and we're going to support that mission fully. So, that leaves us with $250--the amount of this year's scholarship--to raise in other ways. We might have an event dedicated to this later in the year, but we're also going to chip away at the expense by taking 5% of each Ace Pool win and putting it toward the scholarship. (We estimate that'll raise about $100.)

About the Monthly Points Series
There have been some different ideas up in the air concerning how many events (of the twelve monthlies in the series) would be counted. (One idea was to count everyone's best 10 finishes and drop two, for example.) We've decided, at least for this year, to go ahead and count all 12 in hopes to reward maximum participation.

In light of the new series, monthly entry fees and divisions have been changed. There will now, at least for this first year, be three divisions: Pro ($15 entry), Advanced ($10 entry), and Amateur ($6 entry). The big Monthly-Point-Series payout at the end of the year will be deeper than one, we're sure, but we're not yet sure how deep it will be--could be anything from 2-5 deep, depending on participation. Sean, the coordinator of the series, is really trying to feel everything out this first year--the divisions, the entry fees, the payout depth--and that's why very little of this is set in stone. He wants to get this right, and we have complete faith that he will. If you see Sean, thank him for orchestrating the series and giving us all even more reason to come out and participate in GVDG monthly events.

Meadow Work Day: February 26 after Sunday Baggers
We will be deciding on a new white tee-pad placement for hole 8, so if you'd like to have a say in where the tee pad will end up, be there ready to lift with your knees!

As always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 14 at Christy's Euro Pub. Hope to see you there!

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