Mystery Tour Layout

GVDG Mystery Tour is an urban course played around ECU campus and Uptown Greenville. There are no permanent baskets or teepads. During the Mystery Tour tournament each group brings their own basket to setup on each hole of play. Use the app udisc to get a map of the course and the hole descriptions and pictures below to get the teeing area and green.

Hole 1 is directly off Charles Blvd at the former Stratford Arms apartment complex. Tee in the grass directly in front of the sidewalk. OB: Only surrounded by asphalt, concrete is in bounds.

 Hole 2: Tee between the 2 small trees pictured. OB: Concrete and beyond on left, Charles Blvd long, over the fence on the right.

Hole 3: Tee from the sidewalk. OB: all concrete, road and beyond.

 Hole 4: Tee from the grass island. Hazard: Parking lot, bushes, mulch. You must be touching grass to be in bounds. Hazard: Play it where it lies with 1 stroke penalty.

Hole 5: The teepad is parking space 25. OB: Over any fence, do not attempt to retrieve discs thrown over a fence.

Hole 6: Tee where path starts. OB: Asphalt and beyond.

 Hole 7: Tee from under the bus stop shelter. Hazard: Asphalt, concrete, mulch. Must be touching grass to be in bounds. Hazard: Play it where it lies with 1 stroke penalty.

Hole 8: Park in the large lot at base of college hill. Tee behind the brick line at top of stairs. Basket where guy in orange is. OB: Over fence right, in road and beyond long.

 Hole 9: Park on Founders Drive. Tee from the 3rd floor over walk. No OB. Basket where guy in orange is.

Basket stays in same place for holes 10 and 11.
Hole 10: Tee from the green way beside road sign. OB: Road and beyond, in  the creek beyond the basket.

Hole 11: Tee from sidewalk between parking lot and greenway next to park sign. Basket is same location as hole 10. OB: Parking lot and in road.

Hole 12: Park in the lot off 5th street in front of John D Messick Theater Arts Center. Teepad is under the left arch. Basket where guy in orange is. Hazard: Everything but the green, must be in the mulch surrounding the basket. Hazard: Play it where it lies with 1 stroke penalty.

For 13-15 park in the parking deck behind the student center on 10th Street. Charles St and Library Dr. 
Hole 13: Play from 2nd square back. Basket where guy in orange is. No OB. 

 Hole 14: Teepad is before the steps between the middle set of pillars. OB: On top of building.

 Hole 15: Tee from the north east corner of the roof of the parking deck. Basket where guy in orange is. No OB.

Hole 16: Back of Pitt Street Brewery. Brewery opens at 2PM, you dont have to buy a beer but you must play hole with drink in your off hand. Tee behind the short wood board, must make putt to complete hole. You have 10 attempts (make on first putt score=1, make on 4th putt score=4, if you miss all 10 attempts score=11)

Hole 17:  Park in lot off Charles next to tennis courts. Teepad is parking spot 259. OB: In tennis courts, in road, in practice fields, in small pond short of green.

 Hole 18: Must play hole with a mini disc. Tee from far side of Charles Blvd going to basket in Max╩╗s yard. OB: On top of a house, in Charles Blvd.

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